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Good Sense of Humor

In recent years it seems like everyone who is on the internet has started up a blog at some time or another. However, there is a big difference between a blog that is completely irrelevant and one that actually finds success. Use the following advice to make sure your blog ends up as one of the successful ones.

The first thing you should do when you create a blog is figure out the topic that you want to blog about. Generally speaking, people pick a specific niche and do not just talk about random things all the time. Settle on a topic that you are interested and passionate about. Your passion for your topic will usually come through in your writing and make the content that much more interesting for the visitors to read. It will also make your content easier for you to write since you’ll actually have fun doing it.

You don’t want to come off as uneducated, but at the same time you don’t want your blog to be too formal. Being too formal will bore some of your readers and they may also think you aren’t willing to have a back and forth conversation with them. Instead you should take a friendlier tone. If you think you have a good sense of humor, that’s even better. Articles written in a friendly or funny tone are generally much more enjoyable to read about on the internet, especially if your blog is just for a hobby that you enjoy doing.

You don’t want to create posts that are full of things that everyone agrees on. When writing blog posts you should have something new or interesting to say. Don’t be afraid to stir up controversy; in fact, controversy can help you get a lot more traffic to your website. At the same time you don’t want to create controversy just for the sake of creating controversy because then people will begin to respect you less than before. Write down opinions that you honestly believe and can even back up with information and statistics. People may disagree with you, but if you can properly support what you are saying then your reputation will increase.

There will be other bloggers who write about similar topics as you. Ask some of them if they will help you out by posting some links to your blog. These established blogs can really help you get a strong foundation of readers. You can agree to link back to the other blog so they get something out of it too.

Always remind your readers to subscribe to your blog via RSS feeds or other methods. This ensures that they won’t ever forget about you and will continue to get updates whenever you do something new. This will increase their chances of returning in the future.

Now you should better understand how to run a blog that actually sees some success and loyal readers. Apply the knowledge you just learned today and over some time you will draw in the visitors that you have always wanted.

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    • Sureyoudo
    • January 1, 2014

    Why Do Some People Have A Sick Twisted Sense Of Humor And Some Do Not? How do we acquire our sense of humor? Is has to be an issue of the heart, right? What do you guys think?

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      The ability to sense humor is a learned attribute. To be able to recognize a laughable or amusing quality. A sick, twisted sense of humor is one that is off key, off base, uncommon. It is the product of taking to heart the influence of something or someone that is negative, unacceptable in genteel circles, improper in the community of good men and contrary to acceptable standards. As a twig is bent, so grows the vine. The fruit never falls far from the tree. That is the parents responsibility to recognize and act on accordingly. Birds of a feather, flock together. By their fruits you will know them. That is the knowledge that we must, as individuals, use to guide us. Close observation and strict evaluation of self will leave no room for “Sick, Twisted, Senses of Humor “

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    • Chelsea
    • January 8, 2014

    What Kind Of Sense Of Humor Do Teenagers In The Philippines Have? I’m from the united states. I’m not sure if I understand their sense of humor here. What kind of humor do they like?
    yes, and what are the unusual things they think is funny?

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      It’s different in different parts of the Philippines. But in the metro area while I was there it seems that they like to joke in expense of others, which I don’t find funny at all. I dunno, but I really don’t find Filipino jokes funny, It’s most of the time insensitive and inappropriate. Most Filipino teenagers in the metro area are not funny at all. Corny/Cheesy most of the time. I can’t believe the girls actually find that funny. In facebook I saw a lot of Filipinos photoshopping pictures of 823 bus and making fun of it.

      I believe the US has better sense of humor and are more appropriate. I’m not sure how to translate this in English but here “Madalas na wala sa lugar yung mga biro nila.” or their jokes are not in the proper place most of the time(literal translation).

      I’m Filipino though, but I’ve been living in America for half of my life so I should know the differences.

      Most Filipinos in the Philippines are immature so I think that’s one of the things why they’re Jokes are always out of place most of the time.

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    • Addie
    • January 28, 2014

    What Are Some Different Types Of Senses Of Humor? What are a couple of senses of humor? (i.e. dry or silly, if you know what I mean)
    I get what types of humor there are, I just don’t really know how you would describe them in just one or two words. Sorry if this question was confusing or sounded stupid.

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      Well, I have a very dark sense of humor. I’m always laughing in the theater when everyone is dead silent. Can’t think of an example right now, but it’s like laughing when a character in a movie dies tragically and at other, wildly inappropriate times.

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    • Jalen Minzey
    • January 30, 2014

    How To Develop A Sense Of Humor? I’m looking for advice on how to develop my sense of humor. As of now I only find dark humor funny but most people(specifically women) find it unattractive and distasteful. What can I do to broaden my sense of humor to the likings of men and women alike? I want more friends.

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    1. Reply

      The search for friends does not depend on your humor.
      People will laugh or not, they may find you funny and yet not be friend material.
      Do you tell offensive jokes?
      Do your jokes put down rather the lift the laughter?
      Tell jokes that lift.
      I cannot really give an example because I do not tell jokes well.
      I think you might be able to do this.
      Think of things we struggle with as a people, if you are funny you will come up with something.
      Like I read in the paper the other day ” if guns kill people, then pencils are the reason some people cannot spell” or something like this.
      It is dark, yet telling.
      Figure it out.
      If you are dark, then think of the way to the light.
      Inspire us to laugh and to live.
      Many ways to do this.
      Seems you have the gift.
      Give it.
      Let your jokes lead to enlightenment.
      Your sense of humor will be a road to enlightenment then I think.

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    • Jackie
    • February 13, 2014

    Is A Sense Of Humor Hereditary ? What makes some people *naturally* funnier than others ?

    There are people who try to be funny but they’re not that funny.

    I have really smart friends and they have ZERO sense of humor. They are cold and calculating.

    Does the funny gene exist ?

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      • Admin
      • February 13, 2014

      I think a sense of humor comes from your life experiences. how you were raised and how you were taking in situations that life presented to you. That way there are so many different senses of humor too. From: rye, slapstick, bubbly, sarcastic….

      Humor gene – bahahahaha! perhaps only in the family who lives in a Pineapple under the sea!!

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    • Felicia
    • April 5, 2014

    What Is The Japanese Sense Of Humor? Why don’t most Japanese people find this funny?

    There is a different sense of humor in every country.

    However, out of a poll at my school, most Japanese people do not understand why this may be funny.

    Can anyone hypothesize why?

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    1. Reply

      Japanese sense of humor is far more intelligent, subtle and sophisticated than you can imagine. Even if you cannot understand 立川談志, it is not your fault,

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    • Muh-muh-muh-muh
    • April 9, 2014

    I Want My Sense Of Humor Back!! Why Does It Fade In Time? Before, i can answer ppl back w/o even thinking, i have a good sense of humor.. but as time goes and as i deal w/ lots of ppl i feel like my sense of humor has gotten bad too. Im not funny anymore, i always think whether what im saying is funny or not. why why?? I want my sense of humor back!

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    1. Reply

      A good sense of humor is very difficult to maintain. I know a lot of guys who lost their ability of wit and then gain the magic back in a period. Every person goes through a period where he undergoes hardships and turmoil. Tension at work or strains in a relationship keep the mind off humor and to a more serious outlook.

      You still have your sense of humor. It hasn’t faded, my friend. The only thing that happened here is that you let other worries get to your mind.

      This is what you have to do:

      Grab a chair and place it in the center of the room. Switch on some soothing/favorite music. Close your eyes and concentrate on the tough times that you have been through recently. Make a mental note of your problems, if any and make a resolution to solving them in the wisest way possible.

      After you have done this, open your eyes and relax at what you love doing the best at home(could be watching TV, gardening, etc). Go to sleep with a healthy mind and in the morning you will be ready to use your sharp sense of humor again!

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    • Kingsleyfigo
    • May 4, 2014

    Please I Have Always Wanted To Know What “sense Of Humor” Means? So can you guys please tell me what it means when someone tells you that you have a sense of humor

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    1. Reply

      Sense of humour is the trait of
      appreciating (and being able to
      express) the humorous; “she
      didn’t appreciate my humor”;
      “you can’t survive in the army
      without a sense of humor”
      sense of humor, humor,
      playfulness, fun – a disposition
      to find (or make) causes for
      amusement; “her playfulness
      surprised me”; “he was fun to
      be with”

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    • P Shaw is back
    • May 6, 2014

    What Sign/position Determines Your Sense Of Humor? I notice that the Capricorn Suns I know have really dry senses of humor which I love. Is there anything else that you’ve noticed about other signs and positions related to humor?

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    1. Reply

      Your ascendant (rising sign) and your sun sign describes your sense of humour.

      Influence of saturn on ASC or SUN SiGN will make the sense of humour dry.
      Influence of Mercury will make the sense of humour friendly and sometimes phlegmatic.
      and the list continous for each planet…

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    • Sabbir Ahmed
    • May 25, 2014

    What Is A Sense Of Humor? One of my friend told me that my sense of humor is little. i couldn’t understand it but it hurt me. I am not familiar with the term. what is that? or how can i practice it?

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    1. Reply

      Well sense of humor is like if your funny. You have to be humorious so that you could have a good sense of humor. Most people that have sense of humor are good in funny things. If not then you just simple. Him telling you that shouldn’t bother you maybe in what he thinks is funny is not funny to you.

      People are different in many ways.

      And there is no practice in it. Its just personality thing/feeling.
      Hope this helped! (:

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