Search Engine Optimization – Gaining Knowledge

Search Engine Optimization - Gaining Knowledge

It’s not surprising many people are looking for information on the subject when it’s such a common issue for so many, yet, good information is hard to find. That’s why we have gathered everything you need to know, right here. The article below goes directly to the heart of the matter and explains all sides of the issue. We hope it answers your particular questions.

Gaining Knowledge about Search Engine Optimization with Great Tips


If you have a business today and you’re on the internet it is imperative that you understand how the search engines work. That is where search engine optimization or SEO for short, comes into play. Read the article below for some excellent SEO tips that are sure to help any business develop their presence on the internet. Follow along and soon you will see your business climbing up the rankings like all those successful internet companies.

High Quality

The first thing we do when trying to get a website optimized for the search engine is to be able to say exactly what information your website is trying to convey. Are you a business site that sells products such as Amazon or Walmart? Do you provide services such as a lawyer or doctor? What message are you trying to deliver to theSEO consumer. This is important stuff because it lets the search engines know exactly what can be found on your website.

Low Quality

The way people find your website is by typing in keywords into a search engine. What you want to do is know all the keywords that people are typing into the search engine to find the products or services that are listed on your website. Research is key. There are many sites online that offer keyword services that will show you what are main keywords people use that pertain to your industry.


Have an idea on who your target audience is. Are you targeting to young people? Middle aged? Teenagers? Seniors? You want to be able to advertise your website to the right crowd, otherwise you will get people to your website who have no interest in anything you are selling. This will cost you money in added web traffic and a waste of time if you actually paid for Search engine optimization.

Optimization Strategies

Are you familiar with how the search engines work? It is very important as a business owner to understand the process of search engine rankings and how you can rank higher in their lists. You might have to redesign your website to be more keyword friendly in order to attract the type of customer that will eventually purchase your products.

Quality Articles

Are you aware of the different ways to see how your website measures up to the others? There are companies out there that will monitor your website for you and make changes the moment your website loses position in the search engine rankings. It is a hard job to maintain your website ranking, but if you have a company automatically making the changes for you, then you can easily maintain your website ranking.


Stay up to date with all the latest changes to the internet and be a master at Search Engine Optimization. In order to have a successful internet presence today, you will need to know how the different search engines function. Yes you are a slave to the search engine ranking, but by understanding the ranking game, you too can have a very successful website.

If you are having any problems accessing the feeds or updates in the email regarding our latest news about the subject, please feel free to let us know. We know you want to be in the know so we’d love to help you on that.

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34 Responses to “Search Engine Optimization – Gaining Knowledge”

  1. How Can A Person Become A Search Engine Optimization/ Marketing Consultant? What Course Or Books Are Required? I’d like to know what sort of training and materials are required to become a search Engine Optimization/ Marketing consultant.

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  2. Maficboy Reply

    How To Increase Rankings On Search Engines? I have been asked by somebody to investigate how to get more ‘hits’ from search engines like Google. How does one optimize their web page so they may be listed as the first result?

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  3. Chinnu Reply

    I Am Planing To Make My Carrier In Search Engine Optimization Is It Good Now A Days? I am planing to make my Carrier in search engine optimization is it good now a days? give me some
    more suggestions about seo.

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    • Yes,
      Carrier in search engine optimization is very bright…you don’t waste time in thinking just go a head
      & start your job in any seo company

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  4. Rowland H Reply

    Will Hosting My Website On A US Based Server Damage Its Search Engine Rankings For People In The UK? Hi,
    my website is aimed at the European and UK market. I am considering hosting it with a US webhost, mainly for reasons of cost and quality of service. Will doing so harm my search engine rankings for people searching from the UK and Europe?


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    • No, it would only have a marginal influence. A lot more important are standard SEO practices, like title tags, headers, website copy, link building. If you’re worried about it, you could do a search on some of the keywords you’re interested in and see what hosting your competitors use. (you can use ) or better yet check what is really important, and that is how many backlinks they have. (I recommend for this)

      P.S. Since you’re from the UK are currently having a promotion in the UK. They are offering one year of a free hosting and a domain (You have to pay the ?9.50 setup fee and that’s it). They’re a nice choice if you don’t need more than 3GB of disk space.

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  5. Obsidian © Reply

    What Ten Rules Would You Have For Using The Internet?

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    • The 10 commandments as decreed by Google…

      Thou shalt have no other Search Engine before me, neither Yahoo nor Lycos, AltaVista nor Metacrawler. Thou shalt worship only me, and come to Google only for answers.

      Thou shalt not build thy own commercial-free Search Engine, for I am a jealous Engine, bringing law suits and plagues against the fathers of the children unto the third and fourth generations.

      Thou shalt not use Google as a verb to mean the use of any lesser Search Engine.

      Thou shalt remember each passing day and use thy time as an opportunity to gain knowledge of the unknown.

      Thou shalt honor thy fellow humans, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or race, for each has invaluable experience and knowledge to contribute toward humankind.

      Thou shalt not misspell whilst praying to me.

      Thou shalt not hotlink.

      Thou shalt not plagiarise or take undue credit for other’s work.

      Thou shalt not use reciprocal links nor link farms, for I am a vengeful but fair engine and will diminish thy PageRank. The Google Dance shall cometh.

      Thou shalt not manipulate Search Results. Search Engine Optimization is but the work of Microsoft.

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  6. Carl Reply

    Question About Search Engine Optimisation…..? How do I register with all search engines? Or does my site just automatically get found my search engines?

    how do I change the description under the link that will appear in the search engine results?

    how do I search without my specific preferences in google? eg- i have been visiting a site lots today so it comes up as the first result in google, but it doesnt on the other computer.


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    • Hi

      Most major search engines will find your website naturally, however it is possible to manually submit to search engines (here’s Googles for example – There are tools available to submit sites to multiple search engines but this isn’t something that is recommended.

      The description under the link in the serps is called a meta description. This can be changed by editing the More details here -

      I think your visited sites are showing as the first result in Google because you are logged into a Google account? You can simply log out to prevent this or go to the following link – and make sure “Web History is off” you may also need to go to search settings and turn off personal results. This will then show the true search results.

      Hope this helps!

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  7. Shannon_ross_uk Reply

    How Can I Get My New Website To Achieve Good Rankings In The Search Engines?

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  8. C S Reply

    ANy Tips For Search Engine Optimization? Does meta data matter for search results in search engines?
    where is the best place to put meta data?

    What the best structure for metadata?

    ANy tips for search engine optimization?

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    • Meta data is only used by search engine spiders. It appears above the HTML code that forms the underpinnings of your site’s presentation layer.

      Meta data includes such things as your site’s name, URL and key word tag. Once the most important factor in search engine results, keyword tags in meta data don’t have the weight they once did.

      SEO tips:

      1. submit your site map to Google and Yahoo. This provides spiders with a set of directions and “personal” invitation.

      2. Add HTML title tags to each page. Each tag becomes a Google listing, thus providing many more site access points. That’s why, if I search “Harry Potter” on Google, one listing on the first search engine results page (SERPs) will be for Amazon. If I click on it, I’m taken directly to the Harry Potter page rather than coming through Amazon’s front door.

      3. Even though meta data stays the same from site page to site page, add it to every page. SE bots are none-too-bright.

      4. Avoid keyword stuffing. 2-3% is good. Anything over 5% starts to sound like gibberish.

      5. Use embedded text links in the main texts of your site. Search engine spiders follow links, so if you give them a lot of links within your site, spiders stay longer, index more and provide a more accurate picture of your site.

      6. Use your HTML description tag to appeal to humans, not spiders. The description tag content appears directly under the blue link for your site on SERPs.

      7. Avoid anything that even hints at black hat tactics, i.e. no invisible text, title tags match page data, keyword density of less than 5% in main text; 50% in headers.

      8. Place keywords in headlines, underlined, bolded or italic text.

      9. Focus on your top five keywords and phrases at first. Then, gradually expand your list.

      10. Finally, visit Google’s webmaster central. This search engine runs the web world so you might as well do exactly what the Googlistas want, and they tell you what’s legal (and good) and what isn’t regarding SEO.

      Good luck with your site,
      Paul Lalley

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  9. Reply

    Search Engine Optimization? Can some one tell me the steps to go about making your website SEO enabled and does this really increase traffic to your website

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    • Your website can be more or less search engine friendly. It is not like a switch that you “enable”. If you improve the search engine friendliness of your website, there will be an improvement in rankings, however you may or may not see a difference in traffic. If you end up on page 1 of Google for a keyword that no one looks up you should not expect a lot of traffic. If you are on page 3 or beyond for a search term that is looked up a lot, you should not expect a lot of traffic either.

      The problem is that optimizing your website is only one part of SEO. You must also get other websites that are relevant to your website to link to you. So if you sell car parts, you want a website about cars, or parts or both to link to you, preferably using the words “car parts” in the link. These sort of links are in fact more important than any work you will do on your website. But both elements combined are what will really get you results.

      To attract links however, you must reach out to those relevant blogs, websites and have content on your website that is worth linking to.

      Here are a few steps you can take to optimize your website itself:

      1.) Look at your tags. Try to best describe the content of each page using the title tag, without going over 70 characters. Make each title unique.</p> <p>2.) Think your website as a different pages – not one website. Try to optimize each page for a group of keywords. So one page could be all about windshield wipers, while another could be all about headlights. </p> <p>3.) Look at the way you link to your pages. Use words that describe what is on the page to link to it. So when you link to your page about windshield wipers, use those words to link to the page.</p> <p>4.) Create quality content. Give visitors value and they will repay you with links.</p> <p>5.) Don’t use images or Flash to display text. Always keep text in html format.</p> <p>See here for more information about on-page ranking factors: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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  10. Harish A Reply

    How Important Is W3 Validation For Search Engine Rankings?

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    • Depends on the search engine.

      A page that is written in valid code is well on its way to being accessible, as well (but the two are not interchangeable!).

      Google doesn’t just look at inbound links and mostly ignores meta tags (as both have been massively abused by spammers) – in fact, Google actually traverses pages for contents. If the contents is placed in valid HTML, your chances will be somewhat improved. The second step is using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – the best way to do that is to write valid *and* accessible code. Things like source ordering and correct *use* of HTML are very important.

      Do a search for “SEO”, and find yourself a whole new world of demands ragrding HTML.

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  11. Anonymous Reply

    What Is Seo Search Engine Optimization?

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    • EO or Search Engine Optimisation delivers to your company measurable, quantifiable results that increase website traffic and

      grow online revenues. Search Engine friendly web design, rich unique on-page and off-page content and an optimum link

      building profile are what you need…and above all you need one of the best SEO services in India to get you there. SEO is

      considered to be the best method to yield much effective returns on your investment.

      Each website is different and each market has varying levels of competition. It also matters what your SEO goal is – to

      increase sales, to increase your subscriber base, offer a special deal etc

      The traffic hurdles you experience will be eased with the efficiency of the SEO service which we provide. There are some

      major search engines which command over millions and millions of searches every day. Unless maximum percentage of these

      searches pours into your website you would have to loose to your competitor.

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  12. Blindevolution Reply

    Is It True That Bookmarking Helps Search Engine Rankings? If so, would you please bookmark my site in your browser(s). I am a small gym in washington DC, and I am having a hard time getting rankings. Any other tips on how to improve my rank?

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    • No it is not true… because bookmarkings is a local setting on your computer– and it does not effect the search engine servers. (search engines can’t access all of the computer in the world to find if the site is bookmarked or not)

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  13. Mash Reply

    If I Remove H1 And Other H Tags, Will This Drop My Search Engine Rankings? And does the H tag actually make any difference in the first place? I know its an optional enhancement, but I don’t know if it’s *that* crucial to search engine rankings or can even make a difference..

    thanks in advance

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    • Mash,

      Removing--like properly implementing--heading tags has a real impact that may ultimately result in a difference of ranking in search engine results pages (SERP).

      Remember that heading tags (from


      ) represent the outline of the page content. As such, they are important elements that Google take a closer look at in order to better understand the page content, hence more accurately qualify it to relevant keyword combinations--hence the impact on SERP’s.

      So no wonder why using heading tags is one of the 4 key content optimization elements that Google strongly recommends webmasters to work on in its “Google SEO Starter Guide” available at

      The 4 key content optimization elements discussed in the handbook are:

      1) Offer quality content and services
      2) Write better anchor text
      3) Optimize your use of images
      4) Use headings tags appropriately

      As you read Google’s handbook, you realize that Google expects headings to be a visual cue to users--hence a semantic cue for search engines--that enclosed text is important and could help them understand something about the content underneath. As such, headings may be considered--hence processed--as meta information like meta tags. Furthermore, the hierarchy of headings creates by itself semantic information that is also taken into consideration--i.e., the higher the heading, the higher weight assigned.

      Furthermore, we need to remember that heading tags are an important website component for catching the user’s eye, helping reading flow and content scanning--which is important given the user’s short attention span.

      You may also be interested to watch Matt Cutts--the renowned Google webmaster evangelist--discuss the importance of optimizing headings to help Google better understand your page and qualify it for specific keyword combinations.

      “Does the ordering of heading tags matter?” (YouTube):

      “More than one H1 on a page: good or bad?” (YouTube):

      --Pascal Perry ???
      Online Findability and SEO Strategist

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  14. Ramy Reply

    What’s The Difference Between Search Engine And SEO? Search engine optimization?

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    • Search engine optimization (SEO) :
      Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results, or the higher it “ranks,” the more searchers will visit that site. The leading search engines, Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft, use crawlers to find pages for their algorithmic search results.

      Search Engine :
      A Web search engine is a search engine designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. Information may consist of web pages, images and other types of files. Some search engines also mine data available in newsbooks, databases, or open directories. Unlike Web directories, which are maintained by human editors, search engines operate algorithmically or are a mixture of algorithmic and human input.

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  15. Sumeet khurana Reply

    Search Engine Optimization? Tell me please best method to improve my ranking on Google after Panda Update

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    • Hi,
      Best search engine optimization tips
      To get rapidly top ranking in search engine result you must need to optimize your website. Today for all of you I am providing some best search engine optimization tips.

      1. Focus on 5-20 main/related keywords under your entire Website.

      Example: suppose my website keyword "link building resource" now I should keep this keyword many other page in my website.

      2. Style your keywords. That means which one is your targeted keyword try to keep that keyword bold, and italic tags throughout your Web pages.

      Example: you can see this article targeted keyword is "Best search engine optimization tips" that's why I did bold and italic that keyword in second line of this article. This is called style of keyword.

      3. Link out. Search engines give more importance to Websites that link to other related sites, especially if they're local to your city or state, or industry.

      Example: suppose if I give one link to SEO learning related other website Top 10 Best SEO learning website . This is called link out.
      For more information…see this..

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  16. Ramy Reply

    What’s The Difference Between Search Engine And SEO? Search engine optimization?

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    • Search engine optimization (SEO) :
      Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results, or the higher it “ranks,” the more searchers will visit that site. The leading search engines, Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft, use crawlers to find pages for their algorithmic search results.

      Search Engine :
      A Web search engine is a search engine designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. Information may consist of web pages, images and other types of files. Some search engines also mine data available in newsbooks, databases, or open directories. Unlike Web directories, which are maintained by human editors, search engines operate algorithmically or are a mixture of algorithmic and human input.

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  17. Navi Reply

    Yahoo Search Engine? I am CEO of Site. How can I increase its page ranking in Yahoo Search Engine?

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    • You can first try and increase your rankings in other search engines. provides its api to many other search engines around the world, so if you get listed in its index, it means your site woudl show up on many big search engines querying dhoondho for results…..

      I suggets this approach…very helpful in increasing hits…

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  18. SEO Books will be outdated very quickly. Your best source is to first have an excellent understanding of web development, html, asp, design concepts and design standards.

    You need to take online courses. These can be expensive from the top online schools but worth it in the end. You need to sign up fro the best feeds, ezines, forums that are online.

    You need to be familiar with Google webmaster guidelines, ppc, link building, sem and social networking.

    You have to know how to market yourself as a professional. You best bet is after training find a mentor who can guide you and teach you the ropes.

    Learn how to search for what you are looking for as well. If you want to do SEO and SEM, then know how to find best information online. There are many and what I feel is best you may not based on your time, budgets and so on. So do some heavy research and reading as that will help you grow as well.

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