Maintenance Duties

Maintenance Duties

If you’re working on one website, or even a few, you must know how to get the sites done in an orderly fashion. After all, you need to get the sites done in order to launch them to a public that will use them, but sites also take maintenance, so you must figure out how to make sure you create them and keep them going. Here are a few ways you can make sure your design projects run smoothly.

Content Creation

First, you need a place where you can do your web design without any distractions. Unlike many professions, it is almost impossible to do the work you need on your sites without having the internet up and running. However, you cannot afford to be distracted by social media sites and email. Make sure you leave those things until after you get a significant amount of work done. The ideal thing to do is to check those things first thing in the morning and last thing before you stop work for the day. That way, you can get your work done without stopping a million times for things that may not be that important.

Design Projects

Give yourself goals every day, and make them realistic. You can’t do everything at once. Give yourself a list of things to do every day, and make sure you do them. If you can’t get to everything on the list, save that list for the next day. This is an easy way to make sure everything gets done without feeling overwhelmed.


Know what you cannot do concerning the site. If you aren’t a very good writer, don’t assign content creation to yourself. Find a good writer. This will save you time, and will make your content better than if you had done it yourself.


Give yourself time for maintenance duties. This is often not as fun as creating the initial site, but it must happen. You must go through your sites to make sure everything is working properly, and to answer any concerns about the site itself that people may have.

First Thing In The Morning

Think of ways to make your sites even better. You may not have too much time to recreate your sites after you have started them, but stay up to date with what is happening online, and add new components as you are able to. For example, if you have not yet added twitter and facebook buttons, now is beyond time for you to do so. When you keep sites current, people know that someone is Web Designcurrently working on the site, and that makes them more likely to keep coming back.

Million Times

Websites are both short-term and long-term projects for the designer. If you want to make sure that your site is both usable and long-lasting, you need to make sure you use the great information that has been contained in this article. When you put all the tips into place, you will find that web design is easier to do and your web sites are easier to maintain.

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  1. Baristo Reply

    How Successful Would A Boutique Web Design Firm Be In Today’s Economy? I’m considering opening up a small web design shop as a side business within the next year or so, mainly focusing on small businesses and non-profits. I’m curious to know if there is a still a healthy market for site design, considering many small businesses are now using self-publishing platforms like WordPress and other tools. Thanks!

    • Baristo,

      There are a a lot of challenges associated with the starting a small web design shop – (especially targeting small business!) My experience with design work for small business is that they expect a lot for their money, and they don’t always understand that the time it takes for you to explain something to them and help them understand the web is time that you need to be making money.

      The nonprofit industry on the other hand can be quite lively and it is not unusual for large nonprofits to need design work regularly. Doing work for an established nonprofit that has a marketing budget is a completely different story. Of course, to get that kind of work requires a lot of work because you have to prove to them that you can deliver. We respond to RFPs from nonprofits all the time and sometimes it takes 10 – 12 hours just to complete the proposal.

      The answer to your question is really yes, there is plenty of need for design despite people using self publishing and templates.

      But more importantly, the business can be very tough and you need to be well networked and have processes that work. (Including your business development process!)

      For the networking you might want to start at NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Community

      With regard to the processes I would highly highly recommend reading the E-Myth Revisited

  2. Buckfirst Name Roberts Reply

    What Do You Thing Will Be The Top Networking Sites For 2011? I used to use MySpace a lot then facebook. None of my friends ever seem to on those sites anymore. What are the new hot social media sites. If you can point me to a directory or link list so I can review some of the sites for my self. That would be great. Don’t say Google it. Meta search is completely spammed out. I want actual links from actual people. Sites you use personally.

    • There’s a new social/dating site called they are actually upgrading all new members to the VIP membership up until Jan 1st…. i believe its free for a whole yr you can even create your own blog, forum, or chatroom have all of your friends sign up and you can do video conference in the chatrooms i lovvvve it

  3. Josh Reply

    In The Navy How Do You Become A Pilot As Opposed To A Naval Flight Officer Or Maintenance Duty Officer? I would really like like to become an officer and want to know how my career is chosen. I like aviation and just want to be a pilot, i’d be ok with being an NFO but not an aviation maintenance duty officer. So how are officer’s careers chosen? would i have a better shot at becoming a pilot in the marines or the navy?

    • The Navy has more aircraft than the Marines, ergo your chances of being picked up are better.
      You APPLY to becvome a Pilot or NFO, that’s how it starts anyway. You will be asked for your top three choices: in your case Pilot would be #1, NFO #2 and something else #3.
      Your application goes in front of a flying training selection board. They look at your physical, test scores and other stuff like flying experience, letters from aircrews etc. They make a subjective assessment of your potential to complete Pilot/NFO training, and your fate is decided.
      If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to PM me. (I work with active duty Navy Hornet, S3, and EA6 guys every day).

  4. Daniel Reply

    What Duties Does An Executor Have To Defend The Estate Against One Greedy Beneficiary? For example, my brother is suing me and my brother for our parents entire estate, even though the will clearly states that all assets must be divided equally between the three children. I was named the executor of the estate. (Which really pissed him off.) He refused to communicate with me about any estate issues. Due to the housing market the house could not be sold at the price that my two brothers wanted for it. At this time I had paid out over $11,000.00 out of my own pocket for estate expenses such as: taxes, maintenance, and repairs etc. The two brothers either could not pay or refused to pay for anything. The majority of the work I did myself to save the estate going further in debt. I begged the one brother who would communicate to discuss it with the other brother to lower the price of the house – they refused. The brother who would communicate then said let’s rent it out. I did that thinking it was the only solution because I could no longer pay the bills myself. I rented the house out and paid myself back, paying unpaid bills and started to save in an account for the estate. There was $10,000.00 in the estate account and all bills paid for when I got served papers. I was told by my attorney that the estate was in better shape than when we inherited it. However, that does not satisify greedy brother. My attorney and his attorney then came up with an agreement that I am wondering if I should have accepted. Basically, the two attorneys are co-commissioners and are in control/care of the estate. A realtor was appointed and whatever price he or she said the house would go on the market was the set price. The attorneys, however have not taken care of the house. (Renter by this time have moved out.) They failed to keep electric on in the house (so the dehumidifer could not run) so now there is a major mold/mildew issue, bills have been left unpaid, grounds unkepted, etc. Now a bank will not approve a sell because fo the mold. Pretty much the house was left to rot, and has to be sold “as is.” There are plenty of law to protect beneficiaries against executors of estates but I have not found anything that protects the executor. I am being sued for not being able to sell a house in a horrible market and if I had lower the price to where it would have sold I still would have been sued for the amount greedy brother thinks he should get. He also says I should not be reimbursed for all the bills I paid on the estate. I could use some advice. What should I do now?
    In reply to Mr. Placid: Yes Mr. Placid you are confused. If you will reread my question you will realize that the mold and mildew was not a problem until after my attorney and my brothers attorney took control of the estate as co-commissioners. When we inherited the estate it only had the house – attached with unpaid bills. The house was being taken care of while under my care and was in better shape thanks and only thanks to the repairs that I did to the house. After I rented the house out the estate then had a “income” and had funds to cover the expenses of the house and only then had a balance of $10,000.00 in the bank. Meaning the estate was no longer broke and was no longer a burden. I agreed to let my attorney and my brothers attorney co-commission the estate to get my idiot brother off my back and to protect myself. Again this is when the mold came into place because the two attorneys fail to keep electric in the house and maintain the house. As far as not needi

    • I am confused. How can the estate be in better shape now than it was when you inherited it, given the fact that the house is full of mold and has been left to rot.

      Anyway, as executor, it is YOUR duty to use ordinary care and diligence when managing the estate property. If this house was fine when you started, but is now full of mold and rot, then to me it sounds like you failed to use ordinary care and diligence in managing the property. Sounds like your brother has a pretty good case.

      You do not need to get everyone’s approval to sell the property. You can (or could have, since this time has passed) obtained approval of the court to sell the property, either through a broker or public auction, with or without the blessing of the other beneficiaries.

      I have no idea what a “co-commissioner” is, and that term has no meaning in probate law. But ultimately it is you, as executor, who has responsibility for properly managing the estate assets. If you delegate this duty to incompetent persons, then it is you who will need to answer for their incompetence.

      Oh, almost forgot. What protects you as executor is proof that you acted reasonably and in good faith under the circumstances when you administered the estate.

  5. Kevin Reply

    How To Learn Web Design For Free? I’d like to learn web design from home. Is there any software that I can download that teaches how to design a web site.

    • Hi,

      To learn web design, first you have to learn HTML. HTML is very easy to learn. Just type some code (tags in HTML terms) in windows notepad & here you are..the most basic of your website is created. After that you can learn CSS for adding presentation i.e. colors,fonts etc to the HTML. & the interesting thing is that you will also write CSS in windows notepad. Then you can learn Javascript for adding functionality. After that you can move to advance level of web designing.

      So, the software to create & design a website is Windows Notepad.
      (You have some image editing software as such a Adobe Photoshop or try free downloadable GIMP)

      I suggest you to use Adobe Dreamweaver as it will be very much easy for you to design your website.

      Also, there are lots of website for learning HTML/CSS & Javascript in the internet. So feel free to search from the internet.

      Also, you can purchase the following books for the reference.

      Best of luck :)

  6. Jahirul Islam Reply

    How Can I Get A List Of All Social Media Site On The Web? How can I get a list of all social media site on the web?

    • Social Media sites in web are as follows,
      Tumblr …..

      You find this in Google by typing “List of social media sites”. Rather you can also create your own social media site. There are many networking firms who create social network sits.

  7. Sabeeha Fuller Reply

    How Have Modern Social Media Sites Affected Commerce?

    • Well let’s start with the fact that more than a half of internet users reside on Social Media sites, there they exchange their views and ideas with friends. Shopping is a very important part of everyone’s life and it is only natural that social media users discuss it. Therefore brands started advertising and promoting their products directly on social media. Especially social media contributed to the development of product marketing, as the consumers are more and more tolerant to the traditional forms of advertising and people tend to give more trust to the recommendations of their friends and acquaintances. Social media includes superb low cost tools for this, as you can view what your friends like and do on these resources. Also merchants and brands can interact with consumers, they can organize polls, engage in discussions and collect valuable data about their consumers’ preferences and wishes. Social media is a great platform for interactive marketing

      So with everything mentioned above it is only natural that brands now create facebook stores to connect with prospective buyers on the most popular resources, as you can use the “word of mouth” techniques to promote your products easily and in a very low-cost manner, social media quickly becomes a huge e-commerce platform, social commerce to be exact.

      For example I work for an e-commerce provider, that helps developers to sell software online, we have recently implemented the Facebook Store feature, as there is a growing demand among software sellers for social media stores

  8. Anonymous Reply

    What Is Social Media Optimization? Trying to find out more about the best social media to attract new visitors to my website- any ideas?

    • Social media optimization is a community-based marketing strategy that utilizes social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Stumplupon, YouTube, etc. to build brand awareness and raise recognition for the product or service being marketed. The focus is on driving traffic from sources other than search engines and engaging with blogs, discussion groups and other sites to promote specific content.

      The idea behind SMO is getting information out by “word of mouth” in the online world. Companies use it to facilitate communication between like-minded individuals who share messages, photos, forums, etc. about a product or service with the intention to gain new viewers and customers.

      Take a look at for detailed information

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