Web Design Professionals

Web Design Professionals

Almost every business and organization has a website these days. This has become as common as having a listing in the yellow pages. Even individual people are creating personal websites as a way to tell the world who they are and what they are interested in. If you are brand new to web design and are interested in learning more about the business, this article will provide you with some basic information.


Think of web design as a way to create an online presence for an organization or an idea that you want the world to know about. Websites are seen by people all over the world who have access to the Internet. The global reach is unmatched, and establishing a presence on the web is the best way to spread your message across the globe. Web design involves taking content and manipulating it so that it can be read by web browsers in order to present the image that you want the world to see. You can think of it as a form of advertising, but in a much richer sense becauseWeb Design your readers can navigate to different parts of the website to find the information that they want.


Web design is not hard to learn. Even children can learn some very basic concepts to put something up online. All you really need is your computer and web design applications. There are hundreds of way in which you can program a website. There are easy methods where you can just type in your content into a template and publish it for an instant website. For the web design professionals, they learn special coding skills that allow them to customize and create the exact look that they are after. How you want to approach web design really depends on your comfort level with learning new tools and applications.

Global Reach

A lot of companies have web designers on their staff rather than hiring a web design company because they want the flexibility to be able to change their website quickly and efficiently. A company’s own web design team has an internal understanding of what the company is all about. They also focus 100 percent of their attention in making sure that their company website is always up and running without problems. That is why for companies that have the budget, they usually prefer having their own web designers on their staff.

Globe Web

To be a good web designer, you need to have a good eye for graphics design and good attention to detail. You should be willing to learn the latest tools so your website is always keeping up with the newest developments. You can get training by taking classes or by teaching yourself through books and web tutorials.

New Tools

These are just some basic facts about web design; however, there is a lot more to learn. If you are truly serious about getting into the field, you should devote time to developing your skills so you can be amongst the best designers on the market.

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  1. Burton G Reply

    What Are The Biggest Problems Facing Web Site Design Companies Right Now? Web design companies earning $750,000 – $5,000,000 a year, so the midsize to large companies, not the freelancers and small shops.

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    • With the current economic climate the work that these companies do can potentially dry up. Since these companies will probably be working with larger clients rather then the smaller “ma & pa” companies.

      Larger companies are tightening their belt right now, so any smaller projects where these companies can save money will either be cut or not started at all. Larger companies can afford to cut smaller project (<3million) as they will be able to survive without them and it will let them save some money quickly. They can’t afford to cut larger projects as the investments are too large to justify it.

      You can see how this puts web design companies that do projects worth less than millions into a bad position.

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  2. Tallants2 Reply

    Who Are Some Of The Top Web Design Companies? Hello,

    My company is looking for a website design company. Who are the top web design companies?

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  3. Peteprestipino Reply

    What Are Good Sources Of Information For Web Professionals? I’m looking for some quality information sources for Web professionals which address SEO, SEM, Web Design, Web Hosting, etc.

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    • There are hundreds of blogs out there for good information.
      A few you might want to check out are WebProNews, ReadWriteWeb.
      My personal favorite is Website Magazine. It’s free, it’s in print and online and it covers every topic you listed above.

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  4. Alecsy Reply

    What Is The Best Professional Web Design Company? I am looking for an amazing professional web design company to do my intricate website, in your opinion, what is the best professional web design company?

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    • There are many that would fit the bill but not necessarily your budget as the better known the web design company is the more they can charge, for example here are 2 premium web design companies that can charge a fortune for their time http://www.pokelondon.com/ and http://skubadesign.com/ with scuba being voted one of the best in the world

      Do you seriously have extortionate amounts of money to spend at these companies?

      If you don’t, on yahoo answers your question is pure incitement for people to offer you their own services.

      My advice is to find some local ones you like, get several quotes, sign up to a web design forum, get the professionals there to vet the work of the companies and choose from there.

      Web design is not just about design believe it or not, the code plays a major part in its success, if you accidentally pick a company that codes badly you will end up with a website that does not do what its supposed to.

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  5. Freebeauty Reply

    Is There Any Disadvantage To Use Dreamweaver To Do Web Design? I know dreamweaver is a handy web design tool, but is there any disadvantage to use it, for example, get some bad habits or limit creative to web designer? If I want to be professional web designer, Do I need write html and css in notepad for some time or directly use Dreamweaver?

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    • DW is a powerful web design tool, but should never be considered by a “professional”.
      – It creates a code that is cluttered with inadequate tags and arguments;
      – It usually develops a site for one given browser and one resolution;
      – It never solve all browser’s incompatibilities; (Never found a DW site working on the 5 main browsers!)
      – It is barely capable of dealing with any kind of interactivity (server-side scripts and AJAX)
      – It prevents the coder from learning how to code properly.
      In other words, you learn to design a site, but not how to develop it, and the coding is very hard to maintain (as it has no “meanings”).
      Some consider it useful to set-up the base of their website “to save time”, then adapt the code by hand. I disagree! A good set of images created in Photoshop, and one set of HTML, CSS, javascript and php basics, together with an AJAX framework, allows me to set-up any website in a few hours and in a very professional manner.
      My tools: Photoshop and Notepad++ (and many years of experience).

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  6. ҜңŰŘÃМ Reply

    What Is The Web Design, Web Design And Development Company? I want to develop the website, i need to know about the best web design company. The company that produces quality web designs, affordable web design, best web design and development;

    I want to develop the website, i need to know about the best web design company. The company that produces quality web designs, affordable web design, best web design and development;

    I want to develop the website, i need to know about the best web design company. The company that produces quality web designs, affordable web design, best web design and development;

    I want to develop the website, i need to know about the best web design company. The company that produces quality web designs, affordable web design, best web design and development;

    I want to develop the website, i need to know about the best web design company. The company that produces quality web designs, affordable web design, best web design and development;

    I want to develop the website, i need to know about the best web design company. The company that produces quality web designs, affordable web design, best web design and development;

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    • If you are interested in learning how a website is developed then grab yourself a web design program such as Coffeecup HTML editor. The program offers an instant preview window so you can see how the development of your code will affect your page. Check out lots of great free tutorials at W3Schools.com

      If you not interested in learning HTML programming then you can use a wysiwyg drag and drop program such as Visual Site Designer. With this program you develop your website visually by moving the objects around the screen and the software would generate the proper code for you. Using this type of software you would not need to do any programming as the software handles it all for you.

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  7. Brittney Pickett Reply

    What Is The Best School I Can Do Online For A Major In Web Design? I am interested in doing web design. I am a single mother of a 15 month old so my schedule is a little crazy. I heard the Art Institutes arent very good so I want to know, are there any good design schools that offer the web design program that I can do online at home? Please help! Im having a terrible time finding the right school. Thanks!

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    • Our Web Design Training Program has provided the very best in online web design training to more than 100,000 individuals interested in web design and development since 1998. Our Web Design Courses cover a breadth of Web work, from html to Flash; from Dreamweaver to Photoshop. Each online Web class is taught by our fellow experts and working professionals in the field. You can find Links to Our website in the source Box.

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  8. MrDreTheOne Reply

    Where Can I Get Affordable But Professional Web Design And Hosting? Me and my associates sell new cars for export all over the world we are currently using someone else’s website to showcase our vehicles and we really want to eliminate that middle man and have a webpage of our own, the page needs to be professional, updateable and elegant we sell luxury vehicles only but a local company quoted us $3,635.00 for designing and $35 a month for hosting, any change or modification would be done at $100 an hour, I’m pretty sure there are far more affordable choices out there.

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    • Well, that is definitely on the expensive side. I’d say a little too expensive. :) And you can definitely get top class hosting at a fraction of that price.

      It is always a good idea to eliminate such middlemen. A friend of mine did the same thing with his healthcare business and enjoys the flexibility it gives him. Look here to get professional people bid on your project (don’t give them a flat rate, ask for a quote).

      Don’t go for web hosting from the web designer company. They can use the hosting from somewhere where they pay $10 per month but would charge you much more. Check out Inmotion on the following list:

      They are great for businesses. Sign up for one of their business hosting plans and you’d be done at a very reasonable price for a top notch web hosting service.

      I am sure you’d save a lot doing it this way.

      All the best.

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  9. FR2fun Reply

    Couple Web Design Questions? I have a couple web design questions.

    Does a web designer just make the files, give them to the customer, and thats it? Or do they help with getting it set up (if the service does not include hosting or domain name etc)?

    How much does a 10-50 page website, simple yet attractive, SEO friendly, XHTML and CSS website design generally go for price wise?

    What are some general expectations of a web designer?

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    • A web designer is just someone who knows how to code the files so yes, if that was all you wanted to do then fine, however, that would be reflected in your price tag. Small companies will often offer an entire package, when if it is just you, you would be responsible for starting the designs and building the files, all the way to the finished product and the client having a fully-functional website. If, however, you work for a larger company then you are more likely to have a specific job which may well be just the coding aspect. Then you would hand over to whoever is in charge of hosting etc.

      You could by all means just offer a service where you just make the files, however, a lot of people would then be unsure what to do from there so are more likely to opt for a “full package” service.

      As to price, web design falls in a bit of a hole. If you go to the right place, you could get something like that for around the ?100 mark. Or you could be charged as much as ?1500. Also, don’t be fooled into thinking that a larger price tag means a superior product. When looking for a web designer, look at the quality of their portfolio and compare that to several others.

      General expectations? That part is really just common sense. As long as you remain professional and well-mannered you should be fine. You should also try to give a bug-free finished product. If you charge consultation fees to fix bugs that are your fault (as you coded it) that is bad business practice and a very quick way to loose clients. As a final note, give the customer what they want. even if you disagree, it is their website to mess up at the end of the day. By all means, voice your concerns but if the customer is happy, thats your priority.

      Bit of a lengthy answer but I hope that helped.

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  10. Vienies259 Reply

    How To Learn Web Design?

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    • Since 1995, Go 2 Web Designs, located in the High Desert, California, specializes in web design and maintenance for small and medium-sized businesses as well as for cities, country clubs, realtors, organizations, medical, professionals, political campaigns, non-profit clubs, and special interest groups. Go 2 Web Designs has designed and maintained such important sites as the Hacienda Golf Club and the City of La Habra Heights as well as providing photographic services to enhance their websites, all at a reasonable cost.

      The “Internet Revolution” is creating difficult challenges for the small retail as well as for companies. Because large corporations and chain stores have invaded the Internet, small and medium-sized business survival requires an Internet presence. Organizations, churches, and clubs use websites to communicate with their members about policy changes, upcoming events, calendars, on-line registration, and marketing events.

      An original custom-designed and interactive website is the foundation for businesses who want to expand their sales. Businesses report increasing their sales by 400% as a result of internet presence. A website is an inexpensive way to display your business’ product, advise residents of community meetings, and advertise special events. Our unique design for you will never be duplicated for any other website. Go 2 Web Designs does not use “cookie cutters” or bland “look-alikes” (templates) to build websites. When possible, our web designer meets personally with clients to obtain necessary information to reflect their business’ personalities in the website.

      Maintenance is equally important to website owners. Whether it is a newsletter, calendar, or changing information and pictures, Go 2 Web Designs provides timely, reliable, and accurate updates.

      Web pages don’t have to be ugly. Browse through our portfolio to see our unique web page designs. Then, contact Go 2 Web Designs today to see how we can help your business create and market a professional internet presence.

      (Note to our friends using 1024 x 768: Click here to view the splash page in your resolution and then use your back button to return here.)

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  11. Goro Reply

    Need Profesional Help With Web Design? Can you find some profesional web design companies.

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  12. Kool_vicky35 Reply

    Web Design? Where i can Find Best Web Designing Company Pakistan?

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    • Well We are Designers From Pakistan Which Is Bestage Web Design Company Pakistan

      Web Designing Company Pakistan – Search engine Optimization Pakistan – Flash Web Designing Company Pakistan – Software Development Pakistan – Web Marketing Pakistan http://www.NizarDesigners.com

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  13. Dfgs Reply

    Do People Prefer Web Design Freelancers Or Companies? I’m a web designer and for a while I have been advertising my website as a company, would it be better to advertise me as a freelancer rather than a company?

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    • Depends on your target audience. Small mom and pop shops would likely prefer an individual over a company since it gives them the feeling of having more control. Also, they know they aren’t paying for corporate bloat and overhead.

      Corporations are more likely to like working with companies.

      I used to work for a design “firm” that had 5-10 designers. It was really a collection of independent contractors like yourself. They worked very hard to present themselves as a firm rather than a series of contractors. This included legalese, lengthy contracts, iterative bid proposals, sales presentations, etc. The price of the contracts was very high, but it was also a ton of work for a small group of people to pull it off.

      Since there’s only one of you, I would stick with being an individual contractor or freelancer. Really, that’s what you are and your clients will find out sooner or later. If they feel misled you’ll lose trust.

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  14. Anonymous Reply

    Tell Me Best Web Design Company In Chicago ?

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    • Weblinx Inc. is one of the best web design company in Chicago. However, in my opinion if you are going to outsource tasks you should outsource it on independent contractors rather than in companies, which save's you cost. All you need to do is look for the right person for the job. First thing you're going to do before hiring a web designer is to give a short test related on the tasks. It will help you see the potential of a person to do work. Another thing you could do is to conduct an interview, you could ask for sample of work or references. There are lots of legit freelancing sites where you could look for an affordable and competent web designer for the job. Check out https://www.staff.com/skill/web+design

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  15. Kalix Wakefield Reply

    How To Start Your Own Web Designing Company? I am an eighteen year comp sci student.Me and my friends would like to start a web design company.I would like to know what skills in web designing will we require I have almost 10 months free so i have time to learn them.Also will we need some sort of finance?Also what are the procedures needed to open a web designing company?

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    • This is really going to depend on your preferred clientele, and before you decide what you want to do, you should know a bit about the business you’re looking to go into.

      I was a professional web-developer, and have since stopped, and returned to school to pursue a degree in actual programming. The reason for this is evidenced on rent-a-coder, guru, scriptlance and basically ALL your online freelancing websites. The vast majority of the work will go to the lowest bidder who can put out the most time. Due to lopsided wage expectations, if you want to make $20 an hour, and someone in India who learned html last week will do it for $1 an hour, they’ll probably get the contract. Quality be damned!

      With that said: If you want to pander to individuals, small businesses (non-web-store type stuff), and small organizations (churches, local clubs, etc.) You should look into the following languages:
      Xhtml, Php, MySql (innodb), and css3.

      If your goal is to do BIG jobs, jobs that range in the low five figures to the high 6 figures, you’ll need a LOT more learning, but if you treat it like a full time job and spend 50-70 hours a week for the next 10 months you might be able to pull it off…. Look into the following (This will help you for big businesses, web stores, catalogs, and everything from college websites to making your own website):
      Php, asp.net, python, (XML, Xhtml — These are probably the most important) css3 (web 2.0 look, ick), Javascript (ick, but DHTML is getting to be a pretty big thing), java, (Work well with) Amazon S3, INTIMATE understanding of how various forms of databases work, interrelate / are secured. You’ll also have to become VERY aware of W3C’s cross-browser compliance documents and have a keen understanding of how to manipulate your code to conform to these accessibility standards.

      Also: Look into an accounting 1 course. The book I presently have is a little on the pricey side… teach yourself chapter 1-6, skipping over 5 is you want (You should know the Sarbanes Oxley stuff from school anyways), here’s the book I used: 978-1-111-20379-5 (ISBN-13, search it on bigwords or Amazon)

      The other procedures you’ll need to get your name out there. Tell people, hand out flyers. Charge good money, but deliver an exceptional quality product. The simple fact of the matter is that if you have a product, you should charge what it’s worth.

      Some things you should note:
      “I have an idea for a company, this company will provide XXXX product or service. I just need someone to code it; we’ll make millions! If you code it, I’ll give you x% of the money we earn”
      The answer to this is always, no.

      “I want you to change (minor detail of the program here) to (most minor change in color that isn’t even discernable by the human eye) for me”
      The answer to this is “Sure, but you only get to make 3 changes after our design specs have been finalized. The oatmeal did a comic about just this:

      Other pointers: Never do free work, always charge half up front, always estimate it will take you 2-3 weeks longer than you think it will take, if it’s a big (high 5, low 6 figure) job give yourself an extra 1-2 months to complete / test / secure this.

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  16. Goro Reply

    Need Profesional Help With Web Design? Can you find some profesional web design companies.

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