Design Profession

Design Profession

There are currently millions of people worldwide looking to procure a web presence with their own site designed and managed by them exclusively. For this reason it is a good idea to learn what exactly web design is as you can only go so far with your social networking page. This article will define what exactly web design is along with the other facts that you should know as a beginner. If you have been considering building your own web page or getting into the design profession, you should take a few moments to read this article to learn more.

Building Web Sites

The first question you may have is what exactly is web design and what all does it entail? Web design basically encompasses anything that involves building web sites or applications through the use of HTML encoding. Now this usually takes skill and an education in the field before you can consider making a profession of it but there are ways to learn the basics. There are several free sites available that offer templates which can be used to build sites. You can then look at the page view option in your browser to discover the coding and layouts to get an idea of how it all works. When it comes to applications for something like a smart phone, Google has a development site that has programsWeb Design you can build and step by step directions available to all that sign up for it. Once you have given these options a try, you will discover whether your interest in web design needs to be followed up on or forgotten.

Building Your Own Web Page

Anyone can do web design however the level and skill set directs how far you go and how impressive your sites will be. It is recommended to search out an education in the field but as mentioned above, there are tools available to teach oneself and build some basic sites and applications. If you are interested in proceeding with a future in web design, you do need to get an education to instill a foundation that will serve as the basis for your personal style. An education is needed at this stage as new techniques and methods pop up daily and you do not want to fall behind the curve by focusing on learning the basics while others are learning new ways to design internet based projects.


Many companies choose to have in-house web designers. This is beneficial to a company as they do not have to outsource the project, nor do they have to wait for the designer to schedule around other clients. In house web design actually allows a company to stay on top of ever changing technology and keep their content up to date and fresh.

Design Profession

The prices a web design company charges vary greatly by what is expected of them. If you are working off of templates you have designed, you are looking at a few hundred dollars per site. If the job is a custom site, it could end up being a couple thousand by the time the site goes live on the web. The issue you may run into as an independent designer is that the market is over saturated with many people charging far less than what they should in order to compete. This needs to be taken into consideration when quoting prices if you want to land a particular project.

Few Moments

If you are looking to enter the web design profession, you now have an idea of what to expect as far as the basics. It is suggested to tinker around with free sites and templates as well as developmental sites to ensure that this is a field you would like to enter. Most people discover it is not as hard as they expected once they have learned the basics and choose to start up their own small yet lucrative web design companies.

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  1. Faisal Reply

    Where Can I Find A Good Web Designing Company? I have a small poultry related industry therefore i want to make our business online so is there any web design company which have the best repu in this field please give website address.

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    • I don’t believe this: all answers before are spam only!
      Place your request to (it is free to submit a request).
      Programmers from all over the world will bid on your project.
      Select the best price/value ratio!
      Good luck.
      (I design only large applications, starting fee 4,500us$… a bit too much for a small e-commerce!)

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  2. Web Developer Reply

    How To Start A Web Design Company In Tanzania? I am a freelancer web developer and would like to start my own web design company in Tanzania

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    • Spend a day checking your competition.
      The other 44 billion freelancers doing this.
      Make sure your pricing is competitive.

      I know a neighbor kid that did a website for his dentist and keeps it up.
      He uses this as his reference for further business.
      Excellent site by the way.
      Unfortunately, no one wants to pay for website development.
      Good luck.
      He goes to college to get a real college degree so a company will pay him real money.

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  3. Richard Reply

    Recently Started A Web Design Company And I’m Looking For Feedback? Hi guys, I’ve recently started a web design company in the UK, and I thought yahoo answers would be a perfect way to get some unbiased feedback. Take a look at and let me know what you think. my aim is to provide affordable web design to new and existing businesses.

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  4. Jeffory B Reply

    What Is The Best Web Design Company? Ive been looking around at and some other site, but they are too expensive. What is the best web design company by far?

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    • I think you should consider freelance too, but there is a company that employs purely freelancers to do your design job,, the are called Unix Commerce

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  5. Jeffory B Reply

    What Is The Best Web Design Company? Ive been looking around at and some other site, but they are too expensive. What is the best web design company by far?

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    • I think you should consider freelance too, but there is a company that employs purely freelancers to do your design job,, the are called Unix Commerce

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  6. Starlightbelle87 Reply

    How To Open A Web Design Company? I’ve been wanting to open my own design website for a while. I’ve been doing designs for the web for about 6 or 7years now, and many people have told me I should make a career out of it. I have no idea where to start though (i.e prices, what to offer etc). Unfortunately, I’m not the best with coding but I’m willing to teach myself haha. Any suggestions?

    My portfolio is located at

    Thank you, Penelope! Very helpful information and exactly the help I was looking for. :)

    BTW, I’m not completely clueless with coding. Obviously, I code my own websites, and wouldn’t try to sell a coded website to someone if I did not think it was simple enough for me to handle. =p

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    • It might be smart to continue just doing this on the side until you get a few customers.

      You should offer:
      Personal/Professional Webpage-Single Page, Simple Design(no advanced tags or anything, gets the job done, looks presentable doing it, but not over the top on fancy stuff(no marquees, no java, etc.)), geared toward individuals and small businesses with simple webpage needs.

      Personal Website-Several Pages, fairly simple, geared toward individuals that want to put themselves out there.(Like your Portfolio page/site)

      Professional Website-Several Pages, still fairly simple design, geared toward small businesses for advertising and a good representation of their company.

      Commercial Website- Several Pages, fancy(button color changes, etc., but not over the top or it looks stupid.), geared toward businesses with a chain in a single town or even larger companies that are nationwide for good advertising, etc.

      You should charge:
      Minimum wage(as of July 24th 2009): $7.25
      Average Coding time for a single page=3-6hrs.(estimated)

      Personal/Professional Webpage= $45 Set up
      $10 per week for upkeep

      Personal Website= $50 Set-up per page
      $15 per update session
      (for upkeep although it is unlikely on a personal website that they will want you to do much, but if they do they are sure to be picky, so more money for having to put up with pesky people.)

      Professional Website= $50 set-up per page
      $15 per week upkeep

      Commercial Website= $45 set-up per page
      $15 per week upkeep
      (Commercial Websites are more likely to have a higher number of pages, so you can probably entice more customers if you lower the price a little and give them good quality.)

      Upkeep may seem like something ridiculous to charge for or to have to offer, but webpages are constantly being updated and companies etc. will probably want theirs updated at least once a week, however you could just charge them for how many times you had to update it.

      Work on the coding to get better at it (hint: Tables are your best friends!)
      I love the look of your sites. They are awesome. Market a little more. Add a page to your Portfolio called Web Designing post what you wanna charge and then make sure people see your page, post it all over Y!A people love to click on links.

      Maybe start by doing one for free for a corner Mom&Pop store around where you live, just to get the exposure. On the bottom of every page you put onto their site put, Web Design by Melanie Gebhardt and link to your Web Design page that I suggested you add. On your Web Desing page also have links(like your sample designs page now) so that Web Pages you have designed and are making a profit off of are available for viewing by anyone interested in your Web Design Services.
      Don’t forget any income you earn doing this is also taxable.

      Hope this helps. =)

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  7. Alexis A Reply

    Looking For California Web Design?? Where can i find the best Web Designing Company in Torrance, California and Los Angeles?

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    • MY WEB DESIGN SOURCE, offers high quality graphic design, web development, and online marketing services for your business at affordable prices!
      Our web site designers work directly with your project to create exactly what you want and your business needs!
      So whether it’s a basic website, online store, custom web application you need, or even just basic updates & maintenance services, we’re here to serve you.

      Services offered
      – Directory Submission
      – Web Design
      – Data Mining
      – Script Installation
      – Website Maintenance
      – Web Hosting
      – Article Marketing
      – Website Redesign
      – Blog Setup and Posting
      – SEO Services
      – E-commerce Services

      E-Commerce Services
      E-Commerce allows you to add your own product images, descriptions, set your own prices, and accept a variety of shipping and payment methods. Tons of extensions are available that allow you to extend it even more to help make your job easier.

      Web Design Services
      Establish your company’s presence online, with our professional web design packages ideal for small to medium sized business. With budget consideration can benefit greatly from any of our full featured but affordable web design packages.

      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services
      Search engine optimization does work in generating traffic because it initiates keyword searching. All search engines work in such a way it takes what the user typed in the search box and then tries to search for those words within its database of websites and page contents. The website containing the most number of instances in which the keywords appeared are listed from top to bottom.

      Contact Us

      My Web Design Source Company

      2779 Maricopa St. Torrance CA US 90503

      Tel no. +13108741865

      Fax no. +1.2136200990

      Please visit our website:


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  8. Hrf8403 Reply

    Web Design? Does anyone have an interest in haveing a career in web design?

    I have a friend that is in that career.

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    • Yes I successfully started a career in web design and am currently working for a phoenix web site design company My best advise to you is to start learning the industry standard tools such as Macromedia DreamWeaver, Adobe Photoshop, and Macromedia Flash. You can take several courses but real world experience is the best. You can also offer to be a free part time intern for a local web company in exchange for learning some of the necessary skills.

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  9. Dfgs Reply

    Do People Prefer Web Design Freelancers Or Companies? I’m a web designer and for a while I have been advertising my website as a company, would it be better to advertise me as a freelancer rather than a company?

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    • Depends on your target audience. Small mom and pop shops would likely prefer an individual over a company since it gives them the feeling of having more control. Also, they know they aren’t paying for corporate bloat and overhead.

      Corporations are more likely to like working with companies.

      I used to work for a design “firm” that had 5-10 designers. It was really a collection of independent contractors like yourself. They worked very hard to present themselves as a firm rather than a series of contractors. This included legalese, lengthy contracts, iterative bid proposals, sales presentations, etc. The price of the contracts was very high, but it was also a ton of work for a small group of people to pull it off.

      Since there’s only one of you, I would stick with being an individual contractor or freelancer. Really, that’s what you are and your clients will find out sooner or later. If they feel misled you’ll lose trust.

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  10. Jack Reply

    Tell Me The Best Web Design Company India?

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    • Now a day In India, Web Design and web development service are growing up . For this Web Design Company demand rising. Many website company provide those service but I think one of the best company in this fields that is Their responsible of programming team to make sure that the website developed by them is equipped with well designed database and the data access strategy is optimized.

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  11. Lukas Reply

    I Need Some Legal Help With My New Web Design Company? I have recently set up a web design company with a friend of mine, she is great at art and design and I am the seller and the coder, we work really well together and have managed to get a few contracts so far.

    However, I am concerned about 2 of our clients legally.

    One of them, we designed the site for and as we do with all of our sites, we added our copyright to the bottom of the page and then added the page image to our portfolio. They paid us in full and all was fine. However, some months later they decided they didn’t want our design or to pay us to update the site for them so they went out, learnt coding and redesigned the site themselves, not a problem as far as I am concerned really, we got paid and they redesigned the site so we don’t need our copyright on the bottom anymore.

    Its the other client I am concerned about. We designed the template for two sites for them, the copyright to us stayed on both sites for ages but the problem is that they allow their 14 year old son to update both sites for them and he has taken away the copyright on all but the home page on one of the two sites and on the other he has changed the wording to say SOME DESIGN SOPYRIGHT OF ****** and then on all of the other pages he has written all content is copyrighted to him.

    We didn’t have a contract for the client at the time as it was very early days and the sites are for a local newspaper which I also write for on occasion so it is a rather delicate subject in general.

    What can I do about it legally, he is only 14 so probably doesn’t know any better, I can still access their site files to add the copyright again if needs be but can I do this without their permission. We did the template design but he does change the content.

    Anybody have any ideas as to what we can do about this problem and what we can do to prevent it in the future, is there a law against removing copyrights? Or is there something we can write in contract for future clients?

    Really need advice here.


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    • This answer applies to UK only:

      Copyright in your website arises automatically. The addition of the copyright wording only helps in 2 respects:
      1. it may dissuade someone else from copying the work or make them think twice about what they are doing;
      2. it provides another piece of advertising for your company

      As a designer, you are right to think about the issues that this raises.

      What is the main thing that you are trying to protect as a web designer? I imagine it is the design/ look and feel. The content of your sites probably is something that is provided by the client (although depending on the job, you may have input into this).

      If clients have the ability to change the content, that is up to them. Anything that they draft they’ll own copyright.

      In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, the writer of the text/ designer will own the copyright in a work (such as the website).

      Two issues: contracts and practical.

      Your contract needs to specify what you are doing on the job and whether copyright in the completed work will be assigned (transferred to) the client.

      It would be worth downloading a style contract that deals with this – there are plenty available – pick one that you need to pay for, though – at least it is likely to be quality controlled.

      From a practical perspective, you may want to think about how you deliver the website to the client. If you aren’t happy with the client tinkering with ‘look and feel’, you should deliver a CMS to the client that doesn’t allow them the ability to change look and feel. Place the (c) wording within the part of the site that the client can’t access.

      However, wouldn’t the better solution be to embed a “website designed by x” tag that the client can’t get to? This removes the problem of you being associated with the content of the site if the client puts poor/ offensive content on the site.

      There would be no need then to deal with this in the contract.

      If you are delivering the entire source code to the client, I think you should again think about what the contract gives to the client – you should be giving client a non-exclusive licence to the material/ look & feel/ functionality. If you give the client an exclusive licence, you technically won’t be able to re-utilise parts of the source code for other projects.

      Hope this helps

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  12. Anonymous Reply

    Who’s The Best Web Design Company In Lucknow? Hi
    I am looking for a small website for my retail business.. I am based out of lucknow. Anyone please help to find best web development organisation in lucknow.

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    • India is the hub of Web Designing Companies, There are lot web Designing companies who provide the affordable and best web design Services. So before hiring any web design firm or Company must check their Portfolio page for seeing their Expertise level.

      I also want to suggest a Company Named AblySoft Pvt LTD. Based In Mohali Punjab, Gives the affordable and best Web design services.

      So I Suggest you see our Portfolio page and check our Previous work then take action, below is our Portfolio page.

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  13. John Reply

    Please Suggest Any Web Design Company Melbourne? Hi everyone. Please suggest me any web designing and development company in Melbourne, Australia. No spam links please. Advice some genuine Sites or Companies.


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  14. Eric Reply

    Should I Have My Own Website For Freelance Web Design While I’m Employed By A Company? I have been doing freelance web design/development for around 2 years. About 7 months ago, I was hired as a developer for a company. I never launched my personal site before I became employed. My boss knew I did freelance work then and that I had open projects I would continue to work on. My question now is, should I launch my personal site? I do not wish to take away any clients from my company, but I do wish to continue freelance work on the side. Ideally, I want to take small scale projects on the side that my company is not interested in, and direct large scale projects to my company. I just don’t want to cross any lines with my boss and I’m not sure the best way to ask his opinion on the issue.

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    • The same thing is happening with me but I am releasing that my employers had started their business when they worked under some other employer or company. They started their own company during working on some other company. When their business got flourished, then they had opened it separately.

      Therefore, in freelancing web designing company, it is not unethical to setup your business during working on some other company. Website development companies have very low strength. I have heard max. 500 in website top most development company.

      I have started my own website during working on my current company

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  15. Alli Reply

    Please Suggest Best Web Designing Development Companies ? I want to hire a company for web development in Melbourne, Australia. Please suggest any, you have dealt with?

    Ali Thomson.

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    • A lot of to choose from while we are looking for a web development company and will have to research in detail for that. While hiring a web development company make sure you see the previous work done by the company and their clients if you can get to some. The clients can give you the best feedback regarding the company. Well my friend had been associated with a company named Starlink Design and he is happy with their services. You can have a look at the company at
      They are handling his company website from last 2 years. It must be good and that is why he never changed the service provider. You can try them.
      Good Luck.

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  16. Naina Sharma Reply

    Which Company Provides Web Design Services At Affordable Price In India? Web9x provides Website Designing services,Internet marketing,Search engine optimization,Mobile applications development at affordable rates in india. For more info visit :

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    • Yeah.. Web9x is a best web design company in delhi- india which provides websites at affordable prices and GREAT results with Sleek Web Design visit They are an awesome ground with very nice and helpful people. They are very affordable with quality work. They work with you and your business ideas to help create the best custom solutions possible.

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