Kill the Dollar. Again

English: This is a Susan B. Anthony US Dollar ...

Hmm. This has been attempted a few times in the past. I wonder how well it’s going to work this time. I’m not sure why they think this time will be any different.

Congressional auditors say doing away with dollar bills entirely and replacing them with $1 coins could save taxpayers nearly $4.4 billion over the next 30 years.

Vending machine operators have long championed the use of $1 coins because they don’t jam the machines, cutting down on repair costs and lost sales. But most people don’t seem to like carrying them. In the past five years, the U.S. Mint has produced 2.4 billion Presidential $1 coins. Most are stored by the Federal Reserve, and production was suspended about a year ago.

Obverse (left) of the current Sacagawea Dollar...

A few years ago, when my son was in Junior High, I remember another attempt at replacing the dollar bill. I would give Josh a 5 or 10 dollar bill so he could hit up the vending machines at school. When he’d come home his pockets would jangle with Susan B. Anthony (or Sacagawea – I can’t recall) dollar coins. When asked, he told me that was the only change the machines would return for larger bills.

Apparently, it was actually kinda fun for him to have all those coins – I guess it made him feel richer to hear the money jangling. But, it was always a pain to use them in stores. The clerks would – more often than not – confuse them with quarters. It was a poor decision to not make them larger or octagon shape or something distinguishable.

And, there’s also the $2 bill. They are still being printed as far as I know. I wonder if those would be suspended as well.


One area where the $1 coins would shine is around Christmas when the bell-ringers are out in force. I often drop change into the Salvation Army kettles if I have it, but I never bother going for my wallet even though I might feel guilty about just passing by. Same thing with the various street musicians or “work for food” sign wielders I occasionally pass. If I had a couple $1 coins in my pocket I might be more charitable. You never know.

And, speaking of holiday bell ringers – apparently there’s a group of “secret Santas” who drop gold coins in the kettles each year. Some of the coins dropped into kettles in Houston, Iowa, and Tennessee this year have been worth $500-$2000! Must be nice to be able to “afford” that. Or, to be that naive. Take your pick.

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  1. Charlene W Reply

    How Should I Write This Short Quotation For Homework? “Independence is happiness,”, said Susan B. Anthony. or

    “Independence is happiness,” by Susan B. Anthony.

    Which is proper grammar and punctuation?

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    • Alas, the two examples that you provide are not correct :( Let’s fix the problems.

      The easiest alternative would be to write:
      Susan B. Anthony said, “Independence is happiness” (appropriate in-text citation).

      Please see:

      Inasmuch as I do not know the source from which you took the quotation, please see the following for the basics of “In-Text Citations” including Internet sources: [On that page there are examples of the proper format and what to include in the in-text citation depending upon the source.]

      I do not know how you are formatting your homework assignment; but you should include something in the nature of a citation that gives more information than that found in your in-text citation. For directions, please see:

      Good luck!

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  2. Yourmom12321 Reply

    What Did The Bank Teller Mean When She Said She Has A Roll Of Silver Dollars? I asked for half dollars and she said she was out of them, but said she did have a roll of silver dollars.

    I don’t think she was referring to Susan b Anthony coins but who knows.

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    • People constantly misuse the term ‘silver dollar’ to mean any one dollar coin. The current dollar coins are the Sacagawea and Presidential dollars, and they’re not even silver-colored. But a lot of people still call them silver dollars.

      The last US silver dollar for circulation was struck in 1935. Any dollar coins struck in silver since then have been collector issues or bullion American Silver Eagles.

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  3. Packinheat2u Reply

    How Much Is This Quarter Worth, And What Is It Called? I own a quarter that on the reverse it shows the US eagle on the moon. do you know what its called, and is it worth alot.
    its series: 1979. and i its Susan B. Anthony in the front.
    my mistake its not a quarter its a dollar coin.

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    • That is a coin that has $1 value right now but they haven’t been making that coin for almost 10 years. If you hold on to it the coin it will get more rare and rare where then it will be worth more money. EX. the old nickles with bison’s on them, some are worth $300 mint now because their so rare.

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  4. Jimmytyler Reply

    Susan B. Anthony And Abraham Lincoln – Any Good Sources In Regards To Their Interractions? I know Susan B. ANthony was very critical of Lincoln in regards to women’s rights and slavery. Does anyone have any good sources/articles detailing her opinion of Lincoln?

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    • Maybe her papers in the Library of Congress will have what you are asking for.

      “During the Civil War, Anthony and most other members of the women’s movement worked toward the emancipation of the slaves. In 1863 she helped form the Women’s Loyal League, which supported U.S. president Abraham Lincoln’s policies. After the war, Anthony and others tried to link women’s suffrage with that of the freed slaves. They were unsuccessful. The Fifteenth Amendment, finally adopted in 1870, extended voting rights only to black men. Now without abolitionist support, Anthony and Stanton formed their own organization, the National Woman Suffrage Association.”

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  5. Billgersitz Reply

    What Kind Of Coins Can You Still Get At The Bank.? Can you still get the Susan B. anthony dollars, kennedy half dollars, eisenhower dollars, the presidental dollars, and some other ones that you dont always see people using?

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    • You may have to do a little leg work but most all you mentioned are available. Some years of Kennedy 1/2 dollars were not sent out for circulation but some of the dates will be spent from time to time. There are still 40% silver 1/2 dollars out there as well as a few Franklins and walkers. You just have to go through the rolls if you find a bank that has some. Never taken them back to the same bank and they may become your friend and hold 1/2 dollar rolls when they get them. One can almost put together a Jefferson nickel collection from change, the 1950-D is the hard one. I have found all the rest in my change or going through rolls of nickels. There are still coins to collect out there especially some doubled die cents and the like. Get yourself a price guide that has some of the varieties listed and see how much they sell for. the best place for SBA’s is bill changing machines or the post office stamp machines.

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  6. Perry15 Reply

    Do You Think That The Value Of The Sacagawea Golden Dollar Will Ever Go Up? Also if you think that the 2 dollar bill will go up or the Susan B. Anthony I’d like to know.

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    • The proof Sac & SBA’s have already gone up. I doubt that circulated ones will ever go up but some of the low mintage ones in mint state will and some have. As time goes by some of the older $2 notes in crisp uncirculated will go up, but in circulated grades it may take a good many years. Series 1976 and up will take some time to have extra collector value.

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  7. Ross v Reply

    What Is A 1979 Susan B Anthony Coin Worth? And What Should I Sell It For? I have a guy coming to look at some of my old coins and Iam selling a 1979 Susan B anthony In Pretty Good-Excellent condition.
    What should I sell It for? Fair asking price but I do not want to give it away..
    On ebay I see them selling from 2.00-5.00 Plus Shipping/handling
    Then Why would people Be paying 3-5 Dollars Plus Shipping??

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    • What you see on eBay is a crapshoot at times. You have what looks like an average circulated (like yours) that sold for $2.25 with free shipping. That seller was a newbie (feedback of 9) who misdescribed the coin (Anthony dollars are NOT silver), and an uninformed buyer who didn’t know what they were doing. That coin, like yours, is worth a buck at the local convenience store.

      What you see selling for 3-5 plus shipping and handling are high-grade uncirculated coins, proof-only S mint coins, scarce variety ‘type’ coins. etc. There’s much more to collecting coins than most people know.

      If you sell yours for $1, you’re not giving away anything, you’re getting exactly what it’s worth. You can always try eBay if you think it’s worth more, but don’t forget about the listing fee, the final value fee (a very high percentage of the first $25) and Paypal fee, which is a flat .30 charge per item plus 2.9% of the sale. So if you get $2 with the buyer paying the postage, you’ll end up with about $1.25. Is the extra quarter worth all the time and trouble?

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  8. Jay Jay Reply

    Where Can I Go To Get Paper Money For My Dollar Coins? I have so many Susan B Anthony dollar coins and half dollar coins and silver dollar coins and I want to trade them in for cash but don’t wanna take them to a coin machine because they take some of your money. I want just full on coins for cash. Please let me know if any banks or anything will trade them in for you?

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    • Most walmart stores hae a ‘star machine’ that will exchange coins for dollars and there is a small fee.

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  9. Jay Jay Reply

    Where Can I Go To Get Paper Money For My Dollar Coins? I have so many Susan B Anthony dollar coins and half dollar coins and silver dollar coins and I want to trade them in for cash but don’t wanna take them to a coin machine because they take some of your money. I want just full on coins for cash. Please let me know if any banks or anything will trade them in for you?

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    • Most walmart stores hae a ‘star machine’ that will exchange coins for dollars and there is a small fee.

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  10. Master β Reply

    Is The Soul Of Susan B. Anthony In Dire Peril Resulting From The Audacious Statement She Made Back In 1896? “I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.”

    -Susan B. Anthony (1896 address to the National-American Woman Suffrage Association)

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    • Well it’s true isn’t it? A lot of people say they only do terrible things because it’s what god wants them to do.

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  11. Amy W Reply

    What Are All The Coins In Use In The US Since 1963? I want a list like Susan B Anthony dollar, dollar coins with the first 4 presidents so far, eagle quarter, bicentenial quarter, etc.

    No commemerative coins. Just the ones in circulation.

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    • 1) Lincoln Memorial Cents 1959-present
      2) Jefferson Nickels (5 Cent pieces) 1938-Present
      These have changed a few times since 2004 with different reverse designs in 2004 and 2005 as well as a new obverse design starting in 2005
      3) Roosevelt Dimes 1946-present
      4) Washington Quarters
      a) Eagle reverse 1932-1998
      a) Bicentenial pieces were struck in 1975-1976. Drummer on the back.
      b) Statehood quarters 1999-present issued in state entry order. 5 states per year. Too many to list, but only 4 states left.

      5) Ben Franklin Half Dollars 1948-1963
      6) JFK Half dollars 1964-present
      a) Since 2002, only sold to collectors.
      b) Bicentenial issue1975-1976 Independance Hall on the back

      7) Eisenhower Dollars 1971-1978
      a) Bicentenial issue 1975-1976 Liberty Bell on Reverse.
      b) Last of large size dollars for circulation (38.1 mm diameter)
      8) Susan B. Anthony Dollar 1979-1981;1999
      9)Sacagawea Dollar 2000-present
      Sold only to collectors since 2002
      10) Presidential dollars 2007-present
      4 per year. First 5 are now out.

      Dimes, Quarters, and Half dollars dated 1963 and 1964 are 90% silver

      Half dollars dated 1965-1970 are 40% silver with the 1970 available only in collector sets

      1973 Ike dollars were only available in sets

      I believe that covers everything.


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  12. <33333 Reply

    What Are Some Traits For Susan B. Anthony? I’m doing this project in History, & i need to help collecting evidence to support four traits Susan B. Anthony had.
    I must find one for:
    -Other’s Reactions

    SOO can you help me find four traits that Anthony has and back it up with true evidence?
    prettyy pleaseeeee

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  13. Smiley Reply

    Who Is Susan B. Anthony? WHat do you know about her? who is she?

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    • Susan B. Anthony was a prominent American civil rights leader who played a pivotal role in the 19th century women’s rights movement to introduce women’s suffrage into the United States. she traveled the United States and Europe, and gave 75 to 100 speeches per year on women’s rights for 45 years.

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  14. Reply

    What Is The Significance Of Susan B. Anthony? Why was she chosen to be on a (I’m assuming the first female) U.S. coin? It’s not just because of her sewing skill, right?

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    • Susan Brownell Anthony (February 15, 1820 - March 13, 1906) was a prominent, independent and well-educated American civil rights leader who played a pivotal role in the 19th century women’s rights movement to secure women’s suffrage in the United States. She traveled thousands of miles throughout the United States and Europe, and gave 75 to 100 speeches per year on women’s rights for some 45 years. Susan B. Anthony died in Rochester, New York, on March 13, 1906, and is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery.

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  15. Jazzy B Reply

    Who Is Susan B. Anthony And What Did She Do In The Women Suffrage? African american woman

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    • Susan B. Anthony (born February 15, 1820 died March 15, 1906) is best known for her leadership in women’s rights. However, she also worked in campaigns to end slavery, and also worked in favor of temperance movement (abolition of liquor). Along with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, she founded the American Equal Rights Association in 1866. She was a Social reformer, she worked the better part of her life trying to win the right to vote for women. This was a reality signed into law 14 years after her death by way of the 19th Amendment. In 1979 She was recognized on a 1 dollar coin. She remained very active within the women’s rights movement until her death in 1906. She was a school teacher prior to her beginning work within the movement of women’s rights. I hope this information is helpful to you, Good luck and God bless go to this website and it will give you all of the inforamtion you need for a very good paper An easy “A” paper, good luck to you.

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  16. Some guy Reply

    Do Feminists Look Up To Susan B. Anthony? And if so, do they know that she was opposed to abortion?

    I thought, according to their standards that you couldn’t oppose abortion and still support women’s rights.

    “Guilty? Yes, no matter what the motive, love of ease, or a desire to save from suffering the unborn innocent, the woman is awfully guilty who commits the deed. It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death; but oh! thrice guilty is he who, for selfish gratification, heedless of her prayers, indifferent to her fate, drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the crime.”
    I cannot and will not just drop the issue of abortion.
    A woman is in a difficult spot with an unplanned pregnancy. She made mistakes, and things are going to change. But, that unplanned pregnancy doesn’t cost anyone their life. Abortion does.

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    • Susan B was a Moral woman. she lived in Moral times. Women these days are less governed by moral guidelines.

      Ps i like the quote.

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  17. Abby Reply

    Susan B Anthony Question? I’m sure you’ve all heard of her i mean shes on a coin. Well anyways i’m doing a project on her, so i’d please if you guys could tell me if she was married. And if so to who. If you know please the name of her husband. And # of children. Thanx!

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    • Susan Brownell Anthony (February 15, 1820 - March 13, 1906) was a prominent American civil rights leader who played a pivotal role in the 19th century women’s rights movement to introduce women’s suffrage into the United States. She traveled the United States and Europe, and gave 75 to 100 speeches per year on women’s rights for 45 years.

      Her entire life is noted here :

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  18. Michelle B Reply

    Did Susan B. Anthony Start A Protest? I was wondering if susan b anthony ever made women protest 2 get equal rites as men.
    im writing a report about her, and the introduction is that ur walking in2 a scene and its when women r protesting.
    plz tell me! thx!

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    • Susan B. Anthony was very active in the women’s suffrage movement during the latter part of the 10th century. She led exhuasting campaigns in New York and Kansas. From 1868 to 1870 she edited REvolution, a radical crusading journal demanding suffrage, equal education, opening of employment opportunities, and encouragin women to form trade unions.

      In May 1869, with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, she formed the National Woman Suffrage Association, of which she became the driving sprit, although her view that black suffrage should be delayed until that of women, and her opinion on divorce, labour problems and campaign tactics caused later splits in the movement. She was active in the successful campaign in Wyoming (1870) campaigned in California (1871) Michigan (1874) Philadelphia (1876) and Colorado (1877) and orchestrated a nationwide campaign in 1878. In 1889 she called the meeting which founded the International Council of Women in London.

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  19. Jaimie F Reply

    When And Why Did Susan B. Anthony Die? I’m doing a report on susan B. Anthony and Can’t find any info about her.Help! Please!

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    • Susan B. Anthony died on March 13, 1906 . Dr. M. S. Ricker, her attending physician, said Miss Anthony died of heart disease and pneumonia of both lungs. She had had serious valvular heart trouble for the last six or seven years. Her lungs were practically clear and the pneumonia had yielded to treatment, but the weakness of her heart prevented her recovery.

      Miss Anthony was taken ill while on her way home from the National Suffrage Convention in Baltimore. She stopped in New York, where a banquet was to be given Feb. 20 in honor of her eighty-sixth birthday, but she had an attack of neuralgia on Feb. 18 and hastened home. Pneumonia developed after her arrival here, and on March 5 both her lungs became affected. She rallied, but had a relapse three days ago, and the end after that never was in doubt.

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  20. Lil Reply

    Soujourner Truth V. Susan B. Anthony? They must leave lasting legacies, so who would be the better person to choose to write about in my history essay?
    mtnglo- Thank you SO much for your answer to my question! You have helped a ton on my research. I decided to do Sojourner Truth, thanks to you and the other answerer.

    Thanks again guys!!! ?

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  21. Ana Reply

    What Did Susan B Anthony Do W/ Suffrage?

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    • SUSAN BROWNELL ANTHONY pioneer crusader for the woman suffrage movement in the United States and president (1892-1900) of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Her work helped pave the way for the Nineteenth Amendment (1920) to the Constitution, giving women the right to vote.
      A tone of independence and moral zeal pervaded Anthony’s childhood home, dominated by her father, Daniel Anthony, a Quaker Abolitionist and cotton manufacturer. She was a precocious child and learned to read and write at the age of three. After the family moved from Massachusetts to Battensville, N.Y., in 1826, she attended a district school, then a school set up by her father, and finally a boarding school near Philadelphia.

      After teaching at a female academy in upstate New York (1846-49), she settled in her family home, now near Rochester, N.Y., and began her first public crusade, on behalf of temperance. Discouraged by the limited role that women were allowed in the established temperance movement, Anthony helped found the Woman’s State Temperance Society of New York, one of the first organizations of its kind. From 1852 on, she joined her friends Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Amelia Bloomer in campaigns for women’s rights, even for a time donning the “bloomer” costume of skirt and loose trousers as a sign of protest against the restrictiveness of women’s clothing. After 1854 she devoted herself with vigour and determination to the antislavery movement, serving from 1856 to the outbreak of the Civil War (1861) as an agent for the American Anti-Slavery Society. Later, collaborating with Stanton, she published the New York liberal weekly The Revolution (1868-70) and, calling for equal pay for women, helped organize the New York Working Women’s Association. In 1872, demanding for women the same civil and political rights extended to male blacks under the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments, she led a group of women to the polls in Rochester to test the right of women to vote. She was arrested two weeks later and, while awaiting trial, engaged in highly publicized lecture tours and, in March 1873, tried to vote again in city elections. She was thereafter tried and convicted of violating the voting laws but successfully refused to pay the fine. From then on she campaigned tirelessly for a federal woman suffrage amendment through the National Woman Suffrage Association (1869-90) and the National American Woman Suffrage Association (1890-1906) and by lecturing throughout the country and in the western territories.

      With her close associates Stanton and Matilda Joslyn Gage she compiled and published The History of Woman Suffrage, 4 vol. (1881-1902). In 1888 she organized the International Council of Women and in 1904 the International Woman Suffrage Alliance. At meetings in London (1899) and Berlin (1904) she was acclaimed worldwide for her pioneer contribution to women’s rights.

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  22. Bz_6 Reply

    Does Anyone Have A Visual Aid Dealing With Susan B. Anthony? I need a chart, map, or diagram only. i need the source too so i can embed it in a research paper.
    thanks in advance.

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  23. Vi3tbaby909 Reply

    Susan B. Anthony? 1. Why is she worthy of being written or read about?
    2. What contributions did she made to society?
    3. What are her most notable achievements?
    What is an interesting fact about her?

    please answer . anyone would be good. please and thank you.

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    • Susan B. Anthony campaigned for the abolition of slavery, women’s rights to their own property and earnings, and women’s labor organizations as well as women’s right to vote.

      Good person to write about!

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