Media Profiles

Media Profiles

As you have decided to start a blog, the next step is to figure out how to get off on the right foot. That means considering what it takes to create an exceptional blog which will stand out from all of its competition. This article will show you how to get it done right, allowing you to work on a blog which is worthy of reading.


When it comes to a blog, content is king. If you don’t have compelling content to post, there is no reason to even create a blog. That means not only text, but also graphics, videos, photos and more. You not only have to present your reader with expert information on a topic, but also links to other sites they might enjoy, viral videos, how-tos and more. The more you give your reader, the more expert they will consider your site to be. If they feel you are the best blog on the topic, they will bookmark your site and visit often. Not only that, they will also refer it to friends and family, sharing your content on theirBlogging social media accounts.

Friends And Family

While your content has to be high quality, it additionally has to be relatively prolific. People won’t return frequently if you don’t update your site frequently. Be sure to put thought into everything you post, don’t just throw something up because you haven’t posted that day. If you don’t have time during the week to create posts, do so in the weekend. Sit down and write some great content and then decide when each bit will be posted. You could even write one long article and then break it up into one section per day. Series posts are a great way to get people to come back day after day to find out more.

High Quality

You have to use branding on your site just like businesses do. Your blog and social media accounts should all look similar. You should use the same logo on each and the same name, if possible. Interlinking those accounts is key, so include social media buttons on your blog and a link back to your blog on your social media profiles. If people can easily recognize that any specific page is yours, they’ll be able to find what they’re looking for.


You need to be ready to answer questions when asked, or to engage in conversation with anyone who posts on your blog or in reply to posts on social media. That means you will have to take time every day to not only post to your blog, but also to talk to your readers. Keep this in mind as you schedule out how much time you will have available for your blog.

Media Accounts

There is a lot you need to know before you even come up with a name for your blog. We’ve taken you through some of the basics, but there is truly more to learn. Find more articles just like this one to ensure you know every step necessary to turn your blog into a true success.

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    What Are The Benefits That Social Media Could Provide To Your Business? Hello
    i need to know about the benefits of social Media with your view.

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    • Hi,

      Social Media Marketing is the process of marketing a businee or website to interacting people through some social networking sites like twitter,facebook.

      Benefits of Social media marketing are:

      1. Increase branding, traffic, exposure.
      2. Increase subscribers
      3. Inbound Links
      4. Higher search engine rankings
      5. Relatively low cost and high return activity

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  2. ISwim26 Reply

    How Can Unions Leverage Social Media To Increase Communication About The Union Movement? How can unions leverage social media to increase communication about the union movement, to members and the general public? What messages should be included in the outreach?

    Any answers would be helpful! This is a scholarship essay question!

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    • All outside sources can twist the information give to them. Social Media if used correctly can present a balanced updating of information from unions. It works at a slower pace than interviews so hopefully this lets unions answer questions in a concise and level headed approach.

      Hope this helps.

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  3. Freestyle5700 Reply

    How Can Jobs Look At Your Social Media With Privacy Settings? Was in a debate with my wife about how can a potential employer look at your Facebook or other social media. If my privacy setting is set so that only friends could read posts or look at pics/info, how could an employer possible look at my account for possible bad stuff(not that I have anything offensive anyways). I’d be right in assuming they can’t right? Unless they added me as a friend which I’ve never heard of.

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    • Employers have no special privileges when it comes to social media profiles – if you’ve set your privacy settings in a way that does not allow anyone outside of your friends list to view your profile, employers can’t see it (unless someone working for the company is in your friends lists).

      Things they can see regardless of your privacy settings include things like your profile picture, pages that you’re a member of and pages that you own (if they went on the page your name could be visible).

      It is becoming more popular for employers to check the social media accounts of potential employees on sites like Twitter and Facebook, but with the right settings you can avoid this.

      There are even sites (e.g. that allow you to share photos that they will automatically delete after 7 days – so it’s unlikely your employer would find it.

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  4. Anonymous Reply

    How Useful Are Social Media Platforms For Marketing? If we wanted to market a specific person (ie to raise their celebrity status) what social media platforms (eg blogging, interactive website etc) would you suggest and why?

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    • In this day in age social media impacts greatly on marketing. I suggest you use something like facebook. you are able to monitor what happens and what is said, and you have the opportunity to involve your ‘users’. Give them a certain level of ‘decision making’ power.

      The important thing is to focus on building relationships with your ‘customers’ and maintaining these relationships, by doing this, they will market your business for you.

      Also, if you receive any negative comments or feedback, the best way to handle it is to react quickly! and try and resolve the situation as best and honestly as you can.

      Good luck

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  5. B Reply

    What Is A Typical Formal Job Title For A Person Working On Social Media Marketing In Market Research Field? Recently recieved a job offer but am unsure about the title? It is in market research and involves primarily social media marketing but also other online PR/marketing strategies. What are some typical formal job titles for people doing similar jobs in this field?

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    • Social media strategist
      social media specialist
      social media and marketing specialist (or strategist)

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  6. ISwim26 Reply

    How Can Unions Leverage Social Media To Increase Communication About The Union Movement? How can unions leverage social media to increase communication about the union movement, to members and the general public? What messages should be included in the outreach?

    Any answers would be helpful! This is a scholarship essay question!

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    • All outside sources can twist the information give to them. Social Media if used correctly can present a balanced updating of information from unions. It works at a slower pace than interviews so hopefully this lets unions answer questions in a concise and level headed approach.

      Hope this helps.

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  7. A123 Reply

    How Did The Social Media Have An Effect On The Egyption Revolution ? Can social media play a rule in revolution or start a revolution ?

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    • Social media was definitely the platform through which the revolution in Egypt gained its momentum. However, you have to realize that it was not the cause of the revolution. For several years people unsatisfied with the past regime have been sending secret messages online about how to effectively protest, how to withstand a tear gas attack, etc.

      Social media just allowed these people to attract a lot of attention very quickly. You should try thinking about it on a bigger scale. It costs BILLIONS of dollars to run for presidency in the United States. The times are over when any average joe who had a dream could successfuly enter office. Social media could once again level the playing field in politics around the world.

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  8. Noellecanning Reply

    What Is A Social Media Manager ? I see job postings for social media managers and facebook. Does anyone else see these job postings on the internet lately ?

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    • A social media manager simply manages the social media networking and marketing on behalf of individuals and organisations. A social media manager becomes the front line of customer service and can pick up communications from existing or potential customers in real time and feed them to the appropriate person. The manager can also keep an eye out for any potentially damaging or incorrect information that is being posted by others. A good manager will gain an excellent understanding of the business and be able to spot opportunities as they arise, plant seeds and connect with the right people. She can deliver content, build links, network and translate digital information from the online community.
      The role is similar to that of a community manager on a website forum or public relations representative. Social media managers are often found in the marketing and public relations departments of large organizations.

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  9. The Paulina 411 Reply

    Is Their A Positive Side To Social Media? I’m doing a project on how social media affects people’s perceptions of themselves. Do you see any positive aspects of social media on people’s self-perception?
    Also if you could add a source to your answer that would be great! Thanks :)

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    • Social media mess up people in the mind a lot. You constantly see celebrities and models that are so skinny and so many young people (especially girls) are affected by it a lot. They hurt themselves in the long run and just try to be “perfect”. Also, in magazines they tell you what you should wear and what’s in style. Watching television also f**ks up you’re mind because it’s like you’re literally getting brainwashed most of the time, companies trying to sell you things and half of it doesn’t even work. I think everything about social media is negative no matter what. It doesn’t mean anything, there cannot be an ideal image of what is beautiful or what is right. It’s all in our own minds, we should choose and do what WE think is right, not let others take control of our mind.

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  10. Iqbal s Reply

    Positive Impacts Of Social Media On Teens? What are some positive affects of social media on teens?

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    • Very broad question
      Social media provides a quick, easy way to share and distribute information. Which can have many applications.

      Able to maintain and manage extended networks of acquaintances much easier and for a longer time – even after phone number / address changes.

      Organizing Events: Study sessions, parties, etc.

      Sharing files: Better able to share documents, files, images. This includes digital textbooks, diagrams, even full recorded lessons and educational videos.

      Education / Professional: podcasts and webinars are now a common way to distribute information. For example: the Structural Engineers Association of California regular hosts Webinars on topics such as Seismic Retrofitting of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings – March 15, 2012

      Entertainment: I’m sure I don’t have to explain this one to you.

      Crime: Unproven, social media has a correlation (not causation) with decreased crime (murder, rape, etc).
      USA copyright infringement is illegal, but not a criminal offense. (Correct me if I’m wrong, law is not my field)


      The hard question isn’t positive effects, it’s what’s the negative effects of social media on teens?

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  11. Mark reniere Lanzaderas Reply

    How Important Is Social Media? I was wondering how important is social media today?

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    • Social Media helps us to communicate freely with other people, express your feelings, share your talent, learn from other people around the world

      Social media helps us to know whats the latest(Gadgets, News, Showbiz, Products etc)

      for me social media helps me in every aspect of my life: mentally, spiritually, socially, emotionally. Imagine life today without Social Media? i really can’t imagine. back to those years without internet is a nightmare.

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  12. Anonymous Reply

    What Is The Benefit Of Social Media Marketing?

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  13. Anonymous Reply

    What Is The Benefit Of Social Media Marketing?

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  14. Amber Reply

    Is Social Media Marketing A Career? 10 Points!!? Is social media marketing a career?? i hear a lot of people do this work in an unpaid internship without moving up?

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    • Social media is everywhere these days. Any website you take, it has a like, share, pin, etc. button.
      Facebook is social media, Twitter is social media, YouTube is social media, Quora is social media.

      Many of those websites offer paid options to advertisers (Facebook ads, YouTube TrueView ads, etc.), because they know marketers are looking into them – there’s demand.

      I know people who have gotten most of their clients from YouTube/SoundCloud (if you are a musician) or drive most of their traffic from Quora.

      Plus, using an array of profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) to communicate with your community, tout your new offers or even to answer support questions is a popular phenomenon these days.

      Not all companies realize the role and the power of social media, and perhaps social media promotion would not be effective in all industries.. But the demand for smart social media marketing and savvy social media marketers will only increase in the future in my opinion.

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  15. Lost Reply

    Is Anyone Familiar With Exactly WHAT Social Media Optimization Is? I keep hearing about social media optimization and when I researched, there are so many answers and none are the same. Maybe it is an aggregation of all answers however, there are too many contradictions for that to be true.

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    • Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the methodization of social media activity with the intent of attracting unique visitors to website content. it’s the process of utilizing social media marketing tactics and implementing optimization to gain increased awareness within the social networks and to gain traffic from sites other than the search engines. It involves creating accounts on social sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.), designing custom backgrounds and writing posts.

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  16. Kevin Smith Reply

    What Is Social Media Marketing? What is exact social media marketing and how we can use it

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    • Social Media Marketing is more involved than just Facebook, in my opinion. Depending on what your business is, I feel there are very different levels of ROI that can be seen. Some business models definitely work better in the social media world than others.

      To effectively use Social Media, you need to dedicate resources to be active in the social communities. Facebook pages are great, and Facebook ads can work, but if you are not actively engaging with your fans, and posting updates and valuable things to your Fans, then it does not accomplish much. If you can give online coupon codes to your fans, or promote new products that will add value to your users, then it can be valuable.

      Same goes for Twitter. Having a Twitter account can be a really interesting way to interact with people. Resources like TweetDeck can help you monitor your brand, and specific keywords across twitter. If you have a brand people are talking about, you can monitor it, and reach out to people, either thanking them for the mention, or responding to any negative feedback that might be out there. If you actively monitor this “Noise” about your brand, it can be a really powerful marketing tool (again, within the right industry).

      I have found that this seems to be most effective in B2C markets. B2B markets are a bit tougher to utilize these sites, but it can be done, if you commit to it.

      Other effective social media sites to think about are things like YouTube. Videos don’t need to be professional quality, but just be interesting or fun. Having a blog is a great way to produce valuable content and interact with your customers. There are a million other community type sites, you just have to look for them. It has become so popular, that many of these sites are forming communities around specific industries. You just have to look for your community, and be active. That is the key to Social Media.

      I have also found it is hard to have an agency handle this type of marketing for you. Take it in-house, and you will have a much more real feel to your interactions, and give people insight into your company and the culture of the employees and company itself.

      Long response. Sorry, but hopefully some of it is helpful for you. Good luck if you decide to go down this route.

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  17. David L Reply

    Learning To Use Social Media For Free? I need to learn how to use social media and I need to do it for free. Is there a way to do this?

    One thing I am noticing is that there are a lot of social media consultants out there these days and they all charge for their services. Thing is how do I know if they know what they are doing? What kinds of services do they provide? What do people usually pay? Is it worth it? How do you know if they are effective or not?

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    • People look at social media and think that it’s free. While it’s free to be part of, there is the cost of time to educate yourself to all the possibilities and implement correctly.

      If you’re looking to learn for ‘free’, then go to each of the social networking sites and read their tutorials, FAQs, and tips & suggestions. This will take hours and you still may miss some stuff, but you’re not spending money.

      You can also search blog sites for information from other people and companies in the industry. How do you know if it works? You’ll never know until you implement. I can create and implement a social media marketing site for my company and have success, however, it doesn’t mean that it will work for your company or industry. Therefore, educate yourself and test quickly.

      You may find that investing in training and education or outsourcing to someone who knows and understands what they’re doing saves you considerable time. Saving time could save you quite a bit of money in the long run as well.

      Good luck!

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