Color Wheels

Color Wheels

Websites are a dime a dozen and most are ugly, hard to get around or have no engaging content. Only those which have been created by a designer who truly cares about their craft stand out from the rest. Be it a site for a large corporation, a non-profit organization or even a personal blog, effort shows through. Continue reading to find out where you should put your effort to ensure that your website is truly the cream of the crop.


What do you want your website to do? You need to know its theme or niche, who it is to cater to and what it needs to accomplish. For example, you may want a website which sells hats with sports teams’ logos on them, focused towards teenage and 20-something males, and you want to make enough money to live on. This is a detailed statement which allows you to easily build a website to meet those standards. “I want to sell stuff online” just doesn’t provide the detail you need to begin planning.

Color Palette

Most people find tWeb Designhat a quick draft on paper is the easiest way to determine a layout. Remember that web surfers are used to menus at the top, left or bottom, and if you mess around with their expectations, they may not stay on your website for long. A logo or masthead at the top is another expectation, and some sort of contact information has to be available from the front page, even if it is just a link to a “contact us” page.

Color Wheels

Now you need to create a color palette for your site. If you already have a logo, it is best to integrate its colors into your site design with one or two contrasting colors. You can find color wheels online so that you know which colors would look best. If you don’t have a logo yet, remember that the colors you choose will be associated with your site, so you should make use of them not only on the site itself, but your social media accounts, any paper advertising you do, etc.

Contrasting Colors

Lastly, you need to find a web host. The reason this should be done last is that you won’t know how much space, bandwidth or other features you need until your website is built. From hard drive space to the ability to stream video, you have to be able to provide all the details of what your website will use to hosts to get an accurate quote. In fact, some hosts might not even offer the ability to host your site due to the programming language you used or its expected popularity. Shop around and compare your options until you find an affordable, reliable choice.

Cream Of The Crop

With these tips at the ready, you should start creating a plan for your website. Go through them one by one until you know what steps you need to take. Once you begin, you will find the process is easy and it gets you to your goals in a hurry. Your resulting website will be the best of the best, and you will be proud of your efforts.

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  1. Reply

    Does Anyone Know A Website With A Color Wheel For Picking Out Horse Tack? I have a buckskin mare and i need a website with a horse tack color wheel.please do not tell me your suggestion of what color tack just the website please!

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  2. Annissa Rodriguez Reply

    What Are Some Fun Yet Somewhat Easy Science Projects For 8th Grade? I’m in 8th grade and need to do a science project by next month. I have looked at many websites but haven’t found anything that interest me. No volcanoes or anything like that, if you have any ideas that will help me a lot.

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    • Try typing “plastic in the oceans” in your search engine for a vast topic that a lot of people don’t know a lot about. From this, you could show how plastic litter goes from your local road sides to local water ways and then out to the ocean in a diagram/chart. Then you could show some typical problematic plastics for some hands on: sand or dirt with colored plastic particles in it; “6-pack” soda bottle rings and some stuffed toys to demonstrate how they can become choke collars; a tub of water with plastic particles floating on top and a scoop to depict how surface feeders like many whales pick up plastics. Use a picture, some stats, and a description of the problem at each hands-on demonstration. Use another poster board to depict the types of problems like chemical break down of the plastics, the mid-Pacific garbage heap, and other things to further demonstrate what the problems and issues are. Put up a third poster board about what you, I, and every one else can do (like pick up plastic litter, cut up rings, reduce plastic use) to help alleviate these problems.

      Define diabetes terms (i.e. What are Type I, Type II, hyperglycemic versus hypoglycemic, and Metabolic Syndrome). Define and depict the difference between a lack of insulin cells versus poorly performing insulin cells versus insulin resistance. List things like symptoms, potential complications, and correlations. – This one would be primarily a series of poster boards.

      Do you have access to a hot wheels set? Find the 5 forms of energy (or stick with a couple of basics) and discover which a couple of hot wheels and some track are using. Label your set with the name of the energy being used at each point (i.e. at rest a the top of a slope, you have potential energy) as the car goes down the slope, its potential energy converts to …, when it crashes into the car at the bottom of the slope…., and so on.) Depending upon your time, research, effort, and knowledge you could include some “rules of energy” like “Energy never atrophies, it simply changes form”, some equations, and so on in accompanying poster board presentations. – Still the primary project is to depict, using the hot wheels set (or some cars and boards/boxes) exactly which type of energy is being used at each point along the track/path.

      Some facts about gasses….Show what a gas is and some sample gas temperature points like water versus dry ice. Show how/why helium gas escapes out the porous sides of late balloons and why “Stay Float” is used by many places that blow up balloons. Show how and why a latex balloon explodes when put in a hot car in the summer, deflates when taken outdoors in the winter. Show how and why the ribbon “tails” help to keep a latex balloon weight on the ground. There is a lot of chemistry and physics in the helium balloon industry.

      How about the force, weight, and solvent power of water. Water is called the universal solvent; how, why, when, and where is it used in nature, biology, and industry? Water can carry a tremendous amount of energy and does so in industry, in water ways, under the soil’s surface, and else where; where, how, and why. When water is added to dry substances, their weight increases dramatically. For a hand’s on portion, have containers (i.e. cut down milk jugs with their handles in tact) to compare dry soil, wet soil, and supersaturated soil; flour; or other items) of dry and wet substances to compare the weight difference. (Also, check out a wet board versus a dry board). If you want, there are reference books out there that give numbers on comparative weights of a number of substances based upon moisture content.)

      These are just some ideas. Look around your environment and ask some very basic questions. Then, check them out in your search engine on the internet like: “Why is grass green?”, “Why is the sky blue?”, and so on. Most of these questions have science based answers and with the internet, finding their answers are all the easier. Another tactic to take is to go to the local library to look in he section with science books for kids as the concepts are brought down into easy to understand wording complete with examples and/or expierments; also check out the section aimed at telling teachers how to teach and demonstrate science topics and concepts.

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  3. Sherri Reply

    Distinguish Between Tints, Tones, And Shades. How Does Each Color Modification Change The Original Color’s Val? Distinguish between tints, tones, and shades. How does each color modification change the original color’s value and saturation? In what design situations would you use each of these color modifications?

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    • HUES
      These are the purest and brightest colors. They form the full spectrum of colors which progress around the Primary Color Wheel in gradual increments.
      These color schemes are bold, cheerful and exciting. They would be great in a child’s playroom or for in-your-face advertising.

      A Tint is sometimes called a Pastel. It’s simply any color with white added.
      A color scheme using Tints is soft, youthful and soothing. Tints would work well in in a girl’s room or for a website targeted to women.

      A Shade is simply any color with black added.
      Shades are deep, powerful and mysterious. They work well in a masculine environment and are best used as dark accents.

      A Tone is created by adding both White and Black. Any color that is “greyed down” is considered a Tone.
      Tones are somehow more pleasing to the eye. They are complex, subtle and sophisticated. They’re the best choice for most interior decorating and work well in almost any Color Scheme.

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  4. Spiggadies Reply

    Do I Need To Replace My Color Wheel In My Samsung HLR6167w DLP Tv? Last night, my tv made a sort of thudding noise, and now it makes an extremely loud buzzing noise whenever it is on, and the picture/color is distorted. Most websites say that it is the color wheel that needs replcaed, but I want to be sure. Has anyone had a similar problem?

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    • It does sound like your color wheel broke. You can open the back of your tv and look at the bottom of the tv case, if you see pieces of colored glass, that tells you for sure that your color wheel broke. Sometimes they malfunction without actually shattering, but they most often shatter.

      So check that out and it should give you the answer.

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  5. Anonymous Reply

    Would Anyone Happen To Know How To Add A Color Wheel To A Business Website? I am trying to design a website but need to give my prospective customers a selection of color. I have seen this on many websites but can not seem to figure out how to get it on mine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Yes yes yes. Thanks

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  6. *Lawliet** Reply

    Does These Two Colors Look Good Together On Braces? I’m not getting braces until my last two adult teeth are done growing but it’ll be VERY soon. And I was choosing which colors I want. I’m currently deciding to pick my two favorite colors(green/orange). On this color wheel for braces(website down below) I’m deciding to choose “Extreme green” and “orange blast”. Is there any other suggestions for colors. I do not want pink, black, gold, red, or a dark purple as colors for my braces. And does it hurt getting braces? My two front teeth are pointing inwards, and my bottom teeth are all jumbled up. Thank You :DD

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    • I just got my braces off (my 2 front teeth were slightly pointing inward) I only had them on for 18 months :)
      They hurt when they get tightened (but only for about 2 days) I just took Tylenol or Advil and it did the trick.
      I started my braces with pink and black
      elastics, and then changed to blue and orange. I always changed the colour to the holiday that is coming up (Halloween, Christmas etc)

      I hope your braces don’t hurt too bad :) and good luck.

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  7. Guesss???? Reply

    How Do Artists Use Colour Schemes? Its for my art class, i cant find the answer on the internet
    also if u cant what are examples of:
    E.Split complementary
    F. Tetrad

    Thanks alot and best answer to most of these questions or a really good answer gets 10 points

    please no rude comments

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  8. Kayceee :) Reply

    I Dont Get The Color Wheel Thing…? Okay.
    so, i’ve heard that the color wheel helps you decide which colors look best on you.
    i’ve tried to figure it out, but i cant! =/
    how can i figure this thing out cuz I wanna know what colors complement me.
    i have hazel eyes, pale (pink undertone) skin, and DARK brown hair with some red and blond highlights (natural) in it.

    help please…?

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  9. Gage L Reply

    Mitsubishi DLP Projector Color Wheels? Hey every body i need to know two things. 1. is there anywhere you can go to buy color wheels for projectors. i mean like a website. i tried eBay and Craig’s list. nothing. and here is my second question. i have the mitsubishi DLP HC3000. and i need to know if i get a color wheel from a used HC1500 or HC3000u will the color wheels still work in mine. because they have the same body and use the same bulb. really need to know, thanks!

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    • For your first question, I suggest you go to Best They have a assortment of different appliances, and parts, eg color wheels. Another one would be There is always a variety of users willing to sell their differing objects for cheap pricees. Office will have some projection color wheels, but there might not be a one for Mitsubishi. Same thing for Staples-I’ve seen printers, and shredders, but there might not be the specific item you are searching for.

      A HC3000u or 1500 will work, if they have the same bulb. However, I’m not so sure about he 1500.

      Hope this helped.

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  10. Mrs C Reply

    Does The Color Of Nail Polish You Ware Mean Anything? I have heard it means different things like how far a girl will go or what she has done with a boy is this true??

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  11. Jessica-leigh Mcdonald Reply

    What Colours Go Together? Can someone tell me lots of colors that go to together i need loads though, if you don’t mind :)

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    • It depends what you want

      contrast: opposites on the color wheel
      ie: red and green, yellow and blue
      violet and purple, red and orange

      these websites explain why certain colors go together…

      good lick!


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  12. Mrs C Reply

    Does The Color Of Nail Polish You Ware Mean Anything? I have heard it means different things like how far a girl will go or what she has done with a boy is this true??

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  13. ♥guitargal♥ Reply

    Vivitek TV Color Wheel Question? I have the Vivitek RP51HD41-A DLP Rear Projection HDTV.

    I need to replace the color wheel. I already removed the back panel of the TV. How do I get to the color wheel tray? Has anyone replaced their color wheel before?

    Please give me details on how to replace it.
    Thank you!

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    • Best to check the manual for doing so ..
      or the company website for dirction..

      Good luck and have a great day ..

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  14. VallieValVal Reply

    I’m Researching Colour Use For My Website? Should I be researching the Yellow-Blue-Red (traditional) colour wheel or the ‘new’ CMYK colour wheel? I think CMYK is more for printing? Thanks for any help!!

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  15. Edwardxbella<3 Reply

    Which Color Scheme Should I Use For My Project? Should I use Monochromatic color scheme, Analogous color scheme,
    Complementary color scheme, Split complementary color scheme,
    Triadic color scheme or..Tetradic (double complementary) color scheme? they are all good. I want you to pick which one is the best!
    Here is a website if you don’t know. I am not sure which one.
    I want one that is like sweet and harmious.idk which.

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    • Okay, they are all equally good in their own right, but each one has their own strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the project guidelines, the fewer colors that you have to work with really narrows it down, if you have to work with like, say 5 or 6 colors, then a tetradic, triadic, and split complimentary wouldn’t rally a good pick because you have to find colors of the same value, tint/shade, and saturation, and that can be a little tricky because color theory is a push, pull sort of business. I myself, would prefer an analogous color scheme because there’s a little flexibility in the matter. The color scheme can be either warm or cool, and based on what you’re trying to convey that can make it a little easier working with colors that are easily close to each other, rather than guessing what color compliments it. Complimentary colors are fine, and just as harmonious as analogous colors, but are still a little tricky to figure out especially if you’re painting whatever you’re working on. If you’re painting, then complimentary colors are definitely harder to achieve considering your medium of choice, this is true of acrylic paints when they dry.

      My pick is analogous. Complimentary comes at a close second.

      Again, I say the more colors involved the higher the difficulty in trying to establish harmony.

      I hope this helps.

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  16. Akamoonpie Reply

    Do You Have A Garden Color Wheel? What color of flowering plant should I plant next to a pink hydragena?

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    • I have used a color wheel before in my garden. I tried going around my yard in a color wheel type fashion, and it looked pretty cool. But we’ve since moved, and now I’m simply using splotches of color here and there.
      As for what would look nice next to a pink blooming hydrangea, you could plant something in color next to it on the wheel, or in the triads, or directly across. Only problem is, I looked up the wheel, and directly across is green. So you’ve already got that in the hydrangea. I would plant some shades of purple under it. Like say, some snapdragons in a maroon or deep red, or some petunias in a deeper shade of pink, some purples and some yellows. Or what about just white, to make that pink in the hydrangea really “pop”?
      Whatever you choose, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it….
      Happy Gardening!

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