Full Time Job

Full Time Job

Are you considering becoming a web designer? Would you like to know more before you take the plunge? There is a lot to consider before you decide that this is the career for you. This article will help you learn about what it takes to become a successful web designer, allowing you to figure out if it is the best choice for you.

Best Choice

It is important that you are available at all times to maintain and troubleshoot your websites. If something goes wrong, you have to be able to jump on it and fix it right away. That means you can’t have a full-time job for a company which you leave home to work at to be successful in web design. If clients can’t reach you because you are at work, you will lose them to someone else who is available. Are you willing to dedicate yourself solely to working from home?


Do you love to learn? Technology seems to change as fast as your heart beats, and that means you have to keep up with it. AnyoWeb Designne who is good at teaching themselves new things will thrive as a web designer. If you need a teacher to show you the ropes, classes can become costly and will take you away from your business too frequently. If you are a great self-learner who craves new information, this career is for you.


How well do you work with people? While you may be able to interact with clients over chat, email or Skype, you still have to work with them. That means dealing with them when they are irate and having the ability to calm them down without getting upset yourself. Being a web designer is still running a business, so you have to remain professional at all times. Are you able to control your emotions and meet your clients’ needs?


Are you a good salesperson? While you aren’t selling a product, you are selling a service, and it happens to be yourself. You have to be able to convince people you are the right person for the job when they need your help. That means appearing confident and as an expert in the field. If you are timid or complacent, you will have no clients and therefore no income.

Full Time Job

Do you know how to code manually? You can’t build great websites in Dreamweaver alone. You have to be able to get into the cuts of the code to tweak the CSS, HTML or even create your own JavaScript’s. Without this ability, you can’t be a successful web designer.

Good Salesperson

Now you should know whether or not web design is truly the field for you. If it is, you need to begin learning all you can right away so you can offer your clients the best services possible. If it isn’t, you can still do it as a hobby or even part-time for local clients like friends and family. Don’t give up the dream, instead revisit this article in a year to consider if your situation has changed and web design might be right for you at that point.

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32 Responses to “Full Time Job”

  1. Andrew G Reply

    Do You Need A Graphic Arts Background To Be A Web Designer? I am starting out as a freelance web designer. However, I keep hearing that you need to be a graphic artist to really succeed as a web designer. Is this true?

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    • It’s a good asset to have a graphic arts background, but not necessarily required. If you have the creativity already, kudos to you. :)

      Part of web design is to successfuly relate to the target audience of the site. You need to be able to execute a good design that is easy to use. In web design, you need to be both computer savvy and creative.

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  2. I'm alive .. still Reply

    Can You Receive New Jersey Unemployment Benefits If You Lose Your Full Time Job While Working A Part Time Job? I’d want to keep my part time job still and receive the benefits for my full time job. All other requirements have been met, such as worked hours.

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  3. Kattyoxoxo Reply

    Where Can I Find A Really Good Web Designer In Orlando, FL? I need a web designer in the Orlando area to design a website for a new production company. I would like an extremely creative person with a portfolio and approximate costs for services. Thanks!

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    • I live and work in Ocala and currently I am creating a website for an Orlando company:
      (alot of people don’t seem to like this dark layout, but the client was very specific)

      You should check out my website for examples of my finished work.

      Very difficult to say what approximate cost would be but I suppose in general, an 8 to 10 page informational website would cost around $575
      this includes custom design of visual assets as well as basic search engine optimization.
      Also important is that this includes creation of a content management system which will allow you to update your website with no HTML through a simple to use backend

      You should be prepared to supply whichever web designer you chose some well-written info about what you want to say. The designer will probably need to rewrite and enhance this info for search engine optimization purposes but remember that the web designer only knows what you tell him about your business.

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  4. Anonymous Reply

    Do I Need A Web Developer Or A Web Designer? How Do I Go About Picking The Right One For Me? Do I need a web developer or a web designer? How do I go about picking the right one for me?

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    • You do not need either if you are willing to put in the work. There are many web hosts that provide step-by-step assistance in web building. I suggest that you compare each host feature-by-feature then dollar-for-dollar to get the best match for your needs. The host that I chose also provides features to analyze work for optimal performance on the search engines.

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  5. Anonymous Reply

    What Classes Should I Take In College To Become A Web Designer/developer? Also, what personality is good or a person wanting to be a web designer?
    And if you are a web designer, what do you like about your job and why what you don’t & why.

    Thank you so very much for your time!

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    • Tip: Be as specific and detailed as you can. Use any personal experience or knowledge you might have

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  6. Shaznay Reply

    How To Know Whether To Trust A Web Designer? I am looking for a web designer to build my media website (think MTV) – he is requesting ??250 deposit and then the final ??250 when its finished. I asked him how long it will take – he said about 2 weeks. Is it me or does that seem too quick to build a website that will be similar to that of MTV??

    I found him on Gumtree but I don’t want to be scammed. Is 2 weeks sufficient time? I thought it would have take a few months at least.
    Ooh okay well you’ve put my mind at ease. I think he will be hosting it on his platform and doing the SEO stuff. As long as I can trust my designer thats all I need. :-) thanks

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    • I think 2 weeks is enough, including the SEO stuff and other things to put on the site.
      However, if you are in doubt with his proposals (including the terms of payment) you can always back out and try other web designer/developers who are more experienced than the one you found on Gumtree. Have you tried Odesk yet? That’s a global marketplace for freelancers.

      Or if you need to hire full time staff you can post a job on Staff.com https://www.staff.com as they have recruiters who can help you get the right web designer at your own choice.

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  7. Winston Reply

    How Do I Become A Freelance Web Designer (using WordPress) ? I’d really appreciate it if you can guide me on how i can evolve into a web designer. Im familiar with wordpress and i’d like to use it to freelance and earn some money. I can create simple blogs and simple web pages. What more do i need to know ? Where and how do i start?

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    • If you're confident with your skills as a web designer you could look for project/clients on 99designs.com. It is a great site for freelance web designer's to look for project. However, in order to have a better chance of having clients you also need to look on different sites like Freelancer.com, Staff.com, Elance.com, Guru.com and etc.

      Here's a site that I believe could help you improve your web design skills. http://www.lynda.com/Design-training-tutorials/40-0.html

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  8. Vanichka04 Reply

    What Is The Best Computer To Have For Web Designers? Web Designers – what is the best computer to get for web design?

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  9. Jojo t Reply

    What Is The Difference Between Web Designer,web Developer And Database Designer? What is the diffrence between web designer,web developer and database designer, whats there role in creating a website ? what they are doing actually ,anyone please tell me

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    • A web designer makes the visual aspect of the website. They might even be the one actually implementing the design (via xhtml and such). The web developer might implement the designers design too. But the developer will definately design and implement the application(s) that provide the website with it’s real functionality (providing the bridge from the website that the user sees with the backside, such as the database, securit software, and so on). The database designer would be the one that would design the database schemas that the applications written by the developer would interact with. Usually in practice, the web developer and the database designer would be the same person or team of people.

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  10. Pinkigal Reply

    Any Web Designers Out There? I might be interested becoming a web designer, so can you tell me about.
    Like what you do everyday and how much you get payed, and how you like it and don’t like it.

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    • I’m a project manager that has worked with Web Designers.

      There seems to be two flavors. First, there are the purely graphical folks that work on web site layouts and graphic art, collectively known as ‘creative’. Obviously, this requires more of an artistic / visual side. Second, there are designers that bring the visuals to life with web technologies like ASP, AJAX, JavaScript and many other tools. This requires a balance of a structured thinking and creativity.

      Both types of designers should expect to stay current on design trends and techniques.

      The salary is all over the place depending on the market. In Dallas/Fort Worth (Texas), you can expect to make between $50-65K annual salary.

      Here’s a general Job Description for a Web Designer:
      Designs and constructs web pages/sites including incorporating graphic user interface (GUI) features and other techniques. Maintains and provides ongoing design of the website, promos and ad banners. May require a bachelor’s degree in a related area and 2-4 years of experience in the field or in a related area. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field. Relies on limited experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. Works under general supervision; typically reports to a manager. A certain degree of creativity and latitude is required.

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  11. Sweetie Reply

    Web Designer? I am trying to start a Slide Show/Wedding Photograraphy business and I am looking for a Creative Web Designer who can create a web site from scratch.
    I need someone that is affordable!

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    • The easiest way for a novice to build a web site is to start with a web template. Web Templates can be customized and you can use the layout but swap the graphics etc…. this will get you comfortable with basic HTML design and an HTML editor (like Dreamweaver).

      Here are some resources for free or inexpensive templates that are easy to edit and manage.

      Webmaster Templates – http://www.webmaster-templates.net
      Free Web Templates – http://www.freewebtemplates.com/
      Web Design Elements – http://www.webdesign-elements.com
      Free Website Templates – http://www.freewebsitetemplates.com/
      Free Layouts – http://www.freelayouts.com/
      Free Templates Online – http://www.freetemplatesonline.com

      HTML website templates can significantly ease the burden of designing and creating websites by providing webmasters with a ready-made web layout, structure, basic graphics, and color scheme.

      The templates can generally be edited and customized with any HTML editor. The biggest advantage for webmasters using ready-made templates is the amount of time that can be saved.

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  12. The town man Reply

    Web Designers ? Hi…what is the best choice to add a search engine to your site? i will host my web site on my own server…should i use a script or software ? thanks

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    • Most web designers today make a customized Google search engine and add it to their site.

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  13. Bad Mother Clucker Reply

    Web Designers…? I’m in the midst of learning web design and getting CIW certified. How much effort should I put in learning HTML code? Should I just get a basic idea and spend more time learning Flash, Dreamweaver and such?

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    • A strong understanding of XHTML & CSS will be essential to your career as a web designer.

      Furthermore you should understand how XHTML & CSS display differently on different operating systems, browsers, etc.

      You should be familiar with W3C compliance on XHTML & CSS also.

      These are your building blocks and will help you develop into a great web designer.

      Take my advice as you will. I am the senior designer for a large software company and have trained many designers in my few years. Good luck with your learning!

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  14. W0T Reply

    Web Designer Career Good Or Bad? 10 Points!? Well basically ive been looking into the web design career and I dont know what to think!!!

    I know there are a lot of technical things that i need to learn, but i seriously cant find any information about being a web designer, other than this technical waffle!

    I want to know stuff like, how long will it take to do a web design degree at uni, how much training im gonna need, what the salary is like etc.

    [I Live in England btw, so you can do it based on where i live]

    So if someone can inform me on what its like to be a web designer, i would be much obliged!
    Thanks all x

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    • Web designers are needed when it come to business, of course. It’s a good career choice, in my opinion, but I think you should have something to lay back on. As a web designer, I can imagine an ICT or Computer science grade would be essential. Web production is big business and companies are looking for designers. Creative designers, especially, a website is also advertisment to the company. Anyway, if you hope to persue a career in web design, I bid good luck to you.

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  15. Adlmedia Reply

    How Do Web Designers Deliver A Website Made For A Customer? Well I’m 14 years old and I am looking into starting my own web design business and I have a few questions to ask:

    1. How do web designers deliver a website made for a customer?

    2. Does the customer pay for the web hosting and domain for the website?

    3. Do you need to teach them how to post stuff on the website?


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    • 1) Some web designers actually have their own test servers. They would do their development on their servers. When their customers are completely satisfied with the results, they will FTP the files over to the production server. For those web designers that do not have their own test servers, they would just show the results on the production servers.

      2) Some customers already have their own web hosting and domain; so, they won’t need to pay “extra” per se. But some do have any web hosting service or domain names; in that case, they would need to pay on their own to get the web hosting service and the domain names. That’s why it would be beneficial for the web designers to either have their own servers or a reseller account to resell web hosting services.

      3) That depends on what kind of web site I am doing and also the agreement between me and my customers. Sometimes, I may develop some kind of content management applications that would allow my customers to update their web pages. Sometimes, I may charge them (either a monthly fee or per-change fee) depending on how often they want me to change their web page contents.

      I am a web developer by trade and I do own a web design/development business. Please feel free to contact me if you have more questions.

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  16. Zalaraxium Reply

    I.C.T Web Designer? I’m doing an assignment but I’m stuck on this question.How does being an I.C.T Web Page Designer affect your lifestyle? Please help,I’m really stuck!

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    • Could be in several ways….alot of the time web designers can work from home..it is not always a job that requires an office and a desk to function well or correctly. Most designers have their own set-up of computers and software that they like to run. Also the use of the internet allows for most things to be easily transferred across offices as well as countries.
      On top of that web design can be a very personal thing, meeting customers who haven their own ideas as to how the web needs to look and interact with the public. Designing isnt always about spending hours in front of a pc screen, but about tailoring a product to a consumers needs. therefore life style changes could be such as, more travel to meet clients, more time at a home office rather than a commute, odd working hours to keep a web page functioning or testing with a client over seas etc etc

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