Designing Your Own Website

Designing Your Own Website

The time is certainly upon us where anyone who wishes to have an online presence can create a website of interest to others. We are not referring to social media pages but full blown web sites with a purpose. This article will help guide you to designing your own website that delivers everything you initially planned for it to accomplish. Whether the site is to communicate your personal views, educate others or sell goods and services, you will be able to develop a plan that when adhered to, leads to a site that is of interest to visitors and a page to be proud to call your own.


Before you begin, you should have some idea as to what the goal of your website is. It, as mentioned, could be a page to educate others or generate additional revenue. The point is that it is necessary to know the role of the site before you start building it as that does play a part in the design process. You won’t have to worry about adding shopping carts and signing up for merchant accounts, which will be linked to your page, if you are strictly writing blogs. If the site is going to be strictly written content as Web Designa way to educate others, you can incorporate graphics, like videos, that you wouldn’t on a retail page. As you can see, you need to know what you wish to accomplish with the site before you even begin.


Before you can even begin designing your web site, you need to find a web hosting company. You need to be aware that free hosts will often load your pages with advertising to pay for the costs of your site or limit storage and bandwidth which limits your sites functionality including blocking the page from visitors if you have exceeded the allowable bandwidth. You need to consider a paid package that offers enough space and bandwidth to allow for continuous use as well as a guarantee of uptime and site backups. You also so verify that the controls are user friendly as there are still a few hosts with a complicated system for web builders to navigate through in order to get their site to the point it can go live.

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Your website should appear professional and rather basic at the same time. There are simply too many devices that are limited in abilities being used by visitors to go with a site that resembles a work of art. Use One or two basic fonts taht are recognized by all browsers and operating systems, like Ariel and Times New Roman as well as easy on the eyes colors. You should stick with a site that delivers black text on a color that is light. The reason for this is that those on portable devices with small screens will be able to view the pages easily and navigate quickly around your site.


Finally, you need to review and edit all content that has been uploaded to your site for quality and appearance. Never go live without ensuring the content is positioned properly, images are formatted properly and all links are working.

Designing Website

By following these few suggestions, you have the basics to design a site that will be appealing to visitors and effective in generating interest as well as identifying you as the professional you are. It will allow your chosen niche to focus on content instead of poor design and leave you with an ever growing audience that returns regularly for more of what you have to offer them.

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16 Responses to “Designing Your Own Website”

  1. Traumer Reply

    What Is A Nice Font For A Technical Website? Hi, I’m an IT guy, I’m designing my own website. i want the website to be simple but useful. I want to post resume and other career stuff. What type of font is nice for a technical website?? Any ideas?

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  2. HoLLaBaCk47 Reply

    How Do I Make My Own Website? I wanna start my own online promotional business. u know have people enter raffles for like 1 or $2 to win a dvd players or something and and say it costs like $100 for it and 200+ people sign up i can make profit off of it. how do i start a website for an idea like this?

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    • You can design it using NVU editor (, it’s free and wont tie you down to one method of editing. NVU pages can be transferrable to frontpage or dreamweaver html editor
      SEE for more info on Premium HTML Editors (WYSIWYG)

      ? For free hosting, try google pages or yahoo geocities ,
      its sort of free hosting, but you are limited to a subdomain on googlepages & geo has ads on your website – otherwise I would use to get one for a few bucks a month with 500 GIG bandwidth and the rich with features

      its up to you how developed a site you want and if you want to use your own domain name

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  3. GhostAssassin Reply

    What Program Can You Use To Design Your Own Website? Is there one in Photoshop programs?

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    • You can use notepad to design your own website.

      All you need to do is learn some HTML, and type it in. Start here:

      You can use almost any image editor to create graphics for your own website.

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  4. Lifestough411 Reply

    What Are The Best Websites To Sell My Own Clothing Designs? I already have a degree in fashion design and I am looking to get a head start in exposing my designs to the public and to later possibly open my own boutique.Please Help.

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    • There are various ways you can start your fashion design business.

      If you haven’t had a business yet, and are just exploring the market and seeking for opportunities, the easiest way I would suggest is to start listing your design on some of the ecommerce websites, E.g. EBay etc. Once you have started your own store online, you can slowly building your brand and experiences.

      However, if you do have some savings, and are seriously considering about join the fashion design business, you might try the following:
      1. Do some research online about how other fashion designers been doing? Where do they sell their design? Who are their clients, suppliers and partners?
      2. Do some market test: Contact the local clothing retailers, factories, and send them your designs.
      2. Register a company and own brand.
      3. Open your own fashion design website
      4. Start marketing yourself online using search engine marketing and social media marketing.
      5. By doing so, more and more people will start visiting your website, which will increase your brand awareness. In the meanwhile, you might also have already forged a good public relationship with your potential customers. Eventually, you get more and more sales.
      6. Keep learning, knowledge in practical is power!
      7. Have faith, never give up.

      These are just my two-cents. But I believe, internet has created enormous opportunities for small businesses. As long as you have commitment and engaged appropriate strategies, success is almost guaranteed!

      Good luck!

      P.S, let me know if you want to know more about marketing yourself online, I’m more than happy to help you.

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  5. NICK B Reply

    Yahoo Website Design Is There A Facility You Offer To Allow Me To Design My Own Web Site ? I want to set up my own website and simply do not know where to start

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    • Several sites out there give you the option of designing the website for you or let you design it yourself.

      My brother had his site designed by Webiano and it went very well.
      They also have a cheap package that lets so design your site using a very famous site builder. I believe you call the service the builder host. Click on the banner on the right “SiteBuilder Demo”

      There are other builder offered by Network Solutions but I don’t how good it is

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  6. Jwrey2009 Reply

    Designing My Own Website? Im working on a project, and Im wanting to design a website and show it to someone in hopes that they will want to publish it. Im looking for one of those free server website builders if possible, but it needs to be pretty professional. What would be the best website to goto to get started with this project? What is the best web design websites I can use?

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  7. Whit92 Reply

    How Do I Design My Own Website? How can I design it for free?

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    • Designing website is simple..
      But handling it is very essential and the difficult part..
      You can find many resources in google.
      You can search for it.. Ask the same question on google search

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  8. Sean C Reply

    How To Design My Own Website? I hav just recently created a website and I dont know how to design it well. When i type what I wanton the website, the text is very boring and bland. How do I create a website that will pop out at people and draw someones eye.

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    • The best solution if you are wanting a simple site is to first draw out your ideas on paper and think of including content. Graph paper works well.

      There are plenty of resources on the web for understanding many aspects of design and what they may entail. has a free learning and verification section for design. The verification has issues with more complicated items like flash but works rather well with XHTML.

      Many web hosts offer free templates built into an html builder for a monthly fee. These can help with the theme of your site if you choose that option.

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