Celebrity Gossip

Celebrity Gossip

Some people want to create a blog just to have the ability to write online. That said, it isn’t always easy to come up with a topic which will be popular with readers. The tips below will help you decide what to create your blog around and what to write about. This will ensure that your hard work doesn’t go unrewarded.

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Your passion is what should guide your blog posts. If you absolutely adore bird watching, then writing about it will be fun for you and your readers. If you like to cook, why not share your recipes and cooking tips? Figure out what makes you smile and then turn it into a blog. People love to learn from others, and your expertise can help them be more successful. Provide how-tos, videos, photos, your own opinion on products and more. You can even share information you learn with your readers as all experts continue to educate themselves.


If you don’t feel comfoBloggingrtable catering to a niche, you can just write about what you love. Soon enough, you’ll find one topic really stands out from the rest, and you can focus on that. People find blogs on too many topics confusing, so it’s best to figure out one to stick to as soon as possible. If not, you may find that readers never build up as you’re writing on topics they don’t care about.

Business Purposes

If you have some sort of insight into current events, you can write about what is happening in the news. For example, an economist could write about political and national events and what he sees as happening next. Someone who loves to keep up with crime stories could dig up clues or do research online to help figure out whodunit. From disaster predictions to celebrity gossip, there is always something in the news which is worth writing about.


Why not create a blog intended to spark conversations? Pose a question every day and then talk to those who comment with their answer. It could be on a specific topic, such as parenting, or on a broad array of categories. This allows you to build a rapport with your readers, and can also open you up to advertising opportunities. For example, asking what your readers’ favorite television is allows you to link to the items they suggest through an affiliate program. This ensures that you can easily monetize your blog when the time comes.

Celebrity Gossip

If you’re stumped, follow trends. For example, find out what’s big in fashion and then create a blog about it. You could talk about clothing, accessories, and other related topics, like causes, hobbies and hairstyles.

Golden Opportunity

Blogs allow you to talk about anything and everything, if you so desire. Once you do figure out a niche to cater to, marketing your blog will be easier. Even if you want to do it as a fun hobby, you still should take the time to determine what your plan is before you begin.

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24 Responses to “Celebrity Gossip”

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Does Anyone Have A Celebrity Gossip Blog? I am looking for other owners of celebrity gossip blogs that are interested in exchanging links with me.

    Check out http://WWW.THESTARCANDY.COM for celebrity gossip & news.

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  2. Michael M Reply

    Which Celebrity Seems Nicest In The Public Eye But Is Really A Horror To Work For? I’m not much on the gossip, but curious so I’ll have something to talk with my wife about because she follows ALL those celebrity gossip mags! Thanks!

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  3. 12345 Reply

    Would Celebrity Gossip And Sport Count As Being Newsworthy And Why? Is sport and celebrity gossip part or should be part of news? is it really that important?

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    • No its not that important compared with local national and global news
      celebrity gossip should stay in magazines not in newspapers I Am more interested in corrupt politicians than i am in Cheryl cole sore
      It is more important to me to know how my taxes are spent ,than some silly row a celeb couple are having ,

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  4. Anonymous Reply

    Why Are There So Many Celebrities At The White House Correspondent Dinner? What Is The WH Correspondent Dinner? To be fair I am on a celebrity gossip site but I see this every year. A load of celebrities at this thing. Do they get invited or do they just show up? Why would they get invited? What’s it to do with? I can understand George Clooney or Angelina Jolie but Kim Kardashian? What is this thing about?

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  5. Rosin Reply

    How To Use Twitter? And Good Celebrity Gossip Sites? I a a 14 year old girl. I recently made a twitter account. I have followed many different celebrities, fashion, sport stars such as Andy Murray and I a of course following Harry Styles. The reason I made an account is because people are always saying “Did you see the tweet by…..” I just want to get the latest news. How do you use twitter though? On the home page only the fashion pages I am following come up and I want tweets from all the people/pages I am following to come up. Why is this? Also are there any other good celebrity gossip pages that give the latest songs/news and things going on with celebrities? I want to keep track and updated Thanks :)

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      they’re the best

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  6. B9 Reply

    Wat R Some Good Websites With Celebrity Gossip?

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  7. Looking For Answers Reply

    How Is Celebrity Gossip Protected By Freedom Of Press? Ok, I understand if a celebrity punches a baby or is caught doing drugs, but celebrity gossip about what someone is wearing, whether or not someone is dating someone, without any proof and actual journalism, is that really considered protected under the Freedom of Press? A lot of the gossip in the magazines are not even true and destroy the people they attack.

    Can someone tell me how this is news? It doesn’t seem to me like it is news and I don’t think it should be treated as such and protected under the Freedom of Press amendment in our nation’s Constitution.
    There is doubt that they are considered public figures and give up some of their rights to privacy. That wasn’t the question. The question is what is actually considered news????

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    • The question becomes is the published “gossip” libelous?

      Proving libel of a public figure is more difficult then a ordinary citizen but not impossible. The celebrity might need to prove malice on the part of the press and must be able to show damages. Some things are protected no matter how outrageous, for example satire. Larry Flynt for example won the libel case filed against him by Jerry Falwell because the article he published was deemed to have been satire.

      The rest is legitimate coverage of a public figure. What they wore at a public event, or who they are dating is fair game. If you don’t want to be a public figure then you can’t do things like become an actor, musician, athlete, politician, etc.

      It is not up to the government to decide what is and what is not news. That would be a slippery slope that we do not want to get into. If we gave the power to government to decide what is news and what is not then we shouldn’t be surprised when they decide that commentary about a politicians behavior is not really news. You can’t give the Government that type of control.

      The people are the ones that decide. If you don’t like the stories about celebrity fashion don’t buy the magazines or watch the programs. If enough people felt that way then the media would run other stories to attract viewers/readers. Until the free market decides that that type of thing is not news it will continue to be printed or broadcasted.

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  8. Lest They Be Forgotten Reply

    What Is It That Attracts You To Celebrity Gossip? Celebrity gossip websites continue to flourish, as their growth seems to see no end. What is it in particular that keeps you interested?

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    • Im addicted to celebrity gossip. I know that some articles are not going to be true but its just exciting reading about celebrities. I mean I know they are regular people with no more importance than non celebrities. But it for some reason is interesting. That and Im a gossip girl.

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  9. J Reply

    I Hate Celebrity Gossip, Its A Misuse Of Time, Do U Guys Like It.?

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    • Regular people do what celebrity’s do too,the only difference is when your famous and recognized for your achievements,paparazzies make them the center of gossip because they’re in the entertainment business but when your a regular person,they don’t care what you did because your nothing to them.
      I personally don’t have a dissatisfaction of it because people are fans of their favorite star’s but when you constantly keep talking about the same celebrity and he/she keeps popping in the news,it gets tiresome to some people because they want to hear real news,not what Kim kardashian wored yesterday. (Just using a example)

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  10. Jayme Wight from Normandy Beach Reply

    Who Do Reality TV And Celebrity Gossip Appeal To–teenagers Or People Who Need Lobotomies? People who like reality TV and celebrity gossip have got no f’n taste in entertainment. Why cater to those freaks of nature?

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  11. EggsarefromChicken Reply

    Do You Follow Celebrity Gossip? There are lot of celebrity gossip out there. I am talking about the ones on Radio. It really irritate the hell out of me. I am just wondering, is there anybody following these news.

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    • Usually the ones on the radio and tv piss me off, I don’t even know who some of those people are. I do like to follow certain aspects of my favorite celebrities, I like to know what kind of work they are doing and up coming movies, etc, but as for where they ate lunch and who they ate it with doesn’t do a thing for me.

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  12. Junglist Reply

    Do You Like Reading Or Discussing Celebrity Gossip? I do because I’d rather talk about celebrity gossip than gossip about friends or family. It’s much more fun that way!
    They make enough money, they can handle it ?
    Except Britney… poor Britney.

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    • Whenever the newpaper reach my home, the first thing I do is get rid of the country news that cover the celebrity news. then I start reading the gossip.

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