Full Time Job

Full Time Job

People love the idea of creating a blog which provides their innermost thoughts to the entire world, but when you are also able to turn it into a full-time job, it gets even better. Working from home in your pajamas is like no other career out there! The tips below will help you take your blog and turn it into a financial success.

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The most important thing you can do is to create a blog worth reading. That means you have to pump out interesting content day after day. You need to take the time to read comments on your site and on social media and reply, creating interaction with your readers. You’ll have to work on adding photos and videos which make your blog posts more inviting. Integrating search engine optimization (SEO) techniques will be a must. In other words, you’ll have to work your butt off to make your blog the best out there! If you’re ready to do that, then continue reading.

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You have to build up your readership before you can quit your day job. That means you need to work on offering what people want. On top of great content, you neeBloggingd to hold contests, provide how-to information, and anything else you think people will come back to read day after day. Convince people to sign up for your RSS feed or emails from Feedburner. Get them to Follow or Like you on social media so that they will know when you post something new. Treat them just like you would customers, as that is essentially what they are.

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While marketing your blog is important, you will have to find a way to market the products and services of others in order to pay the bills. One way many bloggers do this is through reviews and giveaways. To begin, it is likely that companies will offer you free products in exchange for a review and a giveaway. For example, they might send you a jar of coconut oil and your job is to use it in a fun and innovative way. You’ll have to take pictures and a video, if possible, and then post a review about how much you love the product. Next, you add a giveaway to your post (you can use tools such as Rafflecopter to make it easier). Your job doesn’t stop here – you will have to market that giveaway by posting it on “link” sites (lists of contests), directories, social media, other blogs and forums. You want to get as many entrants as possible to show you did your best. Once over, the company will ship a jar of coconut oil to the winner. As your blog becomes more popular, you can also accept cash along with the free product in return for your review.


Of course, banner ads like AdSense are another way you can monetize your site. You could also have companies sponsor certain posts, even if they’re not a review. Check out how-tos online about monetizing your blog to find out about the most current ways you can turn a profit.

Full Time Job

While not everyone will find success in blogging, those with a talent for writing and marketing have a great chance to reach their goals. If you are dedicated, ready to work hard and want a career which allows you to stay home and live life as you wish, this is for you. Use these tips to ensure that your path leads to everything you dream of and more.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    What Are The Advantages Of Social Media Optimization? I have heard about social media optimization (SMO) but I guess I just don’t fully understand the concept. What are the advantages of it for someone like me who makes niche affiliate marketing websites?

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    • Although it sounds confusing, social media optimization is basically generating traffic to your sites through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and submission sites like Digg. This could mean that you sign up for a Twitter account and you add a Twitter feed on your blog or auto-post your new blog posts on your Twitter page.

      It could also mean adding a Digg button on your website to allow your readers to submit the article to the social media community. The way that this works is that if it gets enough digs on the site, it will be featured on the home page or category page and more people will be aware of the article and will come visit your site.

      Other social media optimization features could be YouTube, Ning.com, any forums, and blogging communities. The advantages of using these are that you draw more traffic to your website. More traffic to your website may lead to more affiliate sales for you.

      Since you are setting up multiple niche websites, you most likely are not using your real name on the sites or not letting people know that you own all these affiliate websites (this is how most people do it). So some of these social media sites may not work for you if you want to maintain your anonymous site. Check out http://www.mattbacak.com as he has some great advice on social media and affiliate marketing.

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  2. Alison Reply

    What Would You Major In To Do Social Media Marketing? Trying to find out what I would need to major in to do social media marketing and some good universities to go to. I have found I would like that a lot and just trying to get an idea. If it is social media marketing I apologize, google has not been too helpful.

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    • I agree with Alan. You can also look into some classes in Public Relations. Many companies use PR firms to manage their social media presence.

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  3. Nazia Reply

    What Are The Websites Offering Some Decent Social Media Jobs? I have experience being a social media expert but as a mother of 2 now i want to work as a freelancer. Guys, please tell me some decent websites or recruiters who can provide be social media jobs. Thanks in advance!

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    • Hmmm, i know a company called New Web Solutions that provide decent social media and content writing jobs. Try this out. Good Luck!!

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  4. OnTheVergeOf Reply

    Do You Think Social Media Is An Effective Way To Motivate And Help Battle Climate Change Issue? Would you “like” or help Climate Change issues on Facebook? How do you feel if Twitter or other social media work to spread the importance of Climate Change. Does it work?

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    • It might, only MIGHT be a good option for recruiting people… but apart from that, social media tends to be a passive media for these kind of battles

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  5. Stephanie N Reply

    What Are You Willing To Pay For Comprehensive Social Media Analytics? If you currently use social media analytics software tools, how much do you pay on a monthly or yearly basis? Can you identify the software brand as well?
    If you currently use social media analytics software tools, such as Buzz, Brand Reputation monitoring, and/or social media marketing campaign tracking, how much do you pay on a monthly or yearly basis? Can you identify the software brand as well?

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    • I suggest you search more on the internet. There are a number of discussion forums on social media analytics that you can join to be delighted by this topic.

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  6. Schelly Reply

    What Is A Good Research Topic In A Class That Focuses On Social Media? I am in a first year university class that focuses on social media and I need to find an interesting topic to do a research project on but I’m just not into the course at all and can’t think of much. It can really be anything to do with media, technology, society, etc. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks

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    • You could do topic about the recent SOPA act, or ileegal content on Social Media sites.

      How social media changed communication.

      Real conversations offline that are being replaced by chats

      Online bullying

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  7. Jerad Reply

    How Can Social Media Help In The Growth Of Online Business? What are the methodologies to take advantage of the ever growing social media for business purpose?

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    • Social Media are the online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as other interest-sharin sites like Reddit and Stumbleupon and blog sites such as WordPress. You can use them to promote your businesses website and products via social sharing. Social media is the new online equivalent of “word of mouth” and if your company does not have a presence on principle social sites you risk being labelled as old-fashioned and out of touch with your customers.

      Social media websites can help support your online PR strategy. They can be used to post company news stories that journalists in your industry may pick up and use. This means media coverage will spread more rapidly online than ever before, which is good news for businesses marketing on the internet. Stay up to date and customer focused with social media campaigns and avoid the “time sinks” and fads to ensure an effective social networking strategy.

      It likewise includes good uses for SEO (search engine optimisation) as you can get valuable backlinks for your site via social media posts.

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  8. Jake Reply

    What Is Social Media Marketing? Also would you say social media marketing is majorly shifting in our economy why or why not?
    If you can please provide some good websites to research this topic even more that would be amazing. Thank you to everyone who helped!!!!

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    • Social Media marketing marketing is nothing but promoting a particular product or a web site in the social media sites. There are various ways of marketing your product/web site in social media.
      1. Face Book : Create a fan page and promote your product by giving some valuable information to the users in this you need to target the people who are really interested in your market so give the best information and offer some gifts coupons etc to attract the people.
      2. Twitter : Tweet your link where you are having your product. I recommend to tweet a link which is having review or very use full information as you need to make the user to buy the product with your link.
      3. G+ : You need to repeat the above 2 steps here to get people into your circles.
      4. Book Marking : And people are using social book marking sites like digg, Digg, reddit etc to find the information so submit your link to these sites and try to get generate maximum votes. (If you need maximum votes you need to give the best content to the readers)
      5. Video Marketing : sites like Youtube, google videos etc are the best sites to promote videos so create a video related to your product and publish in these site.

      I think if you follow the above things you will be king in Social Media Marketing. Start doing rather researching on this more if you work you will find more easy ways and effective ways. ALL the best.

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    What Is Social Media Integration?

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    • Hi..

      Social media is certainly much more than just a buzzword today. There are opportunities and measureable results that it offers that can be extremely beneficial to companies of all sizes. While Facebook or Twitter may be included it is more than that.

      I knew more about social media integration , when i came contact with ezdia through internet.At eZdia, which provides the services to small to mid-size companies in order to implement social media strategies into their overall marketing plan with a skewed outlook .

      All the best:-)

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  10. Amber Reply

    Is Social Media Marketing A Career? 10 Points!!? Is social media marketing a career?? i hear a lot of people do this work in an unpaid internship without moving up?

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    • Social media is everywhere these days. Any website you take, it has a like, share, pin, etc. button.
      Facebook is social media, Twitter is social media, YouTube is social media, Quora is social media.

      Many of those websites offer paid options to advertisers (Facebook ads, YouTube TrueView ads, etc.), because they know marketers are looking into them – there’s demand.

      I know people who have gotten most of their clients from YouTube/SoundCloud (if you are a musician) or drive most of their traffic from Quora.

      Plus, using an array of profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) to communicate with your community, tout your new offers or even to answer support questions is a popular phenomenon these days.

      Not all companies realize the role and the power of social media, and perhaps social media promotion would not be effective in all industries.. But the demand for smart social media marketing and savvy social media marketers will only increase in the future in my opinion.

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  11. Mickey Yoochun Reply

    What Does A Social Media Representative Do? Just looking to see whats the right career for me and thought that kinda career sounded interesting.

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    • Social media is incredibly important…and incredibly time consuming. Many small business owners must choose between properly promoting their companies on Facebook and Twitter or actually running their companies. The solution is to delegate some of the social media work to an employee or outside consultant. This person in charge of the social media presence of a company is called the social media representative.

      You can read more about this function here.

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  12. English Reply

    Social Media Usage Survey? Thanks in advance everyone I would appreciate honest answers and I’m going to keep everything anonymous so please help me out!!! ?

    Social Media Survey
    1.What is your gender?

    2.What is your age?

    3.What do you mostly use the internet for?
    i.Social Media (including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace YouTube etc.)
    iii.Online gaming
    iv.I don???t have the internet

    4.How often do you use the internet
    i.More than once a day
    ii.Once a day
    iii.Once every 2-3 days
    iv.Once a week
    v.Once a fortnight
    vi.Once a month
    vii.I don???t have internet access

    5.In a typical session how many hours do you spend on the internet?
    i.More than 5 hours
    ii.3-4 hours
    iii.1-2 hours
    iv.Less than 1 hour
    v.I don???t have internet access

    6.Do you use Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube etc.?)

    7.What do you do most when you use Social Media?
    i.Scroll through your Newsfeed looking for pictures and examples of ???Trolling???
    ii.Post Status updates, pictures or videos
    iii.Talk to friends and family that may not necessarily live in Townsville
    iv.Profile Stalk
    v.???Troll??? people or actively get into arguments
    vi.Correct grammar of ???incompetent??? Social Media users
    vii.Look for new or different types of music
    viii.Look for cute/funny animal videos
    ix.I don???t use Social Media
    x.I don???t have internet access
    8.Do you enjoy using Social Media
    9.What device do you use Social Media on?
    iii.Apple product (iPod/iPhone etc.)
    iv.I don???t use social Media
    10.Do you abbreviate words on Social Media?
    iii.I don???t use Social Media
    11.Do you use acronyms on Social Media?
    iii.I don???t use Social Media.
    12.Do you get frustrated with people who abbreviate words?
    13.Do you get frustrated with people who use acronyms?
    14.Have you ever been victimised by Cyber-bullying? (e.g. threatening and/or abusive texts/inboxes/e-mails?
    iii.I???d rather not say
    15.Do you know of someone who has been a victim of cyber-bullying?
    iii.I???d rather not say

    16.Have you ever cyber-bullied someone?
    iii.I???d rather not say
    17.Have you ever attempted to troll someone whilst online?
    18.Do you flirt whilst on social media
    19.Have you ever flirted with someone using social media while you were in a committed relationship? (including your partner if applicable)
    iii.I???d rather not say
    20.To what extent is/was this ???flirtatious??? relationship?
    i.I don???t flirt
    ii.Sending the person a flirtatious emoticon at the end of a sentence (e.g. the winky face ???;)???
    iii.Arranging a date for just the two of you
    iv.Holding hands in public
    v.Playful behaviour (e.g. leaning/mock hitting/eye contact etc.)
    vii.Talking in a sexually provocative manner
    viii.Sexting with images/videos etc.
    ix.I???d rather not say

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    • Social Media Survey
      1. What is your gender?
      ii. Female

      2. What is your age?
      i. 13-20

      3. What do you mostly use the internet for?
      i. Social Media (including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace YouTube etc.)
      v. Other

      4. How often do you use the internet
      i. More than once a day

      5. In a typical session how many hours do you spend on the internet?
      ii. 3-4 hours

      6. Do you use Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube etc.?)
      i. Yes

      7. What do you do most when you use Social Media?
      ii. Post Status updates, pictures or videos

      8. Do you enjoy using Social Media
      i. Yes

      9. What device do you use Social Media on?
      i. Computer/laptop
      iii. Apple product (iPod/iPhone etc.)

      10. Do you abbreviate words on Social Media?
      i. Yes

      11. Do you use acronyms on Social Media?
      i. Yes

      12. Do you get frustrated with people who abbreviate words?
      ii. No

      13. Do you get frustrated with people who use acronyms?
      ii. No

      14. Have you ever been victimised by Cyber-bullying? (e.g. threatening and/or abusive texts/inboxes/e-mails?
      ii. No

      15. Do you know of someone who has been a victim of cyber-bullying?
      i. Yes

      16. Have you ever cyber-bullied someone?
      ii. No

      17. Have you ever attempted to troll someone whilst online?
      ii. No

      18. Do you flirt whilst on social media
      i. Yes

      19. Have you ever flirted with someone using social media while you were in a committed relationship? (including your partner if applicable)
      ii. No

      20. To what extent is/was this "flirtatious" relationship?
      i. I don't flirt

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  13. Armedflamedragon Reply

    What Social Media To Use For My Band.? So me and my friends have a band and now that we have all the content we want we feel like its time to mass distribute our stuff out there through social media. It’s just we are confused with what social media we should use as aband and which ones should be personal. The obvious ones are Facebook, twitter, and YouTube which should all be personal and band. The ones I’m confused about are websites like Instagram, tumblr, Pinterest and Flickr – should we use these social media sites as just for our personal uses or should we have a band account on those websites also? Are stuff like tumblr Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram suited for bands or are they more for the account to be personal because if its a band then we all have access to the account or are all admins or whatever.

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    • Social media is free and it has a super far reach as well as a huge impact on how well you show up in google and other search engine searches. get on every social media platform there is out there even the less known ones like fark or high5.

      one other tip id give is to have the same branding across all your sites so use this tool http://namechk.com/ basically say your bands name is the dudlestrummers. you want that name across all social networks the same you dont want to be “dudlestrummers” on twitter but dudlestrummers123 on youtube. You wnat consistant branding across all platforms.

      alsop you may want to consider buying likes, favs, views, followers, subscribers, etc. lady gaga, an dmany other musicians as well as politicians like mitt romney have done it to give your profile and your band an artificial boost.

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