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There are many myths in life which can truly hold you back from your potential. When it comes to blogging, the situation is no different. The myths debunked below could be those which are keeping your blog at a mediocre status. Continue reading to learn more about the fact and fiction of the blogging world.

You absolutely must blog every single day or your site just won’t be popular. There are many blogs which have multiple posts a day and are mildly popular, while others only post when they have something important to share and they’re visited by millions of people daily. It is more important that the quality of your posts is high than the quantity is high. If you are posting just for the sake of posting, your readers will notice and will back off from visiting again. If you really feel you must post every single day, consider breaking your posts up into a series that runs over multiple days so people are enticed into returning for more.

Every single post must have a graphic or video! If your post doesn’t need a graphic, why bother? If you don’t already have a video in mind to include, why include one at all? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a blog post doesn’t have to be more than a few hundred anyway. Short posts which are rich in content can stand on their own two feet. Don’t feel pressured into including viral photos or cat pictures just because you need something to put on your post.

Your posts need to be x words long. Really, there is no set limit as to how short or how long your posts have to be. The fact is that they must be full of interesting content your readers will enjoy. If you have a quick blurb to share, do it. If you have a long diatribe you want to post, do it. It’s the passion behind the post that shines through, whether it be in a wordy or brief way, so focus on that. Some people just can’t summarize what they are trying to say, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t read their blog. Don’t waste your time whittling away at your posts, instead just post them!

You have to consider search engine optimization all day, every day. If you feel you need to rank for a specific keyword, you can write a post that does just that. If you instead just want to let your readers know about something cool, do it. Search engines know great content when they see it, and when you write about a topic, they will know what keyword fits the topic best. Google actually knows better than SEO “masters” – who woulda thunk it?

Now that you know what isn’t true, you can move forward with a solid knowledge of blogging. Unlike your competition, you will now focus on the facts instead of the fiction. This will ensure that your blog gains the popularity it deserves while the others languish and fail.

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    • Johnathan
    • December 17, 2013

    How Is The Intro Of This Project I Am Writing? Hello, over the course of the year I’ve been thinking of writing a ‘coming of age’ book however haven’t really had the time to attempt. Can you please read through the intro and tell me what you think, keep in mind at this point in time the main character is 14. Thank you very much for your time.

    Buddah once said ‘Do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.’ I do not know Buddah, I have never met him. But if I did I might have asked him how does one actually do that? I mean how can you concentrate on nothing but your own two feet in front of you and not think of your unseeable future or the sad gray memories or white happy ones that happened in the past year. It’s impossible if you think about it. Well at least for me because for every road I see and every song I hear, even every time I catch myself staring at a blank wall, I am forever thinking of the gray and white memories, the present, the unseeable future or all of them at once. Maybe it is just me and my mind works differently from everyone else’s or maybe Buddah was just tired thinking of everything else or maybe he really is God. I won’t know, I have never met him. But what I do know is that I cannot stop thinking of what will happen when I board that plane to London Ontario Canada.
    My father is a biomedical engineer and apparently a good one because a company had offered him a job there. I have never gone to London Ontario Canada, in fact I’ve never heard of a London in Canada, though if it is anything like Canada I bet it’s cold, which honestly is not really a problem because I love the cold or at least I think I love the cold, I’ve never really felt it. But I love when a room is so cold you could feel the hair on your arms stand up.
    Still, I can’t help but dream of the future- sorry Buddah. I have been to another country before, mostly The United states, though it was only for vacation, not to spend the rest of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining even though I sound so or maybe to you I’m not, but I am from Trinidad, a small country in the Caribbean, not London Ontario Canada. My father is Canadian though, and apparently that makes me Canadian, my sister Canadian and my mother eligible for it. But still I am from a small country in the Caribbean not London Ontario Canada.
    My father and sister are both especially excited, mainly my sister, due to her being accepted to a university called the University of British Colombia or as she keeps saying UBC to do a degree in a medical science. My dad says it’s a great college and is very proud of her. So am I and I am sure my mother is too even though right now the only thing you could see one her face is fear- she is excited about going, she had spoken about it all week, but deep down I think she finally realized that it was actually happening.
    My mother is a beautiful woman, with a round face and curly brown hair, every time she walks in the malls or the streets someone never forgets to remind her. I would say that my sister looks like her and people would say I look like her too, which I always take as a compliment but other people would say I look like both my father and my mother which I also think. I love both my parents even though at times I wish they were trapped in an inoperable elevator when they annoy me. And I also love my sister although admittedly now and again I wish she was my big brother instead so that she could tell me about puberty and what not to do: like how to shave, or get rid of these demonic pimples. Nevertheless, everyone is feeling something about this new life.
    Right at this moment however, the only thing that we could actually do is board that plane to London Ontario Canada and the woman, who I can never really tell where her voice comes from in the airport, had finally announced that our flight was ready.
    My family moved with everyone else into the plane. There were a lot of people with a lot of different expressions on their face, some looked excited like my father and sister, others looked sacred like my mother, but most looked bored and at that moment I couldn’t help but think if everyone was also feeling something about their new life or their old life or their present, or if they even cared at all or if they were yet to finally realize that it was actually happening. It is strange that all these people were going to the same place at the same time on the same plane but have a different story or a different reason for why they were all going to London Ontario Canada, but still whatever they were doing it was a part of their life or will be or maybe was.
    The flight attendant had come to check if all the overhead compartments were close, like they always have, spoke through her microphone about all the exits, like they always do, and had wished us a happy flight, like they’ve always wished. And there it was happening and I think I finally realized it because I felt something in my chest, not really fear or sadness but something I cannot fully explain with words, but I felt something and it would not leave me with a white happy memory.
    The plane began to move and my mother held my hand. I held it back. Her eyes were watering and so were mine but we were not crying- we were just feeling something. And there the plane had taken off and slowly my old life began to get smaller and smaller as I watched through the side window. I guess here, Monday September 1 2002, is where my life actually begins- how nerve wracking.

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      • Admin
      • December 17, 2013

      He doesn’t talk like a teenager, or a 14-year-old. I have never in my life used “does one do that” or “how nerve wracking”. I think you may be trying to be too philosophical, which is retracting from the coming-of-age story, because teenagers are more raw and lost or angry, not contemplative. They tend to focus whithin themselves and their own beliefs.
      Besides that, you tell too much and don’t show enough, and it gets boring.

      I liked it, but it needs editing.

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    • Camm
    • January 31, 2014

    If You Were To Saw Your Own Foot Off…? Like in SAW, would you pass out from pain/trauma? Would you be able to move around or hop on one foot if you needed to, or would it be too painful?

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      If anyone is thinking of sawing his or her foot, should seek help, see a psychiatrist. (I know your’e asking the medical answer or consequence of such a trauma).
      OK, by the way, (medicaly speaking), you will not have the time to stay awake a couple of seconds after you start sawing your leg off.
      You will faint seconds after the process since is gonna be slow and so painful that your blood pressure will fall and you will faint. Hopping or even thinking about it will be impossible. (The increasingly intense pain will drop your blood pressure and you will collapse).
      It will be possible though (Hopping) if a laser or split second sawing machine will do the job. It means the pain will be intense but for a second or two so your blood pressure will not go abruptly low and you will still be consious and might hop. After a couple of hops though you will eventually collapse because of blood loss or low blood pressure.

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    • J.
    • February 27, 2014

    If There Were TWO Of You, Would You Be Able To Tickle Your Own Feet? Seems like a weird question, but I mean you know how you can’t tickle yourself? Have you ever been curious as to what it would feel like to tickle/be tickled by another you (like an exact clone of yourself. Not a twin, you would both be you). Would you try it and would you feel it?

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      • Admin
      • February 27, 2014

      What could be better than tickling my own feet? I’d be my own Personal Tickler. I would only regret that there couldn’t be a lot of me so that I could have a regular clientele ready to hand, as it were.

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    • Nameless
    • March 2, 2014

    Getting To The Point Where You Can Stand Strong On Your Own Two Feet? In my case, it’s time to do this because I’ve never really done it before.. I went from having my mom’s help to getting in a serious relationship at 18 and now I’m 21 and I’ve realized I have GOT to get out and do it on my own, but I’ve been living a co-dependent lifestyle for so long it’s intimidating.
    I am asking this just to get any feedback I can- personal stories, anecdotes, advice, warnings, whatever I can gather from my fellow adults.
    I just want to hear something I can relate to.

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      Wow i have so been there. I went from my moms to being married then being abandoned by him. alone with 2 children under 5 no car no money no job…..i wont lie to you it wasnt easy and it took a long time. after a deep depression for about 3 months i had to find a house because my ex kicked us out. I could not stay with my parents so i was forced to let my children stay with my mother in law. Which he later used as an excuse to take the kids from me. I moved to a smaller more affordable town and stayed with a friend for two weeks. I went to work as a waitress but could not stand the pressure they were giving me at the time. With my first paycheck from that job i came upon a small but decent house for 250 a month it wasnt in the best neighborhood but it wasnt like the ghetto or anything lol. it was decent and i did it by myself. After i moved in i ended up walking out on my job. Since i was in a small town there were not many jobs, plus i did not have a car so that was kinda hard too. I finally went up to the nursing home and applied for kichen help. They asked if i was interested in taking c.n.a classes (certified nurses aid) at first i was hesitant because i did not want to do that kind of work. But i took it because it was really my only option. I finished the classes and passed the state test. I was so excited! I did it and i did it all by myself!! This was a total turn around for me and i began to love my job. I looked forward to it everyday. Not having my children was very hard on me and taking care of the elderly helped not to really fill my void but to put a band aid on it. These people like my children depende on me every day.I also started some classes at a small nearby colledge and rode with a friend. Eventually i went to court (with help from family) and got my children back. They have been with me 4 years. soon after getting my kids back i met a wonderful man and we are soon to be married.I learned so much about me during that time. If it had not been for that experience i would not be who i am today. Divorce and me learning to depend on myself were the best thing that could have happened to me. Even looking back on me not having my children was actually better that way. At the time i could hardly take care of my self, i was depressed and going through a lot of selfish things at that time and i was in no shape to take care of anyone when i couldnt even take care of myself….My prayers go out to you!! you are young you will learn to be independant!

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    • Anonymous
    • March 22, 2014

    Plantars Warts On Foot? I have four plantars warts on the bottom of my right foot. Two are very large and have “cauliflowered” the other two are fairly new. What exactly will happen? I have tried freezing them with liquid nitrogen, but to no avail. Is it possible they will just go away? Please explain.

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      Fortunately for me I have just one on the bottom of my foot, but i will try my best to help you with yours

      First, make sure you don’t keep freezing them. Careless use of liquid nitrogen can cause freezing too deeply and permanently damage nerves and scar the upper layer of skin on the area. It may also cause serious burns and blindess, according to the pamphlet I have here.

      You also need to follow up the freezing with a liquid plantar wart remover, twice a day, for 2 weeks. Freezing the wart on its own won’t make it go away, it only kills both the virus that caused the wart and the infected area.

      To be honest I highlty doubt they will go away on there own. I waited and thought my wart would go away on its own but it never did, and I’ve had this thing for over a year now. But i’m using this Dr. Scholl’s Dual Action Freeze Away kit, and it is working to remove my wart, and provides you with a small pamphlit which has all the info and instructions about getting rid if your plantar warts. i beleive the only solution to getting rid of your warts is purchasing this product or one similar to it, or atleast follow the same routine. How did you get the liquid nitrogen? If you bought it on it’s own, buy a liquid wart remover from the same company to make the warts go away.

      Since you are getting more warts you should really treat them fast before you get anymore. It takes time for them to go away, but when they do it’ll be a great relief. Good luck and I hope you get rid of those annoying warts!

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    • Dizz
    • March 26, 2014

    Do You Ever Trip Over Your Own Two Left Feet ? thanks and have fun ! D 🙂

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      Not my own, but I have tripped over Leftfoot’s right foot.
      Long story short…She has this wooden leg and well…..I mean she is quite talented and all……she can do pirouettes like nobody I know……..But sometimes that stump….well it just gets in the way.

      On a more personal note……I have managed to get the stillettos caught in the cobblestone walkway more than once….not very kind on the knees I might add.

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    • Punxsychick_21420
    • April 14, 2014

    I Have A Boyfriend How Do I Make Him Stand Up On His Own Two Feet?

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      You should talk smack about him…and like scream in his face…and then he’ll maybe stand up on his feet!!!

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    • Babyy V.
    • April 26, 2014

    Feet + Big = Tall?????????????? Does the size of your foot really effect how tall you are going to be?
    I’m pretty small for my age, but i have pretty big feet. Does this mean i will be tall?
    Many of my family members are quite tall also 🙂
    just wondering….


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      Each child can develop at his own rate. One’s ultimate height is determined by a complex interaction of many factors including nutrition, gender or sex; genes or family history; overall health and ethnic background.

      Physical Changes For Girls
      During puberty, the whole body changes shape and size. Girls gain weight and grow taller, although at first, the arms, legs, hands and feet may grow faster than the rest of the body, making them feel somewhat awkward or clumsy.

      The weird thing is that all of you doesn’t grow at the same time. Your head, hands, and feet are the first things to grow, followed by your arms and legs, and finally your torso and shoulders. Height growth is of course accompanied by an increase in weight. This weight gain is perfectly normal and a part of puberty. Without gaining this weight, you cannot grow taller, develop breasts or get your first period.

      Physical Changes For Boys
      On average, boys enter puberty about one year later than girls. During puberty, a boy’s whole body also changes shape and size. Boys gain a lot of weight and develop muscles. Their shoulders get wider and they grow taller, although at first, the arms, legs, hands and feet may grow faster than the rest of the body, making them feel somewhat awkward or clumsy

      The following are the average ages when puberty changes may occur:

      Age of Puberty :8 – 13 years of age
      Growth increases: between 10-14 yrs;
      Weight between 15-55 lbs
      Height 2-10 inches

      Males: Puberty: 9.5 – 14 years of age
      Growth increases: between 12 – 16 yrs
      Weight: 15 to 65 lbs
      Height: 4 – 12 inches

      Height changes over a lifetime:
      From infancy, when average length is 20 inches, to age 2 there is initially rapid growth, then slowing, with about 14 inches in height added.
      From age 2 to puberty there is slow, steady growth at about 2½ inches per year.

      As one enters puberty, a growth spurt of 3 – 5 inches in a year is common
      By ages 40 to 50, height actually may begin slowly to decline, even in healthy adults.
      A major determinant of height is how long the longest bones become, such as the femur (in the upper leg), tibia and fibula (in the lower leg). Long bones have “growth plates,” areas toward the ends that have a space allowing elongation.

      When growth is complete (generally by age 17 or so), the growth plates close and the bone cannot get any longer

      As you may have noticed, gender has a significant effect on height: The growth spurt around the time of puberty occurs two years earlier in girls when compared with boys, but the boys tend to be taller when it begins.

      Most of the average height difference between adult men and women (about 5 in.) relates to the greater growth of boys during the adolescent growth spurt and the greater height achieved prior to that growth spurt (even though girls tend to start their growth spurt sooner).

      Genes play an important role in determining height even beyond the fact that they determine gender. Under the best of circumstances, with good nutrition and overall health, it is one’s genes that have the biggest effect on ultimate height.

      Siblings in similar environments who eat similar diets have different heights at least in part because the mix of genes from their parents is different in each child. And genetic abnormalities may stunt growth. For example, persons with Down syndrome are nearly always much shorter than their genetically normal siblings. Similarly, certain ethnic groups tend to be taller (or shorter) due to genetic differences.

      The Bottom Line
      If you are like most healthy people, your height is somewhere between that of your parents. Closer to your father’s if you are male; and closer to your mother’s if you are female.

      Once you have reached your adult height, there’s not much you can do about it, but you may be able to prevent some of the loss of height during aging. Talk with your doctor (or your child’s pediatrician) if you have concerns about your height or that of your child.

      If you don’t like how tall you are, don’t blame the coffee or the fruit juice — it’s probably more appropriate to blame your parents. But remember Abraham Lincoln’s response when asked how long a person’s legs should be: “Long enough to reach the ground.”

      During the pubertal growth spurt, the hands and feet enlarge before the long bones, so that for many, the first indication that rapid growth is about to begin is an increase in shoe size.

      During puberty, your hands and feet can grow faster than your actual height.

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    • ??Brown sugar??
    • May 16, 2014

    Whats The Best Way To Do My Own Foot Care At Home Instead Of Going To A Nail Place? I am going on a date and i wanna wear my flip flops, what home made products can i use to make my toes and feet look nice? I DON’T wanna go and spend money on a foot pedicure.
    Ladies how do you take care of your feet?
    Something that will turn him on?

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      Here are foot baths you can choose:

      1. Boil 1 quart of water. Make a small pouch of any of the following herbs: lavender, sage, rosemary. Place the pouch in a large wash bowl or bucket and pour the boiling water over it. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Add cold water, if necessary, to reach a comfortable temperature between 100 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Soak your feet in the water for about 20 minutes. Gently rub the herbs on your feet but do not scrub. Dry feet thoroughly with a clean towel. Bathing salts also soften your skin.

      2. OR 1 tablespoon Honey
      1 tablespoon Liquid Soap (I used dish soap)
      1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
      2 tablespoons Sweet Almond Oil

      Choose any of the two concoctions. Then massage foot with mineral oil, olive oil or baby oil. Apply nail polish after your nails are clean.

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