Time Management Programs

Time Management Programs

While you often work on your own as a web site designer, that doesn’t mean what you do is any less of a business. You need to behave professionally at all times or you may end up losing clients as a result. The tips below will help you run your business better so that clients are always satisfied and you can more easily balance your home life with your professional life.

Adept Project

The most important thing to do when it comes to opening a web design business is to create a space where you can avoid distractions while you work. This is often a small office which has a door on it. If you can close that door on your messy house, screaming kids or barking pets, you can pay attention to the code you are writing instead of the problems which lay beyond it. You should also have a dedicated phone line in this office so that only business phone calls make it to you while you are working. Consider a cell phone so you can easily turn it off Web Designoutside of business hours.

Business Phone

Understanding your limitations is key to running a good business. While you may be great at coding HTML and CSS, you may not know Javascript well or struggle with creating graphics. When you work alone, you must become an adept project manager. Network with others in your field to find people who are good at what you are not. Subcontract them when you need a little help and they will likely do the same in return. You can make money off your own work and theirs by adding a small commission to the fees they charge.

Creating Graphics

To stay on top of your scheduling, use time management programs to figure out where you need to be and when. This is a great way of keeping track of deadlines which are looming ahead of you. It can also remind you to follow up on invoices, do monthly maintenance on the websites you have created or even call you to do some marketing on your social media. If you can keep track of your time, you will spend it doing something productive.


A great way to stay on top of what you have to do every day is by using to-do lists. For example, tasks you do every day, such as posting on your social media accounts, checking to see who is talking about your firm online or reading your email can be turned into a checklist which reappears on your tasks every day. There are many task manager programs available to you for your phone or computer, so find one which works and be sure to use it every day,.

Good Business

Running a business isn’t easy for anyone, but a web designer who faces such a huge number of competitors often has the greatest struggle of all. These tips will help you better your business so that your web design firm can grow. The ability to turn a profit is yours if you use this knowledge as soon as possible.

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  1. Dan L Reply

    Need Some Help With A Web Design/print Design Business Tagline? I need a tagline for my business. Something that’s emotional and inspirational. Sharp and simple, but that could be elaborated into a campaign if needed. I’m a graphic design and web design business called “PurpleDot Designs”.

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  2. Kapil_bhutkar Reply

    How Can I Promote Indian Web Designing Business In Australia ? Hi
    I have web designing and development business in India. and also registered trade name in Australia . I would like to know how can I promote this in Australia ?

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    • Online advertising. :] And talk to you people you know who might be interested, or in a position where they could help you.

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  3. Tinasuze Reply

    What Are The Economics Factors Of Web Design? Like the effects web design has on the economy.

    also the social, political, and cultural effects of web design as it relates to individuals and to society as a whole.

    any answer to any part of this would help alot!

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    • Web Design opens up commerce to the entire world, whereby smaller businesses would normally be prevented from expansion overseas due to massive costs.

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  4. Cmedrano19 Reply

    Web Hosting/Design For Birth Announcement Business? I have a small birth announcement business I advertise on myspace and craigslist since it’s free but I’d like to create a website. How do I get a website for cheap? and that they have already nice designs or templates. I have no idea where to begin! I would like to pay no more than $10 a month.

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    • You can get web hosting for $10/month or less at Hostamina.com – they also provide web design services or free web templates. Just send them an email and they will hook you up with whatever you need!

      You should avoid hosts that offer “unlimited” space/bandwidth as this is somewhat of a scam. You should also avoid hosts that offer ridiculous amounts of space/bandwidth, such as 10GB space for only $5/month. Hosts like this overload and oversell servers, and are bad news for anyone who wants reliability.

      You should also avoid answers here that send you to review sites, as those sites make money off commissions and rank hosts based on how much money they’ll get paid, not on how good they are. You should avoid answers here that look like they are affiliate links as well, for the same reason.

      Hostamina.com is exactly what you need. Support is great! They will help you set up your website, and they will provide you with any help you need. Note that I am not using an affiliate link or sending you to a review site.


      -They provide awesome personalized support
      -They know how to handle all your business needs
      -They never oversell
      -They never overload servers
      -They offer realistic plans
      -You actually get what they say you get
      -There is no fake “unlimited” space or bandwidth
      -There is no fake “50,000 GB” space or bandwidth
      -They will help you with anything you need help with
      -They will put you on a super fast server
      -Every server has at least dual quad core processors
      -Every server has at least 4GB of RAM
      -Every server has strict account limitations
      -Most companies average 300 accounts per server
      -Hostamina averages 100 accounts per server
      -Instant Shopping Carts, Blogs, Forums, PHP-Nuke, Joomla, and more!

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  5. Pancakes Reply

    Is It Possible To Sell A Web Design Business? I am starting up my own web design business but I would like to know if it would be possible to sell it when I go to university if it is successfull.


    ps:Aso any tips on the Web Design field would be much appreciated thankyou.

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    • If you are a solo shop, it will likely prove difficult to impossible to sell.

      the better route would be to get it going and then go into partnership with someone else in the same business who isn’t going to go to uni when you do — and then have your partner buy you out over the next four years.

      btw, a decent price for the buyout might well be your portion of one year’s net profit, excluding the amount you take out of the business.

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  6. Ashley M Reply

    Am I Ready To Start My Own Web Design Business? Here is my skill set below:


    Also will it be hard competition and is there a need for web designers? I am aiming for small business’s.


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  7. Shockbotkins Reply

    Future Of Web Design? I’m 20 and currently run a web design business. I love doing the job because its my passion and my true talent. I mainly focus on the web/graphic template itself but I’m very knowledgable in HTML/CSS, PHP, MYSQL and Java. Do you believe web design will be around as a career for years to come?

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    • Interface design and interaction design will be around for as long as we have any kind of “computer” and any kind of humans using them.

      you will have a career working with interfaces and interaction as long as you stay current in the methods and tools for creating those AND making them more useful for humans. but don’t get bogged down on “web” design.

      the web is just one example of a network of computers. the web as we know it right now is already very different than what was originally conceived and it will change and morph and become other things. just stay on the leading edge of the wave as much as possible, don’t get bogged down in what the average person thinks of the web.

      always keep in mind that the “computer” is the processor chip, some electronics, software (including the OS), and the memory hardware, not the box they’re in. why remember this? because ANYTHING can have a computer in it or part of it and if you think that way you’ll be on the leading edge of working with the new interfaces and interactions. if anything can have or be a computer, any of those “things” (cars, toys, houses, people) can be “networked” in any of hundreds or thousands of ways and networks also need interfaces and interaction design.

      stay flexible. read lots of articles on slashdot and boing, boing and other tech and nerd sites to broaden your mind. stay curious. keep loving your work.

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  8. Kate Reply

    How Long Does It Take To Build A Web Design Business? I want to take some classes to learn about the programming. I dont have a degree and need to change careers rather fast. I would start doing it on the side until I can build up and have my own business. Once I have taken the necessary classes, how long does it take to build a business if you hustle?

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    • Web design is not just about coding or programming. I have met so many so called web designers that have NO design skills.

      It’s like hiring a magazine editor just because they know how to type. It does not make sense.

      First, make sure you have the design skills to design aesthetically pleasing sites. Then, proceed with the programming skills.

      The reason is that many small businesses (your market I assume since large companies already have a website or marketing dept.) don’t need anything special that might require too much programming.

      I am not trying to be critical, but you need to make sure this is something you want and can do before you waste your time with learning new things.

      I wish you luck and hope you truely succeed.

      FWIW, I use Coldfusion for programming sites that need dynamic interaction. However, I use straight HTML quite often. For jobs I do not have time to do, I use elance and get bids on jobs.

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  9. Tinasuze Reply

    What Are The Economics Factors Of Web Design? Like the effects web design has on the economy.

    also the social, political, and cultural effects of web design as it relates to individuals and to society as a whole.

    any answer to any part of this would help alot!

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    • Web Design opens up commerce to the entire world, whereby smaller businesses would normally be prevented from expansion overseas due to massive costs.

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  10. Stepney_lad Reply

    Web Page Designing.? I am considering doing a web design course, do you consider it to be a viable and profitable bussiness to be in, and how competitive do you think the market is at the moment.
    I was told that Dream weaver should be the initial path i should take as an introductory course.

    What say you, many thanks for answering.
    Well, what can i say: i certainly did not expect the responses to be so quick and thorough, extremely helpful and proffessional.
    Thank you.
    I have just looked on the HTML made easy page, and i think i may need another degree in how to implement there tutorial, However, i also browsed the Web 2.0 template monster site, and was very impressed with the innovative ideas, and the ease of the applications.
    Thanks again.

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    • 1. Web “page” design is not a profitable business: it pays less than 15$ per page: tooooo much competition!
      2. To make it “profitable”, you have to make sites that you can charge 2-5000$, and write them in a few weeks.
      This means Web 2.0 designs, AJAX, full interactivity, e-commerce, Content Management System etc.
      This eliminate completely the use of ANY WYSIWYG editors such as DreamWeaver (reserved for amateurs who can’t code). Whatever anyone tells you, NONE of these can cope with any of the demands you will face.
      Your tools: Notepad or Notepad++.
      Your skills: (X)HTML, javascript, PhP, mySQL, AJAX, Photoshop, ASP, JSP, Perl, (+ all window skills).
      Start with Dreamweaver and you will end up in a total dead end in two years, incapable of progressing, incapable of coding properly, incapable of beating the (fearce) competition.
      3. Finally, forget “web design”. Go for “Web 2.0 Application Design”. An application is a complex program, using several languages, that just happens to run on a server to allow multi-user access. Think of your bank: every till is a PC. They all run the same program, on the SAME server. So, what you pay on till 1 is instantly credited to your account, visible on till 2. Or a stock control between offices separated by miles (or continents!)
      THESE are applications. You develop them in a few MONTHS (not hours), and you can charge them reasonnably.
      (because you are one of the VERY FEW good programmers among the millions of amateurs!)
      Good luck

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  11. CloLaLa Reply

    Is Web Design 1 Online Easy? I want to take Web Design 1 online. I may want to go to college for internet marketing and I feel like it would be good for this. Is it fun, boring, hard? Opinions please! I am going into 10th grade next year.

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    • Web design 1 is easy, but I recommend using word press. Word Press is one of the most popular blogging tools available. But what many people don't know is that it is a powerful Content Management System that can be used for more than just blogging. With Word Press you can build a blog, a website, or both. This is the first article in a series where we'll explore why Word Press is a good choice for small business websites, and how to install, configure and use it for your small business.

      Fast forward to today, and now we have Word Press - an amazingly powerful content management system that is FREE. And it has a lot of power under the hood for a small or medium business looking for an easy way to manage their web site.

      Word Press was designed as a platform for blogging, but you don't have to use it as a blogging tool. With a few tweaks it can be used to run your website, with or without a blog. The fact that Word Press was designed as a blogging platform gives it some compelling advantages.

      It is optimized for easily publishing and changing content. And getting good search engine rankings requires fresh, unique content. You need a system that does not get in your way when you want to update your website with a new article or newsletter.


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