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Single Payer Healthcare

Blogging can be a fun activity, and there are numerous reasons one can get into. The more in touch you are to the reason you are blogging, the more active, and consequently, the more effective your blog will be. Here are some reasons why you might be blogging.

Are you blogging because you just want to write? Writing may be a hobby that you enjoy, and it feels good sometimes to get things off of your chest. There are many blogs like this out there, and they surely can make for entertaining reading.

Or perhaps your doing a family newsletter. Some families are separated by thousands of miles, and have no way of keeping in touch effectively. A blog about the recent happenings, gatherings that are coming up, and so forth, can be an effective way to keep in touch with relatives that are a ways away.

For the politically driven, a blog provides a perfect atmosphere to rant about politics. Do you disapprove of the job congress is doing? Do you have a suggestion? Perhaps by blogging these thoughts you will gain traction, and in the next election cycle, even alter the voting activity of your readership. Political blogs should always have a comment feature, to allow active discussion and debate. This also helps keep your readership.

If you are in business for yourself, a blog can be the perfect place to offer up a product or service. Maybe you are a resort manager, and want to blog about your resort, and all the fun things to do in the surrounding area. This will help you gain customers. There is a completely different way to do this via blogging. You can have a blog say about politics, or music, and put advertisements on your blog for different products and services that you are sell or endorse.

Perhaps there is a cause you support. You may support gay marriage, or oppose single payer healthcare. Setting up a blog for a cause you support can help you meet new friends, or affect the political landscape in your locale.

Some blogs are set up for people with knowledge in a specialty area. Maybe you enjoy working with computers and you’d like to set up a blog on how to upgrade the different types of hardware inside the tower. For example, you can write a tutorial on how to upgrade a graphics card, or on changing out the power supply. You will be surprised how useful this is for some. You will meet new people, and maybe even get a few business proposals in this way.

Blogging can be a fun way to share a passion. It can be an effective way to market a product or service. It can be a way to sway the political opposition, or a way to rally up your side of the coin. For whatever reason you are blogging, it can be an effective way to get your thoughts noticed, and for some, this notice can provide a vast amount of personal gratification.

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    • Canadian
    • January 14, 2014

    Why Doesn’t Canada Reform Its Healthcare System? Our single payer healthcare system has been proven to be quite dysfunctional. So why haven’t we changed it into the highly successful two tier system that they use in many parts of Europe and some parts of Asia?
    Actually, the Canadian system is not doing well. According to the WHO, we rank 30th in healthcare, while countries with the two tier system such as Singapore, France, Malta and Italy all rank in the top 6.

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    1. Reply

      First off, the Canadian system is a hybrid system. It IS two-tiers. There are options for semi-private and private coverage for a good number of things on top of all the basic services every Canadian is afforded under the law.

      The Canadian system costs half of what the American one does per person, because everybody is in the same insurance pool and we negotiate and control costs through our representatives. The private industry does not own the system. They have a relationship to it, and they profit quite well, but they aren’t in control of it like in America.

      The greatest challenge in Canada has always been the same: How do you get good healthcare to every one of the 34 million Canadians who live in the largest geographical country on the planet? Canada has a small population and a huge land mass to cover. 80% of its people live within about 100 miles or so of the American border.

      Canada is only really listed as 30th in the world because of the challenge of getting services to people who live to the north, in the middle of nowhere. If you have a heart attack and you live in a town of 200 people in the middle of nowhere, response times are going to be slower than if you lived in a larger center. So Canadian wait times always get unfairly scrutinized as a result. Canada’s healthcare system is not as socialized as it is in Europe.

      It is a two tiered system and has been for years.

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