Fun Superbowl for Me

super bowl

The Packers aren’t in it, and neither is New England. So…

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I have absolutely no cares going into this Superbowl. I really don’t care who wins, and I will be watching mostly for the commercials – that, and to see if Kaep can live up to his billing. All I know at this point is one Harbaugh will be happy, and one won’t.

Leading up to this point, I had a swirl of emotions about the playoffs. When Green Bay was eliminated by the Niners (I was pissed, yet again, at Kaep in that game), and Seattle was elimiated by Atlanta, the only thing I could say to anybody was “I will root for whichever team plays New England”. Little did I know at that point that the Ravens would dominate the Patsies and it would turn into a “no care” bowl for me. I suppose if Atlanta had won I’d be more inclined to root for them because of Dirk Koetter (the Falcon’s offensive coordinator and former BSU head coach), and Tommy Gallarda (former BSU tight end), but not by much.

As it is, I will likely root for whomever gets behind in the game, and hope for a crazy overtime finish. And, of course, enjoy the $4 million(!) dollar per spot commercials. I’ve heard there’s going to be some good ones. I hope so.

On other fronts: I re-sized and cropped a photo I took last summer up in Stanley as the header on this site. It was taken with my phone when I was bicycling north of the Silva ranch. I got some good ones, but this one really caught my eye.

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8 Responses to “Fun Superbowl for Me”

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Who Wears #85 In The Nfl?

    • AFC:

      Chad Ochocinco – Patriots
      Phillip Livas – Miami
      Derrick Mason – New York Jets
      Craig Davis – Bills

      Virgil Green – Denver
      Antonio Gates – San Diego
      Darrius Heyward-Bey – Oakland
      Jake O’Connell – Kansas City

      Lee Evans – Balitmore
      David Johnson – Steelers
      L.J. Castile – Browns
      Bengals -have no one at #85

      Pierre Garcon – Colts
      Nate Washington – Titans
      Tommy Gallarda – Jaguars
      Joel Dreessen – Texans


      David Thomas – Saints
      Greg Smith – Panthers
      Marquez Branson – Falcons
      Tampa Bay- No one have #85

      Andre Smith – Chicago
      Greg Jennings – Packers
      Tony Scheffler – Lions
      Greg Camarillo – Vikings

      Early Doucet – Cardinals
      Anthony McCoy – Seahawks
      Vernon Davis – 49ers
      Rams – They do not have anyone at #85

      Jake Ballard – Giants
      Cornelius Ingram – Eagles
      Kevin Ogletree – Cowboys
      Leonard Hankerson – Redskins

      ONLY 3 TEAMS don’t have a player wearing number 85

  2. Lalalala Reply

    Best Superbowl Commercial? I loved the one with the old man stripper and the girls in the car

    • Hahahahaha!! I died laughing at the old man stripper that was i think the best!!
      also the Kevin Federline commercial was pretty funny.

  3. Texas tornado Reply

    Superbowl Blues??? How many people are on yahoo answers instead of watching the superbowl? ha & who did you really want to go to the superbowl?

    • This is more fun than watching the sb.

  4. Im 6'5" without shoes Reply

    Superbowl Commercials? I think this year was the best super bowl commercials yet do u think the same? and what was your favorite one?

    • I thought the commercials were so cool my favourites were the lizards doing the thriller dance, the baby on the webcam who is acting all cool and then puked on himself

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