Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

If you are interested in launching your own website, you will have to learn a few things about web design. Go over the following article for some useful tips on web design.

Flexible Design

You can easily launch a simple website without any knowledge of web design. Choose a web hosting service that includes a quality site building tool or create blog thanks to a popular blogging platform. If you choose to create a blog, you will be able to choose a template and personalize it. Site building tools also allow you to create simple designs. This is a good way to launch your site right away if you do not want to wait until you master HTML or other languages.

Html Pages

Learning HTML is not as hard as it seems. You can build an HTML page by dividing your content in different elements or boxes. Do not worry about the position of these boxes right away. Mark your important elements with some tags and try placing your most important content toward the top of your page. Do not forget to add meta tags and a meta description in the header of your HTML pages.

Indefinite Number

You can then connect your HTML pages to a CSS sheet. A single CSS sheet can be connected to an indefinite number of HTML pages which makes adopting a uniform design a lot easier. You can use your CSS page to define the position of your different elements, their colors, their borders or their size. It is best to use percentages for the size and position of your elements so your design remains flexible.

Learning Html

Look at your site under different browsers and resolutions. Your site should be properly displayed regardless of the device or browser you use. If your site is not displayed properly, you need to adopt a more flexible design. Do not use set values to define the size or position of your elements. If you think a lot of visitors will use their cell phone to look up your site, consider launching a mobile version.

Master Html

Do not neglect search engine optimization when developing your web design. You should create a simple design and avoid making your HTML too busy to make your site easier to analyze and index. Common mistakes include using Java Script for your menu since search engine spiders cannot follow these links or using an image for your background or your header.

Meta Description

Update your design regularly. Your visitors will not get a positive image of your brand if your design does not look up to date. Learn about Web Designthe latest web design trends by reading blogs or newsletters on this topic. You can also get an idea of how trends are evolving by paying attention to how other webmasters update their design. Make small changes to your design regularly and try creating a brand new design every two years or so.

Meta Tags

Use these tips to create a quality design for your website. Start with a simple project and learn more about HTML and the other skills you will need to develop a quality design.

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  1. Nikki Reply

    What Is The Best Design For An Egg Drop? In our physics class we have to create a container to hold an egg so that it does not break in a drop down one floor. The design can only use straws, tape, glue, string, and paper. It additionally has to be as light as possible. Any suggestions?

    • The best design is one that provide as much as energy absorbing capability as possible, so you want to buffer the egg with as much material around it as possible, and the material needs to be flexible not stiff.I suggest that you use a combination of string and paper to build a cocoon around the egg. Hold the whole thing together with glue and tape. I would also use the straw as well, since the straw provides a cushion of air.

  2. Ilya Reply

    What Process Has To Undergo In Order To Make A Web Design Company? I am very talented with art and computers and make very good websites. I have decided that i should start earning money for my work (however i’m only 15). So how do i start in creating a web design business.
    The websites that i make are flash-based and i am also good with flash animation

  3. Ahhelll Reply

    What Are Some Comparable Furniture Brands To Kincaid And Thomasville? I like Kincaid and Thomasville, but I have no idea what other brands have similar quality and design. I don’t want to trot around to all kinds of different stores finding out what I like. It would be nice to just browse their websites and figure out what I like, then go to a showroom to see in person. Any ideas?

    • Believe it or not….Lay-Z-Boy makes very good furnture that doesn’t tilt back.

  4. Eldridge Reply

    How Do I Prevent Framed Html Pages From Coming Up In A Google Search? I made a site with Dreamweaver that has frames and within those frames I have different html pages that load into them. I came across an extension once which I believe prevented those pages from coming up in Google searches but cannot relocate it. These pages are just bare text and should not be accessed by themselves.

  5. Nobody Reply

    If I Want To Get A Bachelors In Advertising And Design Can I Start With An Associate In Web Design? I have to go to community college for two years and then I want to transfer but they dont have an advertising and design program.Can I start off with web design or is it totally different.

    • By pass web design.

      If you want advertising, study psychology and economics. Mostly psychology. “Man and His Symbols”.

      Pickup web design on your own. Read about on the weekends.

  6. Harish Reply

    I Have Prepared A Website With Many Html Pages. Now My Confusion Is How Server Would Identify The First Page? I have prepared a website with many html pages. Now my confusion is how server would identify the first page and how client would be able to see the website from the first page ? All the links goes from first page but what is the coding for the site to start from first page ?

    • The first page is always named index.something ( or default.something, but its better to use index ), for example


      etc etc, that is how the server knows because ‘index’ will always be at the root. is the same as which is the same as and

      although they all seem like different addresses, and in some respects they are, they all do the same thing, that is to take the user to the index page if they type in just your url without having to specify the name of a particular page.

  7. CJ Reply

    What Is The Best Web Design Book To Learn From? If the answer is multiple then list the best ones you know. I’m not looking to learn quick, and I know how “easy” it is to learn from the internet but I am a lot more comfortable learning from a text book and plan on putting my heart and soul into this. I’m currently majoring in web design and kinda want my own bible of webdesign to reference. I’m looking for anything that explains dhtml or the general design rules of websites. Thank everyone in advance! I truly appreciate it.

    • The “for dummies” are normally good books for starting off, try web design for dummies

  8. Vasco Reply

    How Can I Use An Html Page In My Domain? I have an html page, and I also have a .tk domain. How do I make it so that when people go to my domain, my html page is the webpage?

    • You need a hosting plan to ‘host’ your HTML code, then you ‘point’ your domain at that host server.
      Your domain reg company should provide you with a dashboard that allows you to change your DNS settings.
      You will also need to inform the hosting server that you are pointing this domain at their server – this will enable them to set up the server to recognise your domain – if the hosting service has Cpanel or other dashboard, you should be able to do this yourself.
      You could try the free hosting service offered by 000webhost:
      You can get advice on domain forwarding on the link below:

  9. Hellman123 Reply

    Best Web Design Software? I’m trying to help my mom make a website for the small company that she has. Currently I’m using serif web plus and I was wondering if there was any other web design programs out there that were:

    -Easy to use
    -Creates impressive websites
    -Created by a reputable company
    I really don’t know much about coding.

    • Best is Ultimate Web Builder software. It is very dynamic and flexible, and very easy to use. It comes with a built in SEO (search engine optimization) tool, mailing list app, and lots more. No experience necessary. You can use it with your own domain name and web hosting, or get it there and it comes with free professional installation of the software and any software updates.

  10. Ncaaking Reply

    How To Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) On Php Pages? I have an existing website with a combination of html and php pages. I want to optimize some of these pages for search engines. Will the same techniques (keywords, descriptions, etc) that work on html pages work on php pages?

    • You optimize .php pages the exact same way you optimize .html pages. The search engines NEVER see your PHP code… they see the resulting HTML that gets rendered server-side by the PHP. It’s the HTML that is returned when the crawler requests the page that gets indexed and used for ranking.

      As far was “what” to optimize, there is basically two types of optimization… on-page and off-page optimization. On-page optimization means using elements ON the page to help your page rank. Off-page optimization is using elements OFF the page (on other pages of your site as well as on pages on other sites) to help your page rank.

      Overall, it is off-page factors that carry the most weight… i.e. inbound links from other pages using your targeted keyword phrase or slight variations as the link text… preferably from pages that are relevant to the topic you’re trying to rank for and pages with high PR or link popularity. It’s estimated that off-page factors might influence 70-80% of your overall ranking while on-page factors might influence 20-30% of your overall ranking.

      Here’s a quick rundown of on-page factors:

      Optimizing the title element is very important since it’s generally the most important on-page ranking factor for most search engines ranking algorithms. The title should target a single keyword phrase (possibly 2-3 IF they are VERY similar… almost identical in meaning and keywords). Minimize “fluff” words in the title element as they reduce the keyword density within that HTML element and thus make the real keyword phrase(s) you want to rank for seem less important. Put the most important keyword phrase first in the title element if you have multiple keyword phrases in the title. Avoid putting your site name in the title as it only hurts your page’s ability to rank.

      The h1 element is generally the 2nd most important on-page ranking factor. It should reinforce the keyword phrase(s) targeted in the title. Since it’s less important from a ranking perspective, it’s ok to add a few fluff words to give it more pazzazz or marketing flair. But again keyword density withing the h1 element does affect rankings slightly. Every page should have a single h1.

      The h2 element is generally the 3rd most important on-page ranking factor. If your content lends itself to have sub-headers, then use them… again targeting keywords from the title element.

      Words that are emphasized using bold or strong/italics or em are given a little more weight than words that are not. But I avoid this as it tends to make pages look spammy.

      Using keywords that your title is targeting in the page name is also useful. It’s a very minor ranking factor but MOST ranking factors are minor. It’s rarely any single thing that you do that makes a page rank well. It’s the sum of lots of small things that you do that when taken as a whole leads to good rankings.

      Optimizing the meta keywords element is virtually worthless. Google and most search engines ignore it in their ranking algorithm because it has been sooooooooooo abused by blackhats and spammers over the last decade. Yahoo! is still using it to rank pages as Danny Sullivan (a renowned SEO) proved just days after a Yahoo! exec announced at SMX that Yahoo! did NOT use it. I include a meta keywords element in all of my pages just for completeness (not for rankings). I use 5-10 keyword phrases and ONLY words/phrases that appear on the page.

      The meta description is also ignored by Google and most search engines for the same reason… it is not displayed on the page so it has been abused by spammers and blackhat SEOs. BUT optimizing the meta description element is VERY important since having a good meta description with a call to action can greatly improve click-thru-rate when your page appears in the SERPs and the meta description is shown as the snippet of text for your organic listing. At Google they only show your meta description if all keywords in the user’s search phrase appear in the meta description. So I recommend involving a ll keywords from your title in the meta description since the keyword phrases in the title “should” be the pages most often used to find your page if it is well optimized. This will maximize how often it is shown as the Google snippet.

      As far as off-page factors (which are the absolute MOST important ranking factors at almost all engines):

      The link text used in hyperlinks pointing to your page give the search engines STRONG clues as to what your page is about. Using “Click here” as link text for a hyperlink is worthless… it only helps you rank for the keyword phrase “click here”. Be very cognizant of how you link to your pages both on your site on from other sites where you might drop a link.

      Inbound links from relevant and/or high PR pages on external sites with your targeted keyword phrase (from your page’s title) or slight variations are the MOST important thing you can do to help your page rank for its

  11. Alexis A Reply

    Looking For California Web Design?? Where can i find the best Web Designing Company in Torrance, California and Los Angeles?

    • MY WEB DESIGN SOURCE, offers high quality graphic design, web development, and online marketing services for your business at affordable prices!
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      Web Design Services
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      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services
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  12. Jessie D Reply

    Where Do I Find Volleyball Uniforms That You Can Custom Design? Our team needs new uniforms. We don’t even have enough for every one on our team! We need every size from xsmall to 2 or 3 x! We need the ones with a little sleeve, like a little bit on the top. Also our colors are blue, green, and white! No one offers that combination! so it would have to be CUSTOM custom! Also we can’t spend a hundred dollars on each uniform. HELP!

  13. Sandy Reply

    Graphic Design Vs. Web Design? I am considering a career change and trying to decide between going back to school for Graphic Design or Web Design. I have interest in both print and web so it’s a tough call for me. Any insight on job market, salary, demand, education/experience requirements, or an idea of how to get both wrapped into one… any insight from people who are in the field or know about it would be greatly appreciated! :)
    *Also to consider: Currently I have a BA in psychology and a masters in Social Work… so the least amount of money and time being thrown into more education is very important to me. Should I go for an AA, BA, MA, MFA, BFA, or certificate program?

    • Okay..
      This is just my opinion but..
      Web design by a mile. and if you are a fast learner or in to it at all, web DEVELOPMENT.

      Look, I have to tell you.. any teenager with Adobe creative suite can call themselves a graphic designer. The whole point of graphics design school (at least while I was there) was to build a portfolio up so you would have something to show prospective clients / employers. Guess what? You don;t need school for that. You just need a computer and some gumption.

      Web design is whole ‘nother animal. You can do art… that does tricks! Designing a website is far more intricate that simply doing layout. You need to make sure that the layout makes sense and can be used easily. Lots of things.

      The real money is in DEV though.. not design. If you can make a website that can interact with the users…. collect and direct information… maybe some Flex or Actionscript to go with your ASP JAVA and PHP.. You stand to make six figures from home…

  14. Max K Reply

    Sex Toys With Design Quality In Mind? So, my girlfriend and i (lesbians) have decided to branch out and try using a strap on. I have been looking for one that suits me but they all are so tacky looking! being a designer i really care about form as well as function. I like the the minimalism that JimmyJane uses in their toys but they do not have strap ons/harnesses for sell.
    does anyone know where i can find lesbian sex toys with design quality?

    • Fetish Fantasy has some really nice looking strap-ons.

      There are also double strap-ons made specifically for 2 women, Here is an example of that:

      Fetish Fantasy Double Delight Strap-On
      This sexy Fetish Fantasy Double Strap-On dildo is an ideal way to take control in bedroom delight. The elastic harness easily adjusts to fit most sizes, while the dong comfortably stays in place. You and your partner will love the thickness and life-like feel of dong and you’ll love the results. Adjustable leg straps and elastic harness fits up to 46″ waist. Length – 5.5 in. – ( 13.97 cm ) Width – 1.5 in. – ( 3.81 cm ) Girth – 5 in. – ( 12.7 cm )

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Online Wedding Album Quality Designs? I’m looking for an online wedding book design specialist who offers leather-bound covers and 1/16 in thick pages – quality work that comes with recommendations. Has anyone used a service that they’re happy with? I’m in the New York area, so someone local would also work.


      I am a professional photographer and use their site to order from. they have what you need :)

  16. Frankie1 Reply

    What Are Fixed And Flexible Research Designs? What is the difference between fixed and Flexible research designs in qualitative research?

    • Fixed is when parameters are pre defined
      flexible is blue sky thinking embracing all ideas

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