Web Design Professionals

Web Design Professionals

Your website is what you present to the world. It represents your business or whatever you want the world to see about you. If you want to create a good impression, you have to make sure that your website is designed properly. It is more than just throwing together some text and images together. There should be good organization of content so it makes sense to your site’s visitors. This article will discuss ways that you can give your website visitors a good user experience.


Your website no doubt will have images. Images with large file sizes will slow down the load time of your web page. You have probably experienced this yourself when you are on the web. Sitting there waiting for a large page to load, line by line, can cause frustration. Many people end up leaving slow-loading sites instead of waiting around for the load to finish. Do not let that happen to your website. Reduce the file size of your images with your graphics editor.


The images that you select for your website should be appropriate for your audience. What is the message that you want to convey? When the right images are used, you can really drive home the point that you are trying to make. However, when the wrong images are used, it will cause confusion among your visitors and distract your readers from the real message.


Your website should be pleasing to the eye. When a visitor first lands on your page, he should have the impression that it is a place where he wants to stay a while and explore. Keep your website clean and not cluttered. Imagine going into a store where the merchandise is thrown over the place without organization. No one wants to stay at a place like that. The same goes with your website. If elements of your website are not organized and your visitors have a hard time finding what they want, they will leave and never come back.


Keep your layout simple. Even seasoned web design professionals stick with the tried-and-true basic layouts because it just makes a better presentation. Sometimes, a website will have a splash page that appears before the main website appears, just to give visitors some brief visual interest. The splash page can be a single, eye-catching image with a very clear way to get to the main content. Frequently, the splash page automatically redirects the user to the main website after a few seconds of inactivity. Use this technique only if you know what you know Web Designwhat you are doing and if the splash page does not interfere with your main content.

Graphics Editor

Be sure that your text content is easy to read. No one wants to read a huge block of text on a computer screen. This is hard on the eyes. Allow adequate spacing between lines and paragraphs. Use standard font families for a cleaner look.

Hard Time

Keep these tips in mind. By adhering to some basic principles, you can create a website that visitors will enjoy.

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14 Responses to “Web Design Professionals”

  1. Abuelita Reply

    What Is The Easiest Web Design Software? I don’t have experience in web design, but I want to learn to build professional web pages. I know some html, but not much. Is there a cheap, easy to use and professional web design software that I could use easily without paying a lot? Am I asking for too much? Thank you!

    • I have been coding HTML for about 6 years. Started with Notepad as my editing program. Have recently decided to take some formal instructions in coding HTML and CSS. Notepad is the ONLY editing program permitted for the class. So it is back to Notepad.

      However, years ago after doing 2 web sites I finally started using HTML-Kit, a free program from http://www.htmlkit.com/ It will require that you know something about HTML tags and code structure.

      There is no software that will produce for you professional appearing web designs right out of the box. It will become necessary for you to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, php and perhaps more.

  2. HYUN O Reply

    What Questions To I Need To Ask Before Hiring An In-house Graphic/web Design Employee? I want to hire someone to do all my product brochures and new web design, but here in my office. what are some things I need to ask the candidate and what kind of wage should I be offering?

    • To be honest, you can’t rely on questions and answers. They can tell you what you want to hear. Ask them to show you what they did in the last couple years at least. If you have no idea about how to tell good design/coding from bad, don’t do it yourself, as an expert to meet your prospective hire and evaluate him or her. I have an impression that you don’t know too much about web design, otherwise you wouldn’t ask this question. I recommend you – don’t do it, let someone who can get an objective and qualified opinion do it for you. Otherwise you risk hiring someone who will not be able to deliver what you or your clients expect.

      Moreover, if you have one project only — don’t hire anyone in-house. You’ll waste your money. Hire a group of professionals — it will take less time and will save you money.

  3. Kwave web design company Reply

    Where Can I Find Professional Web Design? I’m looking for a reliable professional web design company.

  4. Sujin chamling Rai Reply

    Can You Say About Professional Web Design?

    • Yes I can say about professional web design

  5. Kwave web design company Reply

    Where Can I Find Professional Web Design? I’m looking for a reliable professional web design company.

  6. Kai Reply

    Web Design? What would be your advice for someone who wants to get into web design? What programs to look at, how to get work etc.

    • 1. Start with improving your knowledge of HTML – http://www.echoecho.com is a great place to start.

      2. Get experience using Dreamweaver and Photoshop to begin learning about how a site works and the importance of images.

      3. Forget the complex programming and research some of the license free content management systems available for you to use such as Xoops, Joomla and WordPress. These negate the need for programming skills enabling you to focus on the designs.

      4. Learn to use Dreamweaver to produce templates for your chosen system.

      5. Launch dozens professional complex sites with your own stunning designs whilst other designers insist on getting to know PHP, .net and other languages!

      6. Use your portfolio to get leads in to potential customers by sending them letters, emails and cold calling. Target businesses with poor websites.

  7. FR2fun Reply

    Couple Web Design Questions? I have a couple web design questions.

    Does a web designer just make the files, give them to the customer, and thats it? Or do they help with getting it set up (if the service does not include hosting or domain name etc)?

    How much does a 10-50 page website, simple yet attractive, SEO friendly, XHTML and CSS website design generally go for price wise?

    What are some general expectations of a web designer?

    • A web designer is just someone who knows how to code the files so yes, if that was all you wanted to do then fine, however, that would be reflected in your price tag. Small companies will often offer an entire package, when if it is just you, you would be responsible for starting the designs and building the files, all the way to the finished product and the client having a fully-functional website. If, however, you work for a larger company then you are more likely to have a specific job which may well be just the coding aspect. Then you would hand over to whoever is in charge of hosting etc.

      You could by all means just offer a service where you just make the files, however, a lot of people would then be unsure what to do from there so are more likely to opt for a “full package” service.

      As to price, web design falls in a bit of a hole. If you go to the right place, you could get something like that for around the ?100 mark. Or you could be charged as much as ?1500. Also, don’t be fooled into thinking that a larger price tag means a superior product. When looking for a web designer, look at the quality of their portfolio and compare that to several others.

      General expectations? That part is really just common sense. As long as you remain professional and well-mannered you should be fine. You should also try to give a bug-free finished product. If you charge consultation fees to fix bugs that are your fault (as you coded it) that is bad business practice and a very quick way to loose clients. As a final note, give the customer what they want. even if you disagree, it is their website to mess up at the end of the day. By all means, voice your concerns but if the customer is happy, thats your priority.

      Bit of a lengthy answer but I hope that helped.

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