Search Engine Spiders – Your Success

Search Engine Spiders - Your Success

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SEO Tips To Ensure You Have The Best Chance Of Success

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Search engine optimization is crucial for succeeding with your website. If your website is not ranked high with the search engines, no one will know you exist. Therefore, make use of the great tips outlined below to ensure you are maximizing your SEO efforts.


First and most importantly, you should ensure you write great content. If your content is not relevant to your website, search engine spiders will pick up on it. This will result in your website being pulled off the search engine results list. Not only should your content be relevant, but it should also be of high quality. Posting poor content that is relevant may result in you achieving a higher search engine ranking for the short term; however, your visitors will not be pleased. Achieving more satisfied visitors and converting them to customers is the whole purpose of search engine optimization.

Engine Optimization Campaign

Aim to obtain inbound links to these sites. These links will demonstrSEOate to the search engines that your website is worthy of being high in the search engine results; therefore, they will increase your ranking. You can obtain more inbound links by being active on other websites. Talk to the website owners and link to them. In return, they may reciprocate the favor. Keep in mind that the quality of links is more important that the quantity of links. It is better to have fewer high-quality links than more low-quality links. Therefore, be selective of which websites you choose to link with.


All the pages of your website should contain excellent keywords. Avoid using the same keywords for every page because this reduces your opportunities. By using different keywords, you can maximize your opportunities to rank high on the search engines.

Redirection Urls

Avoid stuffing your text with keywords. Although your natural instinct is to do this in order to have the best chance of ranking high, you are actually hurting yourself rather than helping. This is because search engine spiders will recognize that you are attempting to stuff as many keywords as possible; as a result, your website will be downgraded rather than upgraded.


Do not forget to use keywords in your images and videos. Many website owners will focus on putting keywords in their text and meta description tags; however, your images and videos are important components of your website. Therefore, it only makes sense that you optimize them by including high-quality keywords in them.

Search Engine Spiders - Success

Provide a site map on your website. The site map is virtually a map of every page on your website. This helps both search engine spiders and your visitors navigate, resulting in a higher search engine ranking and more pleased visitors.

Search Engines

Finally, continue to work hard on optimizing your website on a daily basis. Achieving the highest possible rank is not something you can expect to work on occasionally. You must work really hard, especially the first couple of months, in order to have the best chance of success.

Search Volumes

If you hope to have success with your website, search engine optimization is key. Make use of these great tips so that you can succeed in achieving a high search engine ranking, leading to success.

Many readers have given us feedback to say they are going to tackle their the subject in a very different way as a result. Will you?

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26 Responses to “Search Engine Spiders – Your Success”

  1. Dons Reply

    I Would Like To Start An SEO Search Engine Optimization Service Business.? Some of my colleague in my business circle is requesting me to optimize their website so it will bring them more customer traffic, Can any one teach me how i can become a professional search engine optimization specialist so i can optimize websites for a professional fee on a monthly basis.

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    • I think you should follow SEOmoz and marketing pilgrims, seoconfs. These websites are the best place where you can study, implement and meet the objective.

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  2. :D Reply

    How Do I Delete My Questions (resolved/unresolved) Or Search Engine Results? Help! When my name is googled, everyone can see my yahoo answers activity, including my profile and every question I’ve asked! I need privacy, and this is creating some problems for me. I have an alias name for my account, but this isn’t enough, people can find my alias just by googling my name. I don’t want anything to show on the search engine as a result. I’ve been unable to delete my questions as well through account settings… This is a huge problem. What to do?

    Thanks everyone!

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    • You can only delete open questions yourself via the Edit button.

      Resolved questions with a best answer and undecided questions in voting cannot be deleted by users and go into a database that can be used for searching. They can only be deleted by Yahoo!.

      The deletion of resolved questions with a best answer and the deletion of undecided questions in voting are covered by the Yahoo! Answers Team in

      Unfortunately, Yahoo! cannot delete anything that has ended up in Google and/or other websites so you need to be very careful what you post in Y!A as you never know where it might end up. Q & A can be poached from the Y!A Main Board by other websites.

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  3. Dondra Reply

    What Is The Best International Web Site For Earn Money? I have tried and now fed up of visiting and registering at scam sites. Most of the famous sites and sites come first in search engine results are scam. I tried paid to read, paid to sign up, surveys but none of the sites paid as they narrate at the beginning. If I find any good sites they are limited to USA, UK and few countries. Do you have any site which pays higher except those scam PTR, PTC or books and CDs on google ad revenue boosters?

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    • I keep reading on YA on so many people looking for ways to earn money by web site, phone, out of their home or wherever. So I did a lot of research, investigations, and what have you not and created a blog on my yahoo 360 page on home based business opportunities for both online as well as off line businesses which is the best way to earn money. Working for someone else either out of your home or someplace else, your looking at minimum wage or low income pay. After taxes, your take home then becomes below minimum wage or at minimum wage earnings which isn’t a sufficient amount of money.
      My blog has a lot of information on scams and what to look for, information on various high income opportunities that are international businesses, information on businesses and the bbb as well as a variety of a few other things you should read on and learn about.

      If you have any questions on my blog, feel free to contact me at

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  4. Philip Baktharaj Reply

    How Can I Add My Blog In Search Engine’s Results? When a particular information is searched in search engine, and my blog has that information, my blog address must be found in search results.

    Please provide some tips and useful guides to find my blog in search engine’s results.

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    • You can use our free tools to submit your blogs to search engines. You will also have the access to other tools that will help you optimize your website

      Free SEO Tools at Profitmo

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  5. Ilovecats Reply

    When Sharing A Wireless Connection, Can Someone Else See My Internet Activities? I mean things like search engine results, history of websites I’ve visited, and private emails. How easy is it for another person to spy on these things if I’m sharing wireless at a coffee shop or something?

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    • If someone was savvy enough, I would be more worried about my files on my computer then my search history. You can secure your home network, but unfortunately, most public places are unsecured. I wouldn’t worry about being spied on at a coffee shop. It can be done, but your average user is not capable of doing it.

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  6. Bananas Reply

    What Is A Search Engine That Gives Only “.org” Results.? I have to do a project for school, and the websites we can use can only en with .org .gov and .edu NO “.COM” (darn it)

    So my question is: are there any search engines that only give you results in .org .gov. or .edu

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    • When you do your search, you can specify the ending you want to come up first. For example, if I was searching for Immigration law, but I wanted only sites that ended in .org or .gov, I could type in the search bar: “Immigration Law – .org, .gov” and it will filter the searcresults to put those ones first

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  7. The Bible (gives Hope) Reply

    How Can I Build A Search Engine From Scratch? What if I have an idea that will make Google look like a waste of time? What are the first steps in making a search engine? Obviously this is a HUGE undertaking, but what could I do to make a proof of concept site? Any tools, or suggestions? BTW I just program Visual Basic as a hobby, so this search engine is not better technology, just a better concept BY FAR.

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    • Search Engine elements include input from a user, a listing of websites, and a method to provide results based on input from the listing. So to build a search engine from scratch, you will need a user interface webpage to collect the search input (that will be the easy part); you will need to populate listings of websites (google uses crawler servers to search the web and create the listing); finally you’ll need to code a search method to connect the two.

      This could be very coding intensive if you start from scratch and can be coded in several different languages. If you are truly wanting to just make a proof of concept for a search method, then you can skip the biggest element, populating a listing, and just hard create a listing for demonstration puproses.

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  8. KiKi Reply

    How Do You Avoid Wikipedia From Appearing In Your Search Engine Results? How do you avoid wikipedia from appearing in your search engine results??? I can’t stand wikipedia, everytime I type in a word to get a simple definition, wikipedia comes up! There has got to be an option to get rid of this problem.

    I would prefer to not have to type anything extra, I just want an option to permanently get rid of it. Is there option on yahoo, that you know of, that allows this? it’s really annoying.
    I only use yahoo’s search. I hate google.

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    • It really depends on your search engine. You should be able to customize your search results.

      Let’s say you’re using Google’s search engine.
      There is a feature called iGoogle (if I’m not mistaken) which lets you customise your search results.
      Right, you’re using Yahoo! search. I’ve experimented it and there is a link called “Manage Settings” but It doesn’t seem to work really well. Just give it a try.

      1) Search anything from or your toolbar

      2) The search results should come out. At the topmost part of the page, there should be the Yahoo! bar thingy. Click “Customise” (Right of the search bar) and there should be a drop down menu.

      3) Click on “Manage Settings”

      4) There should be a list of things in the search preferences you can remove. Try removing Wikipedia.

      So that should be how you do it but Wikipedia still shows up in some of my searches.

      In that case, your only choice would be to add “-wikipedia” in your searches.

      Let’s say you are searching for “Sports”.
      Type in your search:

      Sports -wikipedia

      That should do the trick. I’m sorry if that wouldn’t work for you because you said you’d prefer not to type anything extra.

      Good luck.

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  9. Martin.skovan Reply

    Which Search Engine Gives The Most Accurate Results? Which search engine is the best in guessing what I’m searching for?

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    • Accurate results is a relative term. All search engines “stack the deck,” with sponsoring sites.

      Additionally, junk sites (porn, etc) will enter common search criteria and add that data into the tags used to compile searches. Eventually, those junk sites filter into the upper results for the search engines.

      For one site, which lists “top searches,” if you page to the second page, usually half of those listed are such junk sites, and by page 4, almost all are such.

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  10. Ricky2609 Reply

    Search Engines? How can you get your web site listed on the firs page of a search engine I.E yahoo,google. how exactly does it work getting there

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    • Have to pay dont you

      this might help
      If you are like most people, you will spend countless hours trying to BuildTraffic to your website. Did you know that over 80% of website traffic is the result of search engines? If you want to increase the number of visitors to your website it is crucial that you have a top search engine position. As you may already know, getting a good search engine ranking is next to impossible without optimization. Just submitting your website to the search engines will not get you a top search engine ranking. You also need to properly optimize your website in order to increase your search engine ranking. Once you have achieved a good search engine position only then will you start to see thousands of people visiting your website each and every day

      came to edit also found this on here

      You should have a short and long term marketing goal for your website.
      Short term must be immediate traffic and long term must focus on search engine optimization.

      Immediate traffic is achieved by activity in forums and writing articles about your services/products. Your articles must obviously be of high quality and optimized with the necessary keywords which will attract readers. If your articles are very good then other webmasters may link to them creating extra traffic and backlinks to your website. Going back to the forums, you should be active in forums which are related to your website. Make sure to insert links to your site wherever possible without making it look spammy. These links also create backlinks to your website which again help your PR.

      Successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will provide high unpaid search engine rankings which will provide you with targeted traffic. SEO holds a lot of value on targeted backlinks and original quality content. This takes time and patience but you will be rewarded if you update your site regularly with quality information.

      Other tips:
      – Optimize your Meta Tag Title, Keywords and Description.
      – Start a blog and register it at Technorati.
      – Keep site updated with new tools and resources for your visitors, you’ll notice they’ll keep coming back for more.
      – Get Google Analytics to track your visitors and site’s performance.


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  11. PRIANSU Reply

    How To Delete My Name & Personal Information From Yahoo / MSN & Other Search Engine Result? How can I delete my name & personal details from Yahoo Search Engine/MSN Results?
    In Google there is a option – ”

    But in Yahoo / MSN / or in Other Search Engines – is there any option for it????

    And Please Mind my Question Carefully
    I want to delete my name & Personal info. from Yahoo / MSN & other Search engines, so I need the tips or methods to perform this action.

    ### Please don’t say me the methods – how to delete Results from my browser history! I know this all.

    Just tell me – How to delete my name & info from Search Engines like Yahoo / MSN etc etc, so anyone throughout this World can’t see my name & my personal details in near future from this Search Engines????

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    • Hi –

      Yahoo! Search reflects content throughout the Internet and is built from billions of documents on websites around the world. Our primary goal is to provide quick, intuitive access to the wide variety of information available on the Web. The search results you see are links to content that has originally been published elsewhere.

      If a website has published your personal information or incorrect information about you, you should contact the site owner or site content provider to have that information corrected. Yahoo! does not control and is not responsible for such content.

      After the site has removed or corrected the published content, the information in the search database is corrected by normal content refresh processes. You might still see the pages listed in the database for some time after the site content or control documents are changed. The changes take effect in the search database when the information is updated in our next refresh cycle. On average, this takes place more than once a month.

      Hope this helps!

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  12. Sincere12_26 Reply

    I Need A Better XP Search Engine? I’ve just tried two simple words I KNOW are on my computer and I get zilch. I’d like to have a boolean search as well.
    Do you know how I can get one?
    And don’t say “google” – they’re up to something bad over there in China!

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  13. YahooDeana Reply

    WordPress Not Effective In Search Engine Results? A friend who does SEO told me WordPress sites don’t rank well in search engine results.
    Anyone know if this is true?

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    • Completely not true!

      Here’s why: Look at some of the largest websites on the web and you’ll see tons of them running WordPress. Shoot, look at – which gets an estimated 500,000+ visits from search engines / month according to SimilarWeb..

      What matters most if the content on your site. Make sure that you use 100% unique and helpful content. Write articles that answer and potential reader’s questions. If you do decide to run WordPress, I would suggest using the Yoast SEO plugin. It’s free and is extremely useful when it gets down to the nitty gritty SEO details.

      Hope that helped!

      -Vinny Polston

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