Free Website Hosts

Free Website Hosts

Too many website owners simply focus on how their website looks and feels. Most web designers or website owners forget the importance of having a website that is properly functioning and doesn’t display any error coding. Any extras on your website that hinders the ability for the visitor to navigate or fully load a page can become time consuming and irritating. Instead of losing your visitors, try to stay on top of things with the following tips.


Ensure that you choose a web host that doesn’t have a lot of downtime. It is normal if your host has a downtime once in a while, however, if this is a recurring weekly problem, you are losing money, time and customers. If you spend a lot of money advertising your website, ensure that the host is doing its job. If someone visits your website and sees that it is down, it is unlikely that that person will come back again. Avoid this issue by researching and finding a solid and reliable host.

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Avoid using hosts that are free. Most free website hosts will display advertisements throughout your web design. In most Web Designcases, this can interfere with the functionality of the website. It is also really irritating for visitors to spot inappropriate content in ads which you are not responsible for.


Make sure that your website works in all major browsers and displays correctly. It is a shame when someone likes using Google Chrome, but the website only displays in Firefox. If you are unsure how to design and code your website in a way that helps it display in all browsers, hire professional help. Simple mistakes such as this can make or break your website.


You can check manually or write a script that does this for you, but always ensure that all of the links are working on your website. Dead links should be fixed or eliminated. No one wants to keep clicking links on your navigation bar only to find out that most of them are not working. The same rule of thumb goes for incompatible coding. Remove coding that is no longer functioning to prevent error messages from displaying.


All of the features on your website should be working properly. Any extras such as sign up forms for newsletters or to contact you should be functioning. Before letting your website go live, ensure that you test out these forms to ensure that they are in working order. Always add a message once the visitor is properly signed up for a newsletter or you have received their contact.

Free Website Hosts

Avoid running the website on Flash. Most fancy web designers feel that running a website on Flash will make the website more appealing, but it irritates most visitors. Flash takes quite a while to load and if the visitor doesn’t have the newest player downloaded, he or she can’t even view your website. Keep your website easy to load and navigate!


Content is the heart of a website, but it is important that functionality is still evident in your design. Use the simple tips discussed in this article to help you build a website that your visitors will love. Always keep in mind that navigation and simple design is the key to your success!

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34 Responses to “Free Website Hosts”

  1. Vitkap1 Reply

    Free Web Hosting Site To Which I Can Upload A Site That I Made In Dreamweaver? I need to find a free website where I could host the website that I have created using Dreamweaver, by wednesday. Please help!

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  2. Avval_avi Reply

    Which Are Some Of The Free Wbsite Hosting Services? I wanna host my website on the internet. I want to know some free website hosting services without any banner ads or pop-ups and with front page server extensions.

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  3. DK Reply

    Receive A Donation Through A Free Website? Can someone explain me if it’s possible to receive donations (using Paypal) through a free website hosted on a free hosting?
    Thanks for the answers.

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    • Yes you can. you’ve to go in the paypal setting, it’ll give you a code /button and you’ve to paste tht in your website.

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  4. KSmith685 Reply

    Is There Any Web Hosting Site To Help Me Start A Website? Is there any FREE website hosting that will help me design and give me a URL for my own website?

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    • ————————— FREE DOMAIN NAME ———————–
      For Free domain name like , go to and search for desired domain
      name..and then continue to registration and create an account.

      ——————–FREE WEB HOSTING ———————————-
      For free web hosting , go to and
      choose the chocolate plan which is completely free features under
      this plan……

      Disk Space 250 MB
      POP3/IMAP E-mail accounts Available
      Top/Bottom banner ads Banner less
      Full DNS Management
      and many more.. and these facilities are at free of cost.
      if you have any further query…then contact me..
      i will try to solve it out.

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  5. Roger Reply

    What Is The Best Free Website Host? I am useing freewebs and i was woundering is there a better free web host out there

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  6. Jesusfreak_200513 Reply

    Free Website Hosting? Are there NE sites w/ free web hosting so that i can make a good website w/ no ads, is free, and doesn’t add onto the html or url (i 4 got wich one it was called) so it’s not super long <= Sorry if that doesn’t make much sense, but hopefully u no what im saying

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  7. Kaoro-Sorane Reply

    Free PHP + MySQL Website Hosting? Title pretty much says it all. I’d like to find a place to host a PHP site with MySQL database integration, for free, preferably with no ads.
    I have seen 110mb before, but it’s MySQL service is not free. And I do have Xampp in my machine, the stuff is done, I just need to upload it.

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    • Hello,

      If you wish to have a professional shared hosting quality in a free hosting package, come and host with and experience the best service you can get absolutely free.

      Founded in December 2006, has a trusted free hosting members base of over 60,000 members and still counting! Offering professional quality hosting, support, uptime and reliability, we have a great community of webmasters, you’d love to be a part of!

      Register now and get it all free:
      *** 1500 MB of disk space
      *** 100 GB of data transfer
      *** PHP and MySQL support with no restrictions
      *** cPanel control panel
      *** Website Builder
      *** Absolutely no advertising!

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  8. AEUL Reply

    How Can I Provide Free Web Hosting In My Website? I need a php script that will allow users to create a Free Website. and Host

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    • You can get the Free website and Hosting Plan by searching in But in free You cannot fulfill your needs and expectation,if any problem in free site means it will affect your site,also there are lot of site hosted in single server in free hosting so Your site may slow,so get the Paid hosting at here and host your site More professional,you can also make your site there….you can choose windows Platform for hosting your site that is best than Linux…ASP hosting possible in Windows Platform

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  9. Crocea Reply

    What Is A Good Free Website Host? I’m making a gaming website

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    • If you are making the website yourself you could always host your website for free on Google Drive. That’s what I did for my photography site, and if you don’t want to use the Google Drive URL you can always purchase a domain and forward it to your free Google Drive hosted website. I learned how to set it up with this tutorial I found on Youtube here . Hope this helps.

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  10. Roger Reply

    What Is The Best Free Website Host? I am useing freewebs and i was woundering is there a better free web host out there

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  11. Rht999999 Reply

    Free Hosting Website With Cpanel And Unlimited Domain Parking? I want to host my 3 website but looking for free host except x10hosting and 000webshost.

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    • Most of the free web hosting plans do not offer sufficient features you’d need. Some of the common features such as PHP programming, MySQL databases, CGI scripts and FTP may not be available. Most of the free web hosting providers force you to place pop-ups, pop-unders, third-party banner advertisements and other annoying elements on your website in exchange of their free web hosting services. Also the biggest drawbacks of free web hosting services has been the lack of support.

      Free web hosting looks great, but may hamper your business in the long run.

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  12. Tamil A Reply

    Free Web Hosting? Iam from Chennai (India) i created one free website in freewebs .com i want to host this site freely (Publishing) in net. plz any one can help me… plz tell me step by step to host my website… iam worked hard to create this website plz helpppppp me…. (I WANT FREE WEB HOSTS)….

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    • Free web hosting usually not reliable and it may DOWN,,DOWN,,DOWN,,So your vistor will not come back .All your hard work may be lost and Search Engines are NOT on friendly terms with free webhosting site.Free web hosting are also have a lot of annoying advertisement…
      I use HostMonster..HostMonster offers the absolute best value for web hosting available today. They have the best combination of features, reliability, speed, and price, as well as the ability to consistently maintain the best customer service in the industry. They also allow you to host UNLIMITED domains and UNLIMITED subdomains with 1 account! They offer UNLIMITED email accounts, extremely generous storage(200G!!!) and bandwidth(2000G!!!) allowance, eCommerce capibility, free setup, free domain for life, tons of free scripts and bonuses, they accept Paypal, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee. They also support PHP, MySQL, Perl, Ruby, SSL and more!

      HostMonster offers tons of additional useful web applications such as 100 free MySQL databases, spam protection, web templates, Agora Shopping Cart, OS Commerce, Fantastico script library, Form mail, Guestbook, Bulletin Board, PHP Nuke, Chat, Blogger, Promotion Tools, Image Galleries, Poll/Surveys, Web Auctions, and search engine submitter amongst others.


      Whether you are looking to host a personal hobby site or multiple, high-traffic, large eCommerce based storefront sites, HostMonster is currently the best value available.HostMonster also guarantees 99.9% network and server uptime.

      The price is only $5.95/month!!!


      Good luck!

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  13. Dieg Toledo Reply

    Where To Get A Free Website Hosting? I want to make a free website where i can download games to and write stuff. i also want it to be able to have members… any ideas.. thanx

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  14. Anonymous Reply

    What Is A Good Free Website Host? I’m making a gaming website

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    • If you are making the website yourself you could always host your website for free on Google Drive. That’s what I did for my photography site, and if you don’t want to use the Google Drive URL you can always purchase a domain and forward it to your free Google Drive hosted website. I learned how to set it up with this tutorial I found on Youtube here . Hope this helps.

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  15. Lol Reply

    Free Hosting? I want to create a website based on Design using a free host such as Freewebs. I want to be able to regularly update pages for tutorials etc, however Freewebs do not allow FTP upload on free package.

    Has anyone got any ideas how I can regularly update pages etc without having to upload every time.

    Thanks. =]

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  16. Aramsko Reply

    Free Hosting Website ? Do you know any free website that it will help me to build and host own my personal one page website with few photos ( i have basic info about building website , so aim looking for the most easiest way to build it )

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    • Begin with setting up your own webpage as your current internet provider will provide free hosting as discussed below.

      If you are currently a paid Internet subscriber, you are entitled to a “homepage” which often contains simple navigation and editing tools. And if you use the Netscape browser, the built-in Composer feature is a superior HTML authoring tool which is totally free. You can easily generate a full-blown website as a Homepage by FTPing webpages authoried in DreamWeaver, NotePad, Word or FrontPage.

      Nevertheless, the “homepage” URL is likely to be “… name” and that URL can easily be overwritten via a redirection service, i.e., “” which allows you to link any registered domain name to “mask” another website. For example, should you type in the “domain name,” you will be immediately transported to the homepage and the hompage URL of… a homepage URL which will be masked by the domain name. And the charge for the redirection service [even at] is normally FREE.

      When you acquire a domain name, connect it using a redirection service [as discussed above] and submit/publish the domain name on major search engines/directories in order for Net surfers to find your website.

      Good luck!

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  17. Jodie l Reply

    Gallery Hosting Website For Free? Hey, just wondering if there is any free gallery hosting?
    l dont care about having their company name in my url
    l want to be able to upload pictures. l want to be able to have different folders and even sub-folders if possible in a gallery form

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