Gain Followers

Gain Followers

It may definitely seem like a perk to earn money from the comfort of your own home, all without ever having to iron a dress shirt. But, before you think blogging is easy, this article is here to tell you the secrets to creating a successful and profitable blog. There may be a lot more to it than you think, but with these helpful tips, you will be on your way to blogging like a pro.

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1. Advertising is key. One of the most important elements of blogging is to gain as much exposure as possible, so be sure to advertise your site in as many ways as you can. Promote as creatively as possible, whether it be through connecting with other bloggers, businesses or advertising websites.


2. Step one: Create a blog worthy of being recognized. What exactly makes a good blog? First of all, make sure to provide a fresh perspective that is incomparable to any other blogs. Find a unique outlook and embraceBlogging it as much as possible when marketing your blog. Come up with your own personal twist on things, such as a highly original name, concept or visual outlook.

Business Purposes

3. Gain followers and readers who visit regularly. When you are first starting out, be sure to acknowledge as many new readers as possible. Encourage people to leave comments, and do your best to interact with responses so as to engage your audience.


4. Seek out advertisers. Find businesses that are interested in your blog, whether it be through companies with products compatible with your blog, or those that are interested in your ideas. Figure out how other fellow bloggers found advertisers for their sites, and come up with a similar strategy.


5. Link to additional sites and blogs in order to attract more advertisers and readers. Follow the Golden Rule when it comes to gaining popularity: do unto others as they would do unto you. If you link to other sites and blogs, it is likely that others will link to you. If you help out your community bloggers, they are more likely to be interested in helping you out as well.

Gain Followers

6. Use advertising offered by search engines. Take advantage of offers from search engines that feature promotional advertising for bloggers, which can help you gain exposure to a much wider audience.

Golden Opportunity

7. Feature products for sale on your blog. Find products that mesh well with your type of blog, and promote them to gain a consumer base. Feature a weekly product for sale, and follow it with a blog where readers can review personal experiences with the product.

High Interest

If you have a passion for writing and blogging, now is definitely the time to capitalize on your interest to make some extra cash. This article reveals several different ways to build your blog business, all without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. By following and expanding upon these steps, you are well on your way to becoming a popular blogger worthy of recognition.

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24 Responses to “Gain Followers”

  1. Tim Reply

    How To Gain Followers For My New Religion? I am almost done writing the holy book for my made up religion. Once I finish, how do I gain followers?
    @Daughter: I have read the Bible, actually. It’s nowhere near as good as my book, though!

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    • Maybe, you can start a club and put people in it. I bet lots of people would like to find out about your religion! First try to tell a little introduction of what your little religion will be like. If they like it, they can join your club. Once your club becomes popular, its possible it coulld be on the list of world religions!
      Good Luck and Hope This Helps! :)


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  2. Me4you Reply

    How Do I Gain More Followers On Twitter? I would like to gain more followers on twitter – how do I do this? If you want to follow me my username is SaammyyWammyy :)

    Thank you!

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    • Tweet things that actually matter and most people can relate too. Follow big accounts and comment on their tweets. If you get lucky, they’ll reply and their followers might follow you too (Just don’t reply rude things. Funny ones are the best). If you’re a fan of any big celebrities like Lana Del Rey, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, etc, follow their fanbase accounts and try to communicate with them. You should also try to get a follow from your celebrity (But don’t ask for a followback too much or you’ll just annoy people) and if you get it, BOOM INSTANT POPULARITY. You should also do tweets that are related to the trends. Let’s say the trend was “#IAmALoserBecause-“. You should tweet about it. But BE ORIGINAL and relatable. You’re welcome :)

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  3. Dzchaos2 Reply

    What Are Other Methods Of Searching For Things Online Other Than Search Engines? I know there are tons (almost infinite) things in this world, and almost infinite things/ways within those topics of doing them….

    but in terms of searching online for things, what other methods are there other than, search engines, bookmarking sharing sites, and sites like digg?

    I know there are huge amounts of them out there, and there is no way anyone will ever likely hear about them all….

    but what are some other methods of searching online that you know of? and what are examples of those methods, if possible?


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    • Search engines are the most used way to find information on the web, in fact over 60% of internet activity is web search, and over 50% of internet users search the web daily.

      Other than search engines there are directories such as

      Anyway I suggest you use


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  4. Alice Reply

    How Can I Gain More Followers For Free? Sigh if your reading this please follow me on Instagram I follow back my username is alice_from_wonderland

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  5. Erin Reply

    How To Gain Tumblr Followers? My tumblr is and I have a little over 500 followers, I spend a lot of time on tumblr and I love it but I don’t talk to many people on there and don’t know how to gain more followers. Any tips?

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    • You need to find post that you can comment. Commenting smart and funny phrases can get you more followers. You can also find other blogs with the same interests and reblog them. Always add your blog link as source when you upload a picture or post anything at all. I would also suggest you find blogs with the option “Ask me anything” and ask them a question concerning there blog or simply tell them how fantastic their blog is. You need to interact with blogs to get blogs to follow you. FInd interesting content to post. The more interesting it is the better chance of getting reblogged you have! Good luck!

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  6. Brandon Reply

    How Do I Gain More Twitter Followers? I’ve done many different things to try and gain followers, I don’t really have any luck. If you have any tips please tell me. Feel free to follow me though, you don’t have to!!/fujiapplepear

    I’ve been on Twitter for close to 3 days now.

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    • You’re going to find the twitter follower “numbers game” to be fairly pointless in the long run. Anyone who follows you who is following more than a couple hundred people isn’t really reading what you’re saying anyway.

      If you want more followers who are really paying attention, first start by following people who are talking about topics you find interesting. Use hashtag searches/columns to find these people. Then start tweeting by having something interesting and helpful to say using the same hashtags.

      But, if what you’re really interested in is the number and not anything more interesting, then what you can do is follow anyone who follows more than 10,000 people. If you follow them, they’ll follow you back. Then you can all follow each other, your number will increase, and none of you will be paying attention for it to matter.

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  7. Musicianband Reply

    What’s A Good Search Engine? WHat’s the best search engine to rely on with grest features?

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    • General Search Engines:

      Alexa Internet (formerly Ask Jeeves)
      Live Search (formerly MSN Search)
      Yahoo! Search

      Try them out for yourself and see which one you like best.

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  8. Natalie Reply

    How To Gain More Twitter Followers? I might sound desperate but I have had twitter for 2 years now and only have 91 followers. I do everything like tweet good things everyday, have a certain topic I tweet on (things that im interested in ect) follow a bunch of people to follow me back but somehow I just cant gain anymore followers. Does anyone have any tips? thanks

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    • You can get twitter follower free or you can buy twitter follower. You can add good profile picture. You can follow people and some of them may follow you too. You can share your profile on many social networking site like facebook,linkedin,google plus.

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  9. Anonymous Reply

    Ways To Gain Tumblr Followers? I’ve had my tumblr for about a year now and have 400 followers. I really want to get more, i’m not sure if its because i’m not putting the url out there enough or its just because my blog is just pure crap? please tell me if it is..

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    • Are you really complaining about not having enough? 400 is plenty, and why do you even care how many you have? The point of tumblr is to be able to find things to do with your interests, and to reblog stuff you like. NOT to get loads of followers. I’ve been on tumblr for maybe a year or so now, and I have 113. I am very happy with that number, and wouldn’t mind if I never got any more. I honestly don’t care at all how many followers I have.

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  10. BrYan Reply

    What Are The Search Engine? Tell me all the search engine that you know please?

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    • A search engine is an information retrieval system designed to help find information stored on a computer system. Search engines help to minimize the time required to find information and the amount of information which must be consulted, akin to other techniques for managing information overload.

      The most popular form of a search engine is a Web search engine which searches for information on the public World Wide Web. eg:,, etc.

      There are mainly 3 types of Web search engine:
      1.Simple web search engines (eg: google etc. as above)
      2.Meta search engines (eg:, etc.)
      3.Multi search engines (eg:,,, etc.)

      Meta and Multi search engines combine results from one oor more simple web search engines and help us compare results.

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  11. Ajhe_82 Reply

    How Can Search Engines Be Improved…? I read a quote for bill gates that search engines still have a long way to be improved …

    In what way can it be improved ? Is by searching over the world wide web limits ?

    Please write your vision on how search engines will be in the next 10 years ?

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    • Search engines have yet to face a if not THE crucial question of their existence. Are they for profit instruments which will continue to confuse w/ advertizing leads etc? OR are they for the people as a general realm of knowledge – perhaps supported by one or two key companies for PR purposes and the like?
      Other issues:
      a) Who sets the guidelines for how sites are prioritized? How are these people selected. Public utilities are tightly regulated through citizen / elected officials.
      b) An option to switch off multiple citations to the same site because of that site’s awareness of the current “buzz” words.
      c) The search engines are essentially linear in approach, but the proverbial straight line is not always as valuable as the one “less travelled” (R. Frost). Why not an option to go to those sites which have only had 20 hits in the last 2 weeks? At present it takes 2 weeks to get there hitting over and over and over again.
      d) Sex sells and so it is sold far too easily to minors and w/ minors. The burden should not be on the parent/surfer, but on the server. There are some sites “blocked” by parental controls.
      A “child” can go through the control and there is more than sufficient porn available w/o such control. The servers should have more responsibility as the stores do w/ cigarettes and alcohol ditto gun stores.
      e) There should be specialized search engines to which one can subscribe – if these exist, they are woefully unacknowledged by the Big Bullies.
      f) Search engines – like libraries suddenly translated from the Latin are still learning to walk. There will be a succession of issues. The key is learning to continue to learn.
      Thank you for asking.

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  12. Mahsa Reply

    How Search Engines Exactly Work? Would you let me know how search engines work and how it finds the content of the pages?
    i want to know its algorithm and how it scan the pages to retrieve its related ads or keywords?

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    • Search engines are complex piece of software. To be able to know about a page, you’re right, it has to discover it. This can be done in many ways:
      – see a link from another page
      – by watching logs from proxy servers
      – by using logs if users are using the search engine toolbar

      Now, for the indexing (the part where the keywords are extracted), there is 2 main places:
      – the page itself
      – the pages that are linking to this page

      In the page itself, many things may be used:
      – the title of the page
      – the meta fields (keywords, content, etc.)
      – the body of the page (all keywords, in forms, etc.)

      In other pages:
      – the text that has been used to link to the page (that’s the big thing that Google has introduced in the search engine market with their page rank)

      Gave you some links to learn more, don’t be shy to use search engines to learn more on them!

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