Web Design Projects

Web Design Projects

If you are planning to design websites, you need to figure out how to best organize your projects. Web design requires great attention to detail. Each project has its own special needs, and you need to be able to keep your projects organized to avoid any mix-ups. This article will provide you with some tips on how you can manage your web design projects with the greatest efficiency.


When you are working on your web design project, you need to focus your attention on the task at hand. You should have a work area where there are no distractions that can take your attention away from your focus. In web design, even the smallest error can cause your website to not display properly. To minimize frequency of avoidable errors, work in a spot where you can really concentrate. Not only will this help you cut down on mistakes, but it will help you get the job done faster.


It is natural to want to do everything yourself because you waWeb Designnt full control over the look and feel of your website. However, sometimes you may want some functionality in your website that is beyond your expertise, or you may have so many pages to create that you worry you will not be able to finish in time. Even though you are responsible for the projects, that does not mean you have to do every bit of it on your own own. For example, if you have hundreds of images to prepare for the web, that can be extremely time consuming. You may want to consider hiring some help in just prepping and optimizing the images for your website. Even a high school student with some experience in a graphics program can help you with it, so it does not have to cost you that much.

Graphics Program

There project management software that can help you stay on track of timelines that you have to keep. If you are the type that depends on this type of tool to stay organized, then make the most of it. Put in the phases of your website that need to be completed. Estimate how much each phase should take. Check your progress against the timeline to make sure that you staying on track to meet your deadlines.

Management Software

Keep a list of immediate tasks that you have to accomplish everyday. This will keep things moving at a consistent pace. Frequently, you cannot continue with the next step until the previous step is done. Keeping a list will ensure that you get all of your necessary tasks done.

Mix Ups

Avoid working on multiple projects at the same time. This will prevent any mix-ups on tasks that you have to do. It is best to just work on one project at a time to keep things organized.


If you can stay organized, you can get more projects done than you would ever think possible. Follow the tips in the above article to manage your projects in the most efficient manner.

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  1. Blanche B Reply

    Is It Possible To Learn Web Design In A Year? Dreamweaver Preferred? Hi, I have a job that allows PLENTY of downtime to do online learning. I want to give myself from now to July 2008 to learn web design, graphic design, logo design, and stuff like that. If I am able to practice 5 days per week, for 5 hours a day, every week for the next year, would it be possible to obtain the knowledge? I am very interested in designing 1960s retro sites and I don’t feel like spending thousands of dollars at a university as any skills I get will be used on personal projects only. You hear stories about 16 year old web designers so I figured I may have a shot too. ANd how much would I have to spend on buying software like Dreamweaver, and graphic design software?

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    • You can pick up a lot in a year. What you really need to do is a lot of reading and analyzing. It sounds easy, but the general populace seems incapable of even heading over to Google; just take a look at the lot of computer questions we get.

      Good web design skills don’t come down to who has the most cash and the best software. It comes down to who has the best knowledge and best creativity. You can do web design without nothing more than a decent computer. All the software you need is free. (You need a standards compliant web browser and a plain text editor.)

      There’s a lot of bad advice out there. That’s because there’s a lot of bad designers out there. I have a hard time finding designers who I will hire, because there’s so many incompetent ones to weed out. I’ll spend some words debunking some of that advice.

      The first is the “learn Dreamweaver and you’re set” approach. Do you really think learning Dreamweaver makes you a web designer? It’s a tool. It’s like claiming because you know how to use a hammer, you are a master carpenter. Wysiwyg mode in Dreamweaver is an aid to those who can’t web design. If you really want to be a web designer, you need to understand how HTML works, how CSS works, and be able to write appropriate code. Without dreamweaver. If you can’t function at all without Dreamweaver, you haven’t learned web designing. You just learned how to cover your ignorance with an expensive tool.

      The other approach is “head over to w3schools” or “head over to this one site”. If your knowledge comes from one site only, you have learnt nothing. Just trying to analyze other people’s code and various CSS hacks means you’ll spend time on countless websites looking at their source code.

      So what should you do? I’ll point you to a collection of links: http://www.alvit.de/handbook/ . You’ll have to learn HTML and CSS. And the various buzzwords. Read various web designer sites. 456bereastreet, A List Apart, and mezzoblue are definite reads. They have a lot of articles that are important reading. Spend some time understanding the value of semantic HTML. Place emphasis on understanding web standards. Learn how to use CSS properly. Look at other good CSS websites, found via CSS galleries. Study their code. And read. There’s a lot of knowledge to absorb.

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  2. Anonymous Reply

    What Is The Biggest Website Design And Devloper Company? I am trying to make a website that is a huge project and I really want a big company to do my work. After looking through the internet it seems like their is not ONE big company that is the leader for web design and development.

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    • If there was one enormous company that did all the work…don’t you think there’d be no such thing as competition anymore…?

      There is no “biggest company”. All web design companies have their pros and cons. Besides, do you have the millions of dollars to spend on a project you describe as huge?

      Anywho, here are some large ones:


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  3. Faisal Reply

    Where Can I Find A Good Web Designing Company? I have a small poultry related industry therefore i want to make our business online so is there any web design company which have the best repu in this field please give website address.

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    • I don’t believe this: all answers before are spam only!
      Place your request to rentacoder.com (it is free to submit a request).
      Programmers from all over the world will bid on your project.
      Select the best price/value ratio!
      Good luck.
      (I design only large applications, starting fee 4,500us$… a bit too much for a small e-commerce!)

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  4. Richie b Reply

    Web Design? Well i have taken some web design classes….im fairly decent at it….and i cant seem to find anything to do with my web design knowledge….i dont want to make a personal web site….i had a job for some contractors making their site…but they didnt need much done so im pretty mch finished with that…..so if any one would like some small web projects done ( or large ones)…or anything ….email me or post back with what i can do …..or if theirs even somehting on the internet that i can use html code on i have no idea what it would be for but if there is any thing i can use html code on please let me know…..
    hey thats a great idea i might do that….but the only problem is i dont realy think it would work beacause of other big name people….

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  5. Xstrategix Reply

    Web Design?

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    • As you know, most of the software project follows the standard SDLC. Like wise, in any website, there are major steps thats need to be carried out, in order to have a perfect working model as required by the client or user.

      Web design and Web programming are the two sides of same coin, they go hand inhand. Web design deals with the graphical part of web sites, where designer draws rough layouts of the website as per as client requirements, and later the Web designer creates real images of that blueprint, using some standard software.

      In simple words, Web design, gives you a SNAPSHOT of your future webpage.

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  6. Alexis A Reply

    Any Low Cost Web Design Philippines? Any Low Cost Web Design Philippines?
    Please Help!!

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    • Philippines Web Design Portfolio - 90% of my projects are in WordPress, built from scratch PSD to theme. Only $197

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  7. Fiza Reply

    How To Get Freelance Web Site Design Projects?

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    • Saying “web design projects” is too broad

      There are opportunities to designing WordPress sites and configuring their functionalities, elements and look and feel of the sites

      You can also focus on static files, and doing lots of cool CSS stuff

      You’ll find it easier if you define what you can do best — are you better designing with PHP? Are you just good with the aesthetics and do more like graphic design?

      Then use the following sites to sell your services:

      elance http://www.elance.com
      Rent a coder http://www.rentacoder.com

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  8. Ozayr Reply

    Can Anybody Help With Magazine/web Design? Basically; I’ve decided to create my own magazine and being a complete novice at this, I require an A-Z guide. i.e. contacts, pricing, general advice etc. If possible, it would be even more helpful if there was somebody who lived near Manchester, England who would be willing to help me with this project?

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  9. Road Again Reply

    Web Design: Where To Start? I need to build a website for my company. I’m not looking for anything free, I just need to know where to start. We’re small, but busy. No one in our company has ever learned web design, and we can’t afford to hire someone right now. To be honest, their expectations are high–which is why free designs on the web aren’t an option for me. I’m their graphic designer, so this web project falls to me. I realize that’s like saying, “Since you know French, we need you to translate this book into Russian.” But, folks, I’m all we’ve got.

    So where do I go to start? I’ve got my domain and server secured. I know Adobe Photoshop backwards and forwards…but I’m not sure if that’s the correct starting place. I have Adobe Dreamweaver, but that’s back to the French and Russian again. Adobe Flash Catalyst seems like a great start for graphic artists needing to step into web design, but again, I’m just not sure.

    So, outside of enrolling in a web design program at a university, what should I do next? What software? What tutorials? I’m a fast learner, but I’m learning on my own. I get that I’m asking advice on something that takes years to learn, but I’ve got to start somewhere. Please help point me in the right direction!

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  10. Hospitality Reply

    Web Design Project? Hi i have a hw to do about a career i have to choose the career and i chose web design. Now my question is can u you help me? I need to know wut is the salary. Previuous jobs need? what schooling/trainign do i need! thnks

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    • Salary depends on the level of experience and quality of work. See below for examples. Previous experience isn’t necessarily a concern., Graphic design helps, computer literacy is important, patience and attention to detail help. Typing skills would improve your efficiency. But a web designer is often chosen based on their portfolio and sales ability.

      As an introductory web designer, you will need software like DreamWeaver, a basic understanding of html, and a sales and marketing presentation, as in, what services do you offer and how will you generate business.

      At this point you can use templates from template monster, put them in dreamweaver, and customize them for your clients at around $500 for a 5 page site.

      Begin designing sites for practice using manuals, online tutorials, and classroom training. These will help with your portfolio. Advertise your services in programs like elance and guru.com for more exposure.

      As you progress, certifications will help with credibility and classes online or at local community schools will provide valuable training. A healthy balance of experience by doing and training will keep you advancing at a steady pace.

      As an intermediate designer sites will start going for 1-$2,000 and be more complicated as in e-commerce sites, php, database, css, SEO and more. Maybe $45 and hour is appropriate for small projects.

      As an experienced designer you can do any project and fit any price range, you will have the confidence to work any size project and have the means to do it well. Sites are in the tens of thousands, and your time could be worth as much as $120hr.

      You can accomplish this with no schooling or extensive classes in design and coding, etc. I know designers who learned by doing and others who learned and then did.

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  11. Jen Reply

    How Should I Present My Web Design Project Final? For My Final Exam I Had To Create A Web Page.? I want to go and present this like I would to a real customer. I am going to dress in nice slacks and shirt. But, I want to know how do I go about presenting the Web Page to the class as if they were the customer? God, I am sooooo nervous!!!!
    Projector is going to be is available and will be used.

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    • One advise I can give is to script your full presentation out. By script I mean, write down ->
      – what you are going to tell
      – the order in which you are going to show the pages
      – If you web page has any form, what values are you going to put inside the form

      Once you have scripted this out, keep practicing it till you can do it without reading from your script. My first demo I did not script it and made a full mess of it. When I started scripting my demo, I was confident in what I was about to show as I knew it would work as I had practiced it many times.

      Also make sure that when you present, you have the following sections
      – An introduction – what the objective of your web site etc. The people listening to your demo will be thinking of various things. The introduction should draw their thoughts to what you are planning to show them.

      – The Body – This is obviously the part where you explain your pages. Try to make the transition from each page in a orderly manner.

      – Summary – This is where you wrap up your presentation by telling a summary what you have shown.

      – Any Question – Ask if anyone has any questions to what you have shown.

      Hope the above helps. And all the best for your presentation.

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  12. Alireza_danestehpour Reply

    WEB Site Designing? I have a project for my Final year University that I have to make a web site with ASP.net
    I would like to ask that , can we design a pages with ASP ? or it is just for programming section ?

    And the other question is can I design my page in Macromedia Dream Viewer and then Add ASP Application on it .

    Is there a free online E-Book or tutorial for this reason?

    Thanks a Lot

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    • If you program, the documentation that comes with .net will help you a lot. There are some sample apps on the micro$oft website as well.

      I don’t think dreamweaver is the best way to go. If you’re using VS.net it can help you design your web forms and attache the asp at the same time.

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  13. Phong n Reply

    Web Design? Does anyone know where I can get job as a web designer? This is my most recent site just done design it. http://www.desertpoolscape.com

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  14. Ally Reply

    Help With Beginner Web Design? I’m looking for one or two fellow beginners at Web Design to join me in a little practice project I want to work on. I basically just want to build a website merely for the sake of getting experience writing code and working out problems. We wouldn’t have to actually get it online and on a server, though that’d be cool because I’m not sure how to do that yet, but I ultimately want it to be a pretty time-consuming task that at least two people would have to work on. Maybe we could give ourselves a deadline? I’m open to anything.

    Right now I know pretty much all the HTML I need to (other than HTML5), and I’m pretty good with CSS. I’ve started Javascript recently, but I’m not entirely sure we could implement my little knowledge yet. I’d be willing to work with you even if you only know the basics of HTML or just started learning yesterday or something. The point is to give us both some experience and motivation to get some code done.

    my usernames on AIM and Skype are both Liuqahs15.

    my e-mail is Liuqahs15@aol.com

    You can contact me at any time : )

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    • I would love to help out. I am also a beginner and I would like some more experience.

      I know xhtml, CSS, and some php. Currently I am too busy with school to learn more php or javascript, but I do have time for a project like this.

      my email: f.john1990@yahoo, i’ll also send you an email.

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  15. Selvamanikandan Reply

    Web Designing Training In Chennai With Project Experience? Anyone knows the answer for that question? I want to learn web designing course in my semester holidays. So now i’m looking for a institute or a company who are providing high-class training in that sector. If anyone knows anything.. just answer..

    I’ve only two months left for my college..

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    • Best Web Designing Institute in Chennai or even in whole world is “Besant Technologies”

      They have the expert trainer with their hands and they will give me some three projects which i will start from scratch and finish it. It is a great experience to spare my time in there.

      I’m really really impressed with the training and projects. Well done Besant Technologies. You are just awesome…

      Besant Technologies
      Velachery Main Road, Chennai.
      +91-9962528293 / 94


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