Card Stock Paper

Card Stock Paper

Anyone can hang a shingle and claim to be in business, but you aren’t truly a professional until you have a paid client under your belt. Finding a client who will pay you to create their website can be hard if you don’t know where to look. This article will guide you through the process so that you can easily find someone who needs your help, for a fee, of course.

Best Way To Find A Job

The best place to let others know that you are available as a web designer can be Craigslist. While local classifieds only reach out to businesses near you, Craigslist is available to the entire world. You can work online, so you should be open to clients in any country, as long as you speak the language. You never know who you might find, so post an ad, be sure to follow the rules and protect your identity, and wait to see what happens.


Networking is the best way to find a job in any field, and web desiWeb Designgn is no different. Your friends and family may need a website themselves, or they may know someone who does. Even your doctor, dentist, grocery store operator or local pizza joint may want a website, so be sure to let everyone you encounter know that you are available as a web designer. In fact, you may even be able to barter services in trade for what they have to offer you.

Business Card Stock

The best way to get the word out when you bump into people is by giving them your business card. There are many templates online, even specific to web designers, which you can easily print off on business card stock paper. Include your name, email address, portfolio URL and phone number, and a brief blurb about what your skill set is. If you can do flash, JavaScript programming, or have a graphic design degree, publish it on your card.


Stay on top of the latest with web design, even when you are first starting out. If you can let people know that you can provide them with the most up to date technologies, they are likely to choose you over the competition. You should understand social media, search engine optimization techniques and even marketing techniques. If you can give them the whole package, from website design to content creation to creating social media accounts to publishing their newsletter to using other online marketing techniques, you will be able to make thousands off each client by doing all of their online work for them. The more comprehensive your knowledge, the better the service you can offer those who would like to potentially hire you down the road.

Card Stock Paper

Now that you know how to find a client, all you have to do is get out there and locate someone who requires your services. Use each tip in this article to be sure you check everywhere you need to look. Soon enough, you’ll be able to finance your life through your web design work.

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20 Responses to “Card Stock Paper”

  1. Scott Reply

    What Qualifications Do A Need To Work In A Graphic Design Department At A College? I currently work as a graphic designer but would like to work at a college (in graphic design) some day in the future. If anyone knows the best way for me to achieve this please share :)

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    • The key responsibilities of a graphic design instructor are:
      1. Conceives ideas, concepts, and campaigns; designs, produces, works with others and coordinates in
      the creation of multifaceted communication materials in print, and other mediums for a variety of
      instructional, promotional, development, and recruitment projects.
      2. Works with project managers and team members to provide professional recommendations for
      concept, design, art direction, production, print buying, and monitors quality control.
      3. Defines design criteria; develops concept and direction; proposes, directs and creates art and
      4. Operates a computer or uses traditional techniques for a variety of graphic design activities, including
      desktop publishing and layout, production, illustration, and prepress file preparation.
      5. Creates and develops media using digital art and photographic techniques.
      6. Monitors and tracks production projects to ensure proper and timely completion using Filemaker Pro;
      works with outside vendors to meet production deadlines.
      7. Responsible for print and prepress service specifications, purchasing, approvals and quality control.
      8. Selects and purchases graphic and photographic supplies.
      9. Maintains equipment and supply inventory; maintains accurate files and records.
      10. Contributes to the editorial development of projects.
      11. Supervises, trains, and directs the work of student assistants.

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  2. SelfGirl35 Reply

    What Classes Does A Beginner Need To Take To Learn Graphic Design? What classes are best if you are just beginning graphic design classes? Photoshop, INdesign, Illustrator? Should more focus be on Adobe Photoshop or should a bit of all be taken?

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    • If you’re going to college for graphic design I wouldn’t worry about it because each college has specific classes you HAVE to take in order to earn the degree, and there will be software classes in there at some point.

      In general, you want to get some experience in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. If you’re thinking you’re gonna want to go into print design, than focus more on InDesign and Photoshop. If web and multimedia is more your thing than concentrate on Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash.

      Most employers will want you to at least be competent in those first three though.

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  3. Anonymous Reply

    What Does A Freelance Web Designer Absolutely Need To Know In Order To Be Successful? I am thinking about pursuing a career in web design. I learned there was a huge difference in web design and web development. I’ve studied the design aspect for a while now and I really want to know what is essential to be a successful freelance web designer. So far, I’m comfortable with HTML/CSS, Photoshop, and a tiny bit of Flash…is it necessary to know PHP and other coding languages in order to build a website? And while I’m at it, what is the difference between HTML and other languages?

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    • Hi!

      Well it seems obvious to me to know at least a little bit of PHP and/or ASP in order to develop a website.
      There is not only the design part of it, but the functional part (process of forms, retrieve data from a database, etc).
      You can always use CMS’s like joomla for instance and just create a web design for it but you should at least know how it works and be able to adapt the code if necessary.

      Concerning the difference between HTLM and other languages, well, it depends which ones! ^^
      (X)HTML is a front-end language that will be interpreted by the browser to render the visible content of the page. CSS is also a front-end language, it handles styles.
      For instance, php is a back-end language, it will process information on the server side.

      So you will definitely need php if you want to create a website from scratch.
      Or you can find an associate that will do the programming and you will do the design.

      Otherwise, you can only dedicate your work to web design (banners, logos, etc).

      I am a bit in the opposite situation as you are. I am a developer and don’t know well about design (I’m a beginner). So, if you feel interested in exchanging experience, contact me :-)

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  4. New Yorker Reply

    What Career Can Be Mixed With Fashion, Graphic Design, And Photography? I like fashion, graphic design, and taking photographs. How can I combine all three together and make it as a career?

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    • Well, you could pick the clothes for models, take the pictures of them, and once the pics are taken, you can edit them (graphic design)

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  5. Kiaira Reply

    How To Get Into Entry Level Graphic Designing? My friend really wants to get into graphic designing. He has a Bachelors in studio art and a lot of experience in IT and is really VERY talented. What’s the best thing he can do to make himself more marketable and emerge into the world of graphic design? What are the best positions for an entry level graphic designer or something up that alley?

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    • Hi Kiaira,

      I have to disagree with ‘Go with the flow’s comment above.

      Graphic design is a prosperous industry, and for someone who is talented or at least cares about their work there is great opportunity. This is mainly because the industry is saturated by amateurs. But rest assured if your friend is good, he will easily out shine the competition.

      The best thing to do is to do some graphic design work for his portfolio. It’s important to realise the difference between art and design, his designs always need to have an express purpose and do a job. So do some designs based on a company, offer it to a real company for free or simply make one up. Do a corporate identity for them, with fonts, colour pallets, logo etc, and print stuff business card, letterhead, and some web stuff, email banner, basic web layout etc. Show all of your ideas and how you got there, especially with the basics like logo, colours and fonts. If they see you have chosen blue, they might think that’s a nice blue or they might think that’s a horrible blue, that’s personal. But if you show in your portfolio that the reason you chose blue was be because they they deal in holidays and blue reminds people of good weather, then a potential client or employer will see you have a deep thought process in your work.

      I’m not gonna ramble on any more, but I would recommend frequenting websites like and to see what other people are doing and get a good idea of what is good and bad design.

      I would also recommend looking at how some other profession designers layout their work showcase

      and how they layout their process

      Hope this helps :)

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  6. Sdishan Reply

    Web Designer/developer Jobs For Immigrants In Canada? I found this guide on finding web designer/developer jobs in BC for immigrants.

    I found that very few companies can hire immigrants, there is unemployment in Canada and many Canadians have university degrees. Is there a shortage of qualified Canadians in that profession? and is it possible to find such job for an immigrant?

    How many years of experience does an immigrant need to be qualified? What are the best provinces in Canada to find Web designer/developer jobs for immigrants ?

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  7. MsMolly Reply

    Graphic Design Materials? I enjoy using Photoshop to create graphic designs, but when I see other people’s work, they seem to have many illustrations invloved…did they use a digital tablet or scan their drawings…or just copy the pictures from the internet?
    And also, what programs and materials do you use for digital art or graphic design?

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    • Graphic design and illustration are related but not necessarily the same thing. There are many excellent illustrators who are not working in graphic design. Graphic design can include anything from posters and album art to advertising, and into web design and so on.

      Photoshop is only one tool that graphic designers and illustrators may use. Illustrator is also used, and for many aspects of graphic design is the better tool. For example, if you are producing a logo to be used on a variety of materials, from business cards to letterhead, to brochures, to billboard sized ads, you would want to use Illustrator because it is a vector program (Photoshop is a raster program), and vectors can be resized without loss of quality, while raster images cannot.

      Many digital artists (graphic designers, etc.) use a graphic tablet because it gives you more flexibility and control over what you do.

      Many digital artists also start out with “traditional” materials: pen or pencil and paper, watercolors, etc. They may work up a good quality rough in these materials, then scan them in using a scanner to digitize the image, and then go on to work on the digital version using Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Many, if not most, good artists will work up a series of thumbnail sketches first, to play with concepts and ideas, before they go on to more finished work. There can be many steps from original idea to final image.

      Hopefully the good art you are seeing does NOT involve copying the pictures from the Internet. For one thing, if someone does this and represents that image as their own, they are breaching copyright.

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  8. Lily Reply

    What Is The Difference Between Advertising Design, And Graphic Design? Im applying to OTIS, and i need to know the difference between advertising design, and graphic design, i know that you work more with computers with graphic design, im just not sure about the content/premise for which graphic design/advertising design is used? is advertising design strictly commercials/ads?, and graphic design strictly web pages/logos/cd covers? can graphic design be used for commercial advertisements too?
    also, wat can i do career-wise with an AA in graphic design? a BFA in graphic design??
    PLEASE please help!! 0.0

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    • Graphic Design is a broad field while advertising design is concerned with advertising. This may involve the use of graphic design in the creation of an advertisement. Just as in web design, graphic design would play a part for creating websites.

      Also keep in mind, there will be aspects in advertising design that go into other areas besides graphic design just as it happens when creating websites.

      There are many avenues open for graphic designers, advertising as you mentioned above is one of them, web design is another, print design is yet another area and there are many others.

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  9. Belldandy088 Reply

    Question For Any Graphic Artists/anyone Who Knows About Graphic Art/design? I am looking to study Graphic Design but am wondering on what to expect? Is graphic design hard? What do the school’s expect? What jobs do graphic designers do? Any other information would be greatly appreciated

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    • Graphic design can be hard, yes. If you’re working commercially, there will always be projects that you don’t get a “feel” for. It can also be incredibly fun, as it’s one of those jobs you can really enjoy.

      Schools usually expect some previous art experience in high school, but it isn’t mandatory to making graphic design your major. You’ll be taking a lot of art classes, and if you’re planning on going into web design, you’ll be taking a lot of computer classes, as well, along with marketing and core classes.

      Graphic designers can mean web design, package design, poster design, advertisement design, etc. There are many different facets of design that you can specialize in.

      However, a fair warning, the graphic design job market is incredibly saturated. A lot of people who go to school for graphic design end up with a job that doesn’t utilize their degree or experience in the field.

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  10. Chri Reply

    Graphic Design And Biology Double Major? Alright, so I am currently a nursing student, and I absolutely hate it. My heart is with design, and I love science also. If graphic designing happened to not work out, my thought is that since I will have the bio degree, I can still follow the pre-professional track, allowing me to continue on to the grad school of choice (physical therapy has always interested me a bit). Don’t bring up pay, I want to go for graphic design because I am in love with design, not because it pays amazingly. My parents brought up the bio degree as a second choice since graphic design is so competitive. So the overall question is, would this be a smart choice? or should I just shoot for my dream?

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    • Graphic design is a very competitive field, but you will have a huge advantage if you stick with the double major. The pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies, hospitals, etc. are HUGE consumers of graphic design and marketing. They turn out an incredible amount of training and sales literature, and they look for (and pay generously) any designers who understand and can illustrate their products, medicine, and biology in general. So I think you would be smart to keep both if you can. Education is never a waste, and the medical training is definitely going to be a huge benefit to you later on down the line. You can tap a huge profitable market that’s closed to many other designers.

      On a somewhat related note, designers are stereotyped as flakes sometimes. Having a science degree shows you have drive, focus and intelligence, and larger agencies will see that as a huge bonus when making a decision on who to hire.

      Plus someday you may be completely burned out on design and want the stability that comes with working in medicine. It’s good to have that option.

      I’ve been a designer / prepress tech for 15 years and I’ve worked with GSK, Pfizer, Wyeth Labs, and many others over the years, so I have some insight into this stuff.

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