Obscure Topic

Obscure Topic

Blogging has become a very popular way to connect with others who share your interests. Many bloggers write simply to share their passions while educating and entertaining their readers. Other people use their blogs as a way of making money and connecting with readers with similar interests and causes. But, whatever your main reason for blogging is, here are some great ways to make your blog more successful and popular.

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It is important to choose a topic that you know about, and that you have a passion for. This will make your blog more interesting and will give your readers information that they can use. An educational and passionate blog will draw a devoted following and will also be the type of blog that others are more likely to recommend to their friends to check out. Readers can tell when a blogger is passionate and well-informed about the topics of their blog.


Brainstorm and make a list about the topics that youBlogging would like to blog about. Some may be topics that you have great knowledge on and others may be topics that you feel strongly about. Then, take an objective look at this list and rule out ones that are not likely to generate great interest among readers. You may be very educated and enthusiastic about an obscure topic, but that is not likely to translate into a popular blog.

Business Purposes

Set a dedicated schedule to devote to your blog each day. Choose a time of day when you are most creative, and while you are least likely to be distracted by the demands of work, family and everyday life. Create a list of things that you need to work on and prioritize them accordingly. Focus on accomplishing something everyday and take pride in each thing that you accomplish, no matter how small.

Golden Opportunity

Write your blog in a way that is easily understood by a majority of readers. You may have the education and vocabulary to write a blog that is highly technical, but this will not win over the average reader. It is far better to blog in a way that is reader-friendly. You can use technical terms as long as you take the time to inform the reader what those terms mean. Then, your blog will be interesting and informative.

High Interest

Use your blog as a way to communicate with your readers. Ask for their input, insights and their comments. This shows that you value their readership and are interested in what they have to say. Open communication with your readers is a great way to keep the conversations going and make the blog more interesting,

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As you can see, there are a great many ways to create a successful blog. There are blogs for every interest and cause imaginable. Even the most obscure topics have blogs devoted to them. But, creating a popular blog takes effort and a variety of techniques to build a loyal following. Using the tips and advice from above can help you create the blog that you have always dreamed of creating.

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26 Responses to “Obscure Topic”

  1. Inspirationpurity Reply

    Is There A Library Or Databse On The Web That You Can Search Case Law On Certain Legal Topics? Lawyers charge ??hundreds per hour. It would be a lot cheaper to do it ourselves. has anyone come across such a database? Simple search per topic and the case law pops up etc?

    • The British and Irish Legal Information Institute maintains a free, searchable database of judgments and other materials: http://www.bailii.org/

      However, access to case law and statutes does not mean you can do without a lawyer. Aside from everything else – do you have the time to undertake the necessary research? Can you make convincing, clear and brief arguements, orally and in writing? Can you maintain the necessary detachment to deal with your own case? Most lawyers would not run a case on their own behalf because of just that probably – they are emotionally involved and that damages their judgement.

      Often, in my experience, non-lawyers have a distorted view of how the law operates. They assume that the law is more formal and rigid than in fact it is and concentrate on technicalities. They assume that somewhere there is a rule for everything, when in fact, a substantial part of the lawyer’s trade is not find the obscure rule to cover the situation in hand but extrapolating from what rules there are to estimate how a court will decide an issue not expressly covered by a rule.

      There are other practical things, too, which would be quite hard to do for yourself: do you know how to perform a Land Registry search or what the results mean? Do you know what would look suspicious on a finance disbursment sheet? Do you know how to find insurers for an old company which has ceased trading? Where can you find a medical expert to testify about your whiplash? and so on.

      Lawyers charge such a large amount because there is more to it than just doing a quick search on a database.

  2. Lalit Reply

    What Are The Advantages Of Knowing More Than One Language? This topic definetely has obvious advantages, but name whatever you think the advantages are. I have to write an essay, in spanish, so im trying to get some points which are different than the ordinary.

    • One great advantage I have found from knowing foreign languages, especially German, is from doing research. Many books are left untranslated, and if you don’t know the language, you may be missing out on potentially excellent and useful material. I was actually given a rather obscure research topic for one of my Uni courses, and had I not known German, finding material for my paper would have been much more difficult.
      Also, in addition to getting along better in a country which uses the language, it gives you better insight into your own language, and how it functions. Learning a second language also increases ones’ receptivity to another country and culture.
      Lots of great things come from knowing other languages.

  3. Lisa Reply

    I Need Help Finding Sources For A Research Paper On Medieval Military Medicine? My topic has proven to be very difficult to source. Medieval military medicine, particularly battlefield medicine and/or surgical practices seems to be a very obscure topic. Does anyone have any ideas or information that might help me? Thanks.

    • This seems like a topic that your research librarian at school could help you with. It’s hard for me to help find you resources because I don’t know what time period exactly and in what country you’re looking for information on. But have you tried going to wikipedia, finding helpful information from there and then going to the reference section of the wiki page and finding resources from there?

  4. Lindyboo Reply

    Online Forums And The Like – How Do People Post Such Extensively Researched Answers So FAST? Obviously research can be done ahead of time on topics that are discussed often. It just seems like even on very obscure topics these forum regulars will post an almost immediate answer, complete with citations, links, etc.

    Like you might put a thread about REM sleep patterns of the koala bear and 30 seconds later somebody has put up the equivalent of a semester-long research paper!!

    How do they do it that quick?
    Thanks in advance for any tips!

    • Only 2 possible answers I can think of:

      1. they have answered that question before and kept a copy of their answer (I do this with very common questions about e.g. changing screen resolution)

      2. they go to wikipedia or similar and do a copy & paste job.

  5. Kimi Reply

    Any Suggestions Of A Completely Neutral, Obscure And Boring Topic For A Psychology Experiment?

    • One interesting topic you can write is Disassociative Identity Disorder. They have done studies on these people who have split personalities and as the personalities changes so did their eyesight, their allergies, genders, and ages. Some personalities were allergic to milk, some had to wear glasses while others had 20/20 vision. AND ITS ALL IN ONE PERSON! Its really disturbing. Another interesting thing about this is that say a girl you know named Jane had this disorder. Well often the persons other personalities all know about each other, and they even know who the real Jane is. Some of the personalities don’t even like each other, its like having a group of people living in your head, sharing control of your body, and they all have individual goals and interests. Some are slutty and Jane may wake up in bed with some random guy and not know how she got there, some like to buy furniture and Jane may wake up with a brand new house full of all new stuff. And the scariest part is that Jane usually doesn’t know about the other personalities, but like I said they all know about her.

  6. John C Reply

    School Research Topic? My class is doing a step by step research project. Our topic must be a career- any suggestions? I am looking for something interesting and is easy to get information on.

    • If i were you, i’d go for a job you actually find interesting. it’d be helpful if you knew someone who did it, because you could interview them and get a lot more substance for your paper. as long as you don’t pick some super obscure job, you shouldn’t have too hard of a time getting info on it. as far as what i find interesting, it’s probably different from what you find interesting. so sit down and think about what you wouldn’t mind doing or what you think is really cool, and write your paper on that. good luck!

  7. Elsie Reply

    What Should I Do My Persuasive Speech On? The More Obscure The Better.? Give me some great ideas for a speech go crazy with ideas that i can persuade people on that EVERYONE over age 18 can relate to,,,,THANK U!

  8. Erica S Reply

    Speech Topic? Hello everyone. I am currently in a communications class and we have a ceremonial speech of tribute to do tomorrow. It only has to be 3-4 minutes long but I don’t really know what to do. I was thinking of possibly pretending I was giving an award to someone but wanted to know other ideas that were out there. Can anyone help? Any topic will be worthwhile :) Thanks a bunch!
    no offense, but i need actual topics not tips about effect speech making. its the last speech of the year and all i need is a good topic :(

    • A ceremonial speech of tribute…

      You could certainly do an award, anything from the Nobel Peace Prize to an Oscar.
      Nobel Prize categories: Peace, Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine.
      High-profile Oscars: best actor/actress, best picture, best score, best director
      You could also check out the link I included to Wikipedia’s list of awards and prizes and choose something totally obscure, like the Bronze Award for the girl scouts.

      There’s also a eulogy, which doesn’t have to be morbid. If you feel up to it, you could do one for someone who has died that you really cared about, such as a grandparent. Think carefully about this, though, as it can tend to get very emotional. Or you can make it humorous. When I was in college, I think I did a eulogy for my goldfish. I never actually owned a goldfish.

      You could do a general tribute speech, such as to a friend, parent, or favorite teacher. You can invent an appropriate occasion for this speech. It might your friend’s birthday, your parents’ anniversary, or your teacher’s retirement.

      You could also do something sarcastic. If you, like myself, aren’t a fan of the way the current U.S. administration has handled the war in Iraq, you could do a ceremonial tribute to, “Royally Screwing up U.S. World Relations,” or something similar.

      Hope that gives you some ideas to start with. Just have fun with it.

  9. O_xAbbiex_o Reply

    WHO WAS AFRAID OF THE CAT GOD/GODESS IN ANCIENT EGYPT? I need to know this its very important:
    what creature was afraid of the cat god or godess in ancient egypt or what creatures were afraid of cats??? please helppp
    NO im not joking around i asked a question and have no idea why this is bad….

    • Research a god, named ‘Bast’ or ‘Bastet’. Bast was a ‘local god’ of Babastis and Sebek.

      This is a very obscure topic.

      Sorry, if I upset you.

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Is Wikepedia Fake And Do People Put Wrong Information On It?

    • People put in wrong information into Wikipedia all the time. Sometimes it’s deliberate, but often it’s well-meaning and unaware.

      There is also a continuum relating the popularity of a topic (how many people view the article) with the egregiousness of the falsehood:

      Blatant falsehoods on popular topics are immediately reverted. Blatant falsehoods on obscure topics might stay a few months. True facts on obscure topics are often mistaken for blatant falsehoods and removed immediately. Subtle falsehoods on obscure topics will probably never be corrected. Subtle falsehoods on popular topics might go unnoticed for a few days.

  11. Rob D Reply

    Help With A School History Project…? Next year I will be sitting my Leaving cert, the Irish equivalent to A levels. For History I must do my own research topic which accounts for 20% of the exam. Our teacher hasn’t been much help insofar as he just said to do it over the summer so that it is out of the way.

    The selection of the topic is the most critical aspect. One chooses any piece of history prior to 1992 and tries to find an interesting perspective on it e.g. ‘The failures leading to the Titanic sinking’ and writes an essay on it.

    My general topic is ‘Operation Bernhard’ but I need to deal with some kind of controversy surrounding it or something specific relating to it. Could someone please give me an interesting take on ‘Operation Bernhard’. Here is the link to its wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Bernhard. Operation Bernhard is dealt with in the movie The Counterfeiters.


    • If you choose an obscure topic, don’t expect much help from Yahoo Answers.

  12. Jane Reply

    Any Usa History Topics? At school i am supposed to write an essay about an event in us history. There is already Abarham
    Lincoln assain and JFK assanin, mayflower, jamestown, nine eleven, pearl harbor bombing.
    Please answer quick!

    • Dear Jane, How about the Tri State Tornado of March 18, 1925? Worst tornado in the U.S. history books. Began north – northeast of Ellington, Missouri just after 1 P. M. which was its first sighting. On the ground for 2 1/2 hours. Most small towns in its path were obliterated. 695 were killed, 1,083 injured. It was nearly 2 miles wide. Its average forward speed 62 mph, at times it approached 70. It was obscured for most of its life. We only know that it didn’t look like a tornado but a few witnesses said it resembled a low rolling fog. As strange as it was tragic. It crossed southern Illinois and dissipated in a farmer’s field in south central Indiana.

  13. O_xAbbiex_o Reply

    WHO WAS AFRAID OF THE CAT GOD/GODESS IN ANCIENT EGYPT? I need to know this its very important:
    what creature was afraid of the cat god or godess in ancient egypt or what creatures were afraid of cats??? please helppp
    NO im not joking around i asked a question and have no idea why this is bad….

    • Research a god, named ‘Bast’ or ‘Bastet’. Bast was a ‘local god’ of Babastis and Sebek.

      This is a very obscure topic.

      Sorry, if I upset you.

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