There are many reasons for people to start a blog, but knowing why you’re blogging is key to really focusing your site. If you want to be able to boost your site’s popularity, you need to figure out why you created it in the first place. Below we have listed some of the most common answers to the question: “Why do you blog?”

Banner Ads

“I just want to write” is a common answer when asked why one created a blog. Sadly, it won’t do much for the focus of the blog itself! If you want to write, you must choose a passion to write about. If you are passionate, people will want to read what you have to say. Also, having a blog on a single topic is a lot less confusing. People want to read about what they are interested in, so if you have too many topics on your blog which don’t interest them, they won’t come back.


Another reason some people blog is to keep in touch with fBloggingamily. They post photos, videos and write-ups about what everyone has been up to. With sites like Facebook, this is becoming less and less necessary, so if you are keeping a blog for this reason, consider making the switch to social media instead. It’s a lot easier, you can make it private and everyone seems to have a Facebook account now anyway.

Business Purposes

Your friends are all liberals, but you’re a conservative, and you need to be able to spout off about your political opinions somewhere! Remember that everything you say online is permanent, so be careful about the way you word your posts. If this is your desire, then creating a site which optimizes that focus is a simple task. You’ll know exactly where to post links to your site to drive in an audience, won’t you?


Your company needs a blog to promote what it sells, so you’ve set one up. Be sure never to include personal information which doesn’t apply to your business! For example, if you win an award for being the greenest entrepreneur in your town, you can post about that. Do not slag your ex-wife for not letting you see your kids, though! Focus on the same things you do to market your business website – post interesting content on the topic, share links to current event news such as new technology, and communicate with your customers so you can build a relationship with them.

Golden Opportunity

You’re an expert about something, and you want to share that expertise. Whether it’s a hobby or your job, it’s great to let others in on your secrets. Be sure to add photos, videos and how-tos so that others can learn from what you have to share.

High Interest

To hone your blog and turn it into something special, you must know why you blog. If you don’t know, your blog will be all over the place, and that won’t be any fun to read. Instead, figure out which category above you fall into and then focus on that, tweaking your blog based on your desires.

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18 Responses to “Facebook”

  1. Eric Reply

    How Do You Remove The Facebook Timeline View From You’re Facebook To Change Back Into The Original Version? How do you remove the Facebook Timeline view from you’re Facebook to change back into the original version?

  2. Calatheist Reply

    How Did Something As Inane And Pointless As Facebook Manage To Take Over The World? Every company has a Facebook, every food product has a Facebook

    everyone has a Facebook, except me. So tell me,

    Whats the appeal? It must be something that you can’t do with email, instant messengers or a telephone.

  3. Ryan D Reply

    How Can I Stop Receiving Messages To My Inbox From Facebook Chat? Lately Facebook has been sending every single message from IM chat on Facebook to my Facebook e-mail. Its hogging up my messages folder and I don???t know how to change the settings in that. How do I stop this? Is this something new? Facebook is changing and I cant even delete all messages at once anymore and I want to figure out how to stop receiving im messages to my messages.
    How can I do that? What settings do I change?

    • Mira cuandO te envien un mensaje del facebook a tu hotmail lo unico que debes hacer es abrir el mensaje y luego ir a la ultima parte donde te dice un peque?o mensaje que dice: “El mensaje se envi? a …… Si no quieres recibir estos mensajes de Facebook ni que se utilice tu direcci?n de correo para hacer sugerencias de amistad, puedes CANCELAR LA SUSCRIPCION. Facebook, Inc. P.O. Box 10005, Palo Alto, CA 94303 ”
      Haces click en cancelar suscripcion y se te va a abrir el facebook diciendo :Quieres dejar de recibir estas notificaciones en .. pones CONFIRMAR Y listo ya no te molestaran mas.
      Espero que te sirva…

  4. ♥xoxo♥ Reply

    How Is Facebook Different Than Myspace? Is facebook safer? thx
    if it is safer, how so? thx!

    • Facebook is definitely better. There’s less spam, and fakers. I had a MySpace for over a year. One day I decided to make a Facebook and I haven’t been on my MySpace since.
      On Facebook, you don’t get random people sending you friend requests or people hacking into your profile. Its also alot easier to find friends from school and in your area. There’s also a lot of cool features on Facebook that MySpace doesn’t have.

      Facebook > MySpace

  5. The Groove Reply

    Poll: MySpace Or Facebook? What do you like better between MySpace or Facebook?


  6. Megann :) Reply

    Bebo, Myspace + Facebook? Whats better?

    Bebo, Myspace or Facebook?

    • Overall and allround, facebook

      bebo is more play, myspace is more “i have a better page than you” site,
      but facebook is play,fun talk and socialise

  7. Megann :) Reply

    Bebo, Myspace + Facebook? Whats better?

    Bebo, Myspace or Facebook?

    • Overall and allround, facebook

      bebo is more play, myspace is more “i have a better page than you” site,
      but facebook is play,fun talk and socialise

  8. Aslam Reply

    My FaCEBOOK ACCOUNT OPEN MY REQUEST? Place http://www.facebook account opne

  9. Mel Reply

    I Want To Access In Facebook Please..? I need your help please to access in facebook.

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