Quality Web Design

Quality Web Design

Are you thinking about launching your own website? You should read the following article for some helpful tips on how to create a quality web design.

Color Patterns

Start by looking at the kind of websites your target audience is likely to visit regularly. Look for similarities and trends in their designs. Try locating specific information on these sites to get an idea of how easy they are to navigate. Identify why some sites are not easy to navigate and avoid making the same mistakes. You should also pay attention to color patterns and choose colors that will make your site stand out.

Copyright Information

Use a site-building tool if you are not comfortable enough with HTML. Most web hosting services offer quality site-building tools but you might have to upgrade your current plan to get access to one of these tools. Take the time to learn more about the different features of your site-building tool and create some test pages. Most site-building tools are very easy to use and simply require you to select the type of elements you want and place them on a page.

Design Elements

Learn more about HTML so you can eventually develop your own designs. Once you are fully comfortable with HTML, learn other languages such as PHP if you want to create scripts for your site or Java Script to create interactive elements. Learning HTML should take you up to six months if you have some free time and are properly motivated. Practice with a simple website or a few pages before working on your main project.

Free Time

Organize your design elements efficiently. You should divide your HTML pages in several elements. Create a header you can use to describe your entire page with a title tag rather than using an image as a banner. Your body should include your menu so your visitors can easily find your site-wide links. Your main text should come right after your menu. Create a footer to place copyright information. Define the position of these elements with percentages rather than set values and use a separate CSS sheet to set a color for your background and borders. Learning CSS should be very easy once you know HTML and will allow you to use a single sheet for your design elements instead of making your HTML pages too busy.

Helpful Tips

Test your design before launching your website. Use the W3C website to analyze each individual page. This site will help you spot mistakes and suggest corrections. Look at your website with different resolutions, browsers and devices to make sure your site can be Web Designproperly displayed. Your site will be easier to display if you use a simple design and use floating elements. Define their position with percentages or keep your design flexible by not setting a position for your elements. If you notice mistakes, look for ways to make your design even simpler.

Html Pages

Follow these different steps to create a quality website. Take the time to learn more about web design and do not use the design you created yourself until it looks professional enough.

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34 Responses to “Quality Web Design”

  1. Ess Reply

    What Is The Best Monitor To Get For Professional Graphic/ Web Design? What is the best monitor to get if you are working in graphics/graphic/web design? The best in resolution, dpi, color and etc? Cost not an issue, but want best quality.

    Thank you for your input!

    • CRTs are still tops for color. Mitsubishi Diamondtron, NEC, and LaCie (if you can find one used) are the best I’ve ever used.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Is India Hub Of IT And Web Designing Companies? Is India hub of IT and Web designing companies? if yes so which type cities are best as well as famous for IT companies. can you suggest me some information.

    • No, its a cheap hub for cheap websites.. to be honest most of the examples of India based websites ( and I have seen loads as I own a web design forum ) are of very poor quality, not necessarily the design, but the coding defiantly. The sites are cheap for a reason and that is because they care more about quantity that quality.

      The whole idea of having a website is to get it online and found.. marketing, with them you get little advice and very little support. You will also get little results as the coding is usually bad enough for search engines to have difficulty indexing the site.

  3. ҜңŰŘÃМ Reply

    What Is The Web Design, Web Design And Development Company? I want to develop the website, i need to know about the best web design company. The company that produces quality web designs, affordable web design, best web design and development;

    I want to develop the website, i need to know about the best web design company. The company that produces quality web designs, affordable web design, best web design and development;

    I want to develop the website, i need to know about the best web design company. The company that produces quality web designs, affordable web design, best web design and development;

    I want to develop the website, i need to know about the best web design company. The company that produces quality web designs, affordable web design, best web design and development;

    I want to develop the website, i need to know about the best web design company. The company that produces quality web designs, affordable web design, best web design and development;

    I want to develop the website, i need to know about the best web design company. The company that produces quality web designs, affordable web design, best web design and development;

    • If you are interested in learning how a website is developed then grab yourself a web design program such as Coffeecup HTML editor. The program offers an instant preview window so you can see how the development of your code will affect your page. Check out lots of great free tutorials at W3Schools.com

      If you not interested in learning HTML programming then you can use a wysiwyg drag and drop program such as Visual Site Designer. With this program you develop your website visually by moving the objects around the screen and the software would generate the proper code for you. Using this type of software you would not need to do any programming as the software handles it all for you.

  4. Josh Reply

    What Is The Cheapest And Best Online College For Web Design And Development? What is the best, cheap online college for web design and development?
    Im trying to get my associates, then my bachelors a year after. I need something that has good payment plans as well. I have a full-time job, but I still have other bills to pay.

    • I had the same questions going into web design school. I went to Art Center College of Design, but they didn’t really focus on the technical aspect of web. They were more design-driven. I would suggest Art Institute or looking through online college finders such as http://www.bestonlinecollegesdegrees.com and research a few different schools.

      Look at student work to judge the quality of the program.

  5. Jocey5 Reply

    How Do I Make Connections With Medium To Large Advertising Agencies? I own a design agency that offers very high quality graphic and web design services. Up until now we have been more of a B2C business, offering logos, brochures, direct mail, newsletters, websites, etc.

    We work with a couple advertising agencies that outsource their creative needs to us. It has turned out to be a great asset to these companies because they can pick up the phone and call whenever the need arises and take comfort in knowing we can handle whatever they throw our way.

    Currently, we are changing our focus to be more of a B2B design agency. Up until now, all of our B2C business has been provided through word of mouth referrals. I would really appreciate any advice people could give me to help open some new doors to advertising agencies in need of outsourcing solutions. I’m not talking about outsourcing to India either…our talent is 100% American! Thank you in advance!

    • The usual. Find out who the decision makers are and wine and dine them until you turn blue…

  6. Alex Reply

    Does Anybody Know Affordable Web Design Company ? I am looking web design company . High quality work at a low price .
    Who can redesign , develop and organize our websites and blogs
    please answer me if only you have good experience with them .
    I can pay through PayPal and LR .

  7. Amélie Reply

    How Would I Go About Finding A Quality Web Designer? Hello there. I’m an artist, but an artist that’s not too savvy on web design (coding, flash, etc). I have well thought out ideas and sketches, but I need someone to make my ideas come to life. Where can I go to find a quality web designer? If you know of any people, directories, websites, or companies that specialize in this, please let me know! I love links ;D Thanks!

  8. Youronmyfoot Reply

    What Is The Best Way To Describe My Skills On A Job Application? I am going for a job as a service advisor. I have to fill in a few sections that describe my skills relevant to the role.
    Communication. Planning & Organising, Team Working & Leadership. Where can I find good examples of what people have put previously on applications? The job is for a brewery in the U.K in the finance dept. Inputting & checking orders, customer queries.
    I do not want to copy, I just want to get an understanding of the best way to show my skills.
    I am educated to degree level, (Interactive Multimedia) Have waorked as a Senior Insurance Negotiator, 2 years, Claims & Underwriting experience. Sales & Lettings Manager 1.5 years. Quality Control Inspector.

    Personal hobbies. (in no order)
    Hill walking, camping, Angling (Carp), Squash, Tennis, Internet Gaming, Poker, Web Designing, Driving, Reading, Socialising.

    Hope you can point me in the right direction.

    • Rules to show your skills in resume / job applications:

      1. Give numbers / statistics to show your job scope
      Ex.: Negotiated 500+ claims annually

      2. List accomplishments to show you are valuable
      Ex: Managed the highest sales in region (in $$$)

      3. Choose right keywords
      Most big companies use computer to match resumes with job opening. So, read the job opening carefully and use the same keywords in your resume / application

      4. Do not include hobbies (unless you know the hiring manager has the same hobbies with you).

      Hope this helps….

  9. Liberation08 Reply

    How Do I Successfully Design And Manage A Website? I’m responsible for managing a website for a student organization at my university and I have no prior experience in managing or designing websites. Any advice on what FTP program to use or how to become acquainted with the essentials of web design and management?
    Keep in mind, this isn’t a professional or academic website. It doesn’t have to be excellent. It just has to be of decent quality.
    Thank You

    • Hi There,
      I have made and manage three websites. Also had no prior experience.

      As far as designing a site my advice is to visit other sites and check out what colors and formats they use. Just use the colors and appearance you like best.

      If your organization already has a site you can use the colors and fonts already used. If there are other student organizations you know of check out their sites to see what they did and use the ideas you like.

      Two FTP clients I use are Filezilla and Core FTP lite. Both work fine but I use CoreFTP the most.

      There are three HTML editors I use; Kompozer, Coffeecup Free Edition and Notepad.

      Kompozer is a “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what your get) editor that can open existing HTML files or make new HTML files. It has good help files and online instructions.

      Coffeecup is another good HTML editor. It is not “wygiwyg ” but it handles frames and has a view tab that allows you to look at the page you are making,

      Notepad is good for opening HTML files, making small changes and saving.

      Be advised you are going to have to spend a lot of time and practice in designoing a website and then uploading to a webhost. I have been doing this for four years and am still learning. At first it was difficult so the best way to start is to get someone to help you. You will learn more as time goes on.

      At the last link below is a good website for looking up HTML, CSS and Java code. It is W3 Schools site and it is very good.

      Hope this helps,

  10. Anonymous Reply

    How Much Money Does It Cost To Make A Cheap Web Design Program And A High Quality One? How much money does it cost to make a cheap web design program and a high quality like dreamweaver

    • Costs vary.
      Size of team, facilities, wages, time.

  11. Reply

    Can You Take Web Design And Graphic Design Classes At The Same Time? Is it possible to take web design and graphic design classes at the same time? Also, for schools like “The Art Institute”, how many classes can you take?

    • If you mean: Is it morally acceptable? Are the two topics inter-relatable? Then yes, of course you can take both classes at the same time! If you are specifically asking about a school such as “The Art Institute” then the best thing for you to do is to look up the phone number for the branch you intend on attending classes at, call them, and ask directly– all schools play by different rules. Remember to ask questions directly whenever you can and to not be shy for not knowing. They should be more than happy to assist you with class schedules, credits per semester, and so on and so forth.

      I however would advise you to avoid attending any of “The Art Institutes.” The label “Institute” is tricky and does not ensure a quality education… In which case you should also factor in the cost of attendance.

      Anyhow, just call and ask and you should be fine.

  12. M Reply

    Can I Get A Web Designing Job In India W/o A College Degree? Hi i plan on getting a web design job. i plan on going to india and trying to get a job for web design there. i will take classes for it and if i go to college i may get a 2 yrs or 4 yrs degree. now i know that if i get a 4 yr degree i wont have any problem b/c a ameican 4 yr bachelor is equivalent to indian 3yr bachelor degree. but i am not sure for if a 2 yr american degree would count there, or if i would need a degree or not. so basically can i get a web design job in india with either a 2 yr, american degree, or no degree at all? plz answer!! thanks!!!

    • Are you good? I don’t know how it is in India, but in America, in the web design world, experience means a heck of a lot more than a degree. One year of work experience, if you can show you have built quality, impressive things, will get you a good job. A college degree might get you an interview at some places. Case in point – I moved to Los Angeles a while back one semester short of a degree. I couldn’t afford my last semester so figured I’d work and save up enough money. At the time, I had no experience I could put on my resume – I had done projects for companies, but they were all internal tools – invoicing, auditing, that kind of stuff. After about a week of interviews I realized there are TONS of people who say they can do websites, but can’t. You have to be able to show it. So I called someone looking for a freelance web developer, he asked what I could show him, and I told him I had no portfolio yet. I promised him I was good, I’d have the site he wanted done in half the time he had asked, and he wouldn’t have to pay until it was done. I made it very easy for him to say yes, basically. Then I made sure to build a “portfolio worthy” site. The next time I had an interview, they asked what experience I had, I told them I had just started, and only had one site in my portfolio, but when they saw it, they were impressed and offered me the job.

      So yes, no degree necessary – I no longer even include my education on my resume, I just show what I’ve done, it’s far more important in this industry, at least until you are looking for a CTO type job.

  13. Chnnewjack Reply

    Web Site Design Image Problems? When i upload images to my web site, the border of the image seems to have “pixels, fuzzy looking” stuff, and it’s not exactly clear, what format should i save my images, jpeg? is there any body can provide me detailed info how to ensure the image quality when uploading images to a web site?

    • A good image-for-the-web rule-of-thumb in the past was jpeg for photo-quality, gif for buttons and other stuff.

      Remember, there are two things you should consider: file size and image quality. Most image editors today can save in either GIF or JPEG, with settings on the quality, number or colors, etc. Choose an image format that offers the best quality without sacrificing the file size.

      Between image quality and filesize, err on the side of filesize. Broadband connection is more common today, more and more people are leaving dial-up behind.

      As for the pixelation on your web page, if the image itself is not pixelated, you might have set the IMG tag to use the HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes with the wrong values.

      On the above example, if the width and height of myimage.jpg is much smaller, say 25 x 25 pixels, then the HTML code will tell the browser to ‘stretch’ the image until it’s 100 x 100 pixels in size. Most images would blur and pixelate because of this.

      To check the dimensions of your image, right-click (on Windows) on the image and select Properties. You should see the dimensions there.

      Hope this helps. =)

  14. Professor Quack Reply

    How To Design Shiny Web Buttons In Xara?

  15. Kevin7 Reply

    Who Are Some Famous Israeli Web Design Artists?

    • One of them is Binamica Professional Web Development located at Talpiot Industrial Zone, in Jerusalem, Israel.

      Also check out web design created by Ace Web Design Adelaide ensure you receive the highest quality web site to suit your business needs, with the best results.http://www.acewebdesign.com.au/

  16. Pawan Reply

    Coral Draw V/s Adobe Photoshop Who Will Be Best For Web Design? I want quality in web designing presently i m using coral draw X4 but i am not happy with its image quality please help me to choose best software for web designing.

    • You cant use these softwares alone for web design, you will need a software like Dreamweaver. But out of the two Photoshop is better for quality images and works well with dreamweaver.

  17. Professor Quack Reply

    How To Design Shiny Web Buttons In Xara?

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