Niche Audience

Niche Audience

Many first time web designers discover that it can be a bit overwhelming at first. We have all of these ideas in our heads that we want to transfer to our online presence. The issue is that those ideas may be unnecessary and actually be harmful to your site traffic. We often build sites based on what we want as opposed to what works for our visitors and the devices they are currently using to browse the web. This article will allow you to streamline your site for ease of use and make it more effective in generating the results you seek.


One of the ways we can make our sites user friendly is by building them to load quickly. This can be accomplished by avoiding splash screens, Flash based animations and large images that may need to be downsized for portable devices or simply use to much bandwidth to load. We always need to be concerned about how our visitors not only view our sites but also how difficult they may be to access based on the tools we use to generate interest. We simply need to keep our sites basic yet professional with high quality content to gaWeb Designrner attention and revenue.


Navigation has become an issue on many sites with links and buttons hidden at the bottom of the page or scattered around. We need to remember that customers need to navigate quickly and your navigational pane should be right in front of them the entire time. If your niche audience primarily uses portable devices then you should have a mobile site as well to accommodate for the need of easy navigation on those devices. When it comes to your main domain, as standard as it may be, the navigational panel is best placed on the left side of the screen or tabbed on top of the page for the benefit of the visitor.


Another factor of importance is the need to make sure your site works in all browsers. People simply have different needs and preferences when it comes to their favorite web browser and your site needs to accessible on all. Operating systems vary and each has its own type of browser meaning what works for Windows and Linux based browsers will not in a Mac. Of everything listed in this article, this will be the most important one to note. If your site does not work in all browsers, you have severely limited accessibility and traffic to your site by alienating a huge portion of the people prowling around on the web.

High Quality

The final issue that we often forget is to verify all links to ensure they are not broken on a regular basis. Nothing is worse than visiting a site only to become interested in more information and discovering the link is broken or an image link leads to nowhere. Site maintenance is important and part of your job to ensure your site functions efficiently.


These suggestions will lead to your site being streamlined and effective for the user which is where we make our revenue. We need to place the focus of the site on the consumer and less on our own desires. When we accomplish the suggestions noted in this article, we accomplish the goals that we initially had when the web site was nothing more than a idea in the back of our minds.

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22 Responses to “Niche Audience”

  1. Abel Reply

    Where Can I Find A Chat Room For Web Designers? I wanted help with a website that i was designing and i wanted to meet web designers online. please help me find a chat room full of web designers.

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    • You should go to! There’s tons of people there. You can make your own room, or go in the ones already created. The people there and really cool and laid back. They don’t argue or fight like in some stupid chatrooms like chat-avenue and there’s a room just for web designers.

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  2. David Reply

    How Can I Appeal To A Wider Audience ? Im a young teen, and i was just wondering what type of things i could talk about to different people.
    i have a humorous personality, i tend to get to the point when telling jokes but some people like different humour and topics so any suggestions.

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    • Something you’re going to learn very quickly is that everyone has a unique personality, and a a result of that everyone’s personality clashes with that of some other people. You can’t have the same type of humour and mindset as everybody, the best you can do is to be open and friendly to everyone and then when you’ve worked out whether you click with someone or not, you act accordingly – if you click with them, hang out with them, if you clash with them, don’t. Some people naturally have congenial personalities that rarely clash with other personalities, some people have very strong, dominant personalities that either click with a person or clash with no middle ground, most people are somewhere in the middle. There’s nothing wrong with being in any of those categories, none is any better than the other. You might think that the first group sounds like the best but the problem with the first group is that quite a few people in that group have strong personalities, etc. So be the most friendly and open version of yourself, don’t compromise your humour for anyone and enjoy your niche audience, be it a large one or not :)

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  3. Donald S Reply

    How Can I Get Infomed About Music Online In Order To Download Music For A Portable Device? If i have a non-apple device can i download from itunes?
    Would you suggest buying an aple ipod or a different portable music device?

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    • You can download from itunes, you can’t use the AutoSync feature. You will need to download the DRM free version if you want to make sure its 100% compatible. Otherwise you can use other stores like Amazon Music Store[Compatible with all Mp3 Players], or Microsoft Zune store [Note Zune Pass is only available for Zune Windows 7 Phone Xbox Live devices].

      Microsoft Zune HD is no longer viable as microsoft has killed it and let users who bought it to dry [Me :P]

      Apple iTouch is always a great edition to any collection
      Archos is something not many people are aware of but its an Amazing PMP

      Sony and Creative are there…… But they really seemed to have dropped the ball.
      I suggest either Archos or iTouch [With Apple you do get access to 100,000 Apps]
      Archos mini tablets are android based so you get apps with that.

      Stay away from Blackbery Playbook.

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  4. Devasish Reply

    Some Useful Antiviruses For Portable Devices?

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  5. American Eagle girl Reply

    What Is A Niche Market? In wikipedia it stated that “Labels such as Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, and Hollister cater to various niche markets.” what does niche market mean?

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    • A narrow market… not suitable for a mass audience.. only will appeal to some people

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  6. Sh Reply

    How To Integrate GPS To A Portable Device? If I need to make a portable device which you can carry around with you to give the exact location, altitude, climb and descent.

    What electronic chips hardware will i need to make a portable GPS system?

    Is there a need to make a payment to some company to use GPS?

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  7. Jayson B Reply

    Web Designer? What are the required skills and knowledge to be a web designer?
    And what is the approx salary?

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    • To be a web designer you need to know HTML and CSS at minimum. You should know how to use tools such as Dreamweaver and Flash. These things are the “front end” of web design, which is mostly concerned with how the site will look and feel.

      I can tell you from experience that when you start out, you will have to learn a lot on the fly, especially back end (programming) stuff like Javascript, PHP, and others.

      I work for a small company so we can’t afford to hire a programmer for small projects, so I get to (haphazardly) figure this stuff out all the time, but it’s important because programming makes the site more dynamic and functional to users.

      When you first start out at entry level, I would estimate your salary to be around $25-$40,000 a year, depending on the size company that hires you. I live in California, so salary may be less elsewhere.

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  8. Erin : Reply

    What Is A Niche Audience? I’m, doing Media Studies for AS level, and as you can proberly tell by my question I’ve only just started! Been searching on the internet for the answers to my homework, but haven’t found anything. Does anybody know a simple definition of a niche audience?


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    • It would be a small, select group of people that have a very unique interest. For example, collectors of salt and pepper shakers that are shaped like bears.

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  9. Speaking_my_mind Reply

    Portable Internet Device? What is the cheapest option for a portable internet device, new or used? I am just looking for something that can tether to my cell phone or connect to a wifi hotspot, be able to view web pages easily, and watch videos online; I don’t need a full-sized laptop.

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    • Netbooks are one option.

      I would recommend the T-Mobile G1 phone. It’s a full Internet-capable device with browser, mail, ect. Lots of applications are now available. You can use it with T-Mo’s data service ($25 or $35 per month, based on the text plan you want), or you can use it to connect to wi-fi access points. I’ve known some people who bought the phone, turned the data plan on to activate it (you need a Google mail account to activate the phone), then canceled the data plan and just used hotspots.

      The phone is pretty awesome. Full keyboard, camera, music player, bluetooth, etc. There’s an update to the Android operating system on the phone that’s due to be pushed out any day. That update will include video recording, on-screen keyboard, stereo bluetooth capability and a bunch of other stuff.

      I travel a lot, and I don’t worry about not having my laptop if I leave it home. This phone does it all.

      Plus it’s a phone!

      T-Mo is still rolling out their 3G network, but it’s available in many US metro areas already.

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  10. Adlmedia Reply

    How Do Web Designers Deliver A Website Made For A Customer? Well I’m 14 years old and I am looking into starting my own web design business and I have a few questions to ask:

    1. How do web designers deliver a website made for a customer?

    2. Does the customer pay for the web hosting and domain for the website?

    3. Do you need to teach them how to post stuff on the website?


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    • 1) Some web designers actually have their own test servers. They would do their development on their servers. When their customers are completely satisfied with the results, they will FTP the files over to the production server. For those web designers that do not have their own test servers, they would just show the results on the production servers.

      2) Some customers already have their own web hosting and domain; so, they won’t need to pay “extra” per se. But some do have any web hosting service or domain names; in that case, they would need to pay on their own to get the web hosting service and the domain names. That’s why it would be beneficial for the web designers to either have their own servers or a reseller account to resell web hosting services.

      3) That depends on what kind of web site I am doing and also the agreement between me and my customers. Sometimes, I may develop some kind of content management applications that would allow my customers to update their web pages. Sometimes, I may charge them (either a monthly fee or per-change fee) depending on how often they want me to change their web page contents.

      I am a web developer by trade and I do own a web design/development business. Please feel free to contact me if you have more questions.

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  11. Amita_daga Reply

    Skills Required For Web Designer? Hello,
    What skills are required for Web Designer to get a job in web designing field?

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    • Web design is a very competitive field, so you need to know a lot to stand out. You need to know code such as XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You also need to learn about web standards, and industry-leading software such as Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Flash, etc.

      Be careful though. Web design may be fun and all, but it is over-saturated, and it can easily be outsourced. There are plenty of websites for companies to outsource their projects overseas.

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