Media Accounts

Media Accounts

Many people start a blog and think that it is easy to draw a lot of attention to it. The truth is, nothing is easy when you’re competing with thousands of other people who have the same goal as you, to have lots of people read their blog. If your goal is to write a blog that attracts a big audience, then continue reading for some great tips to help you out.


In this day and age, advertising is all about social media. This applies to blogs, too. In order to increase viewership of your blog, you should link it to your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter. Many people search those sites looking for information and if you have a link to your blog, you will get visitors through these social media sites.


A great way to get a following is to link up with other blogs that are similar to yours. For example, say your blog is about parenting, you should contact other blog owners who have similar sites and ask them if they would let you put a link on their site which goes back to your blog. Then, yoBloggingu do likewise where you put a link to their site on your blog. This is called exchanging links and it is a valuable tool to attract people who already have an interest in what you’re writing about.


Try to keep your blog relevant and up-to-date. People want to be informed and are always searching for something new. So, give them something new! If your blog is like every other blog on the Internet, chances are you won’t be able to build a following. Make your blog stand out with original content that has interesting topics which will draw in an audience that likes what they see and wants to return.

Good Sense Of Humor

Rather than have a lot of writing on your blog, make it stand out with eye-catching photos. Many people do not like to read walls of text but will stay on a site if there are plenty of pictures that they haven’t seen before. Sometimes, pictures can even tell a story. You can write your blog posts around interesting pictures that draw people in and want to read the text. A great way to attract people is to post pictures that you have taken. That is fresh and original content that people want to see!


Friends and family can help you out a lot when you first start a blog. They won’t judge you as harshly as an unknown web visitor and they will tell others about your blog. Don’t be afraid to inform your friends and family, but most importantly, tell them to spread the word about your blog!

Media Accounts

An excellent way to get visitors to your blog is by leaving comments on message boards and other blogs that are relevant to your blog. Make sure you include a link back to your blog to draw in these new visitors. But, you never want to spam anyone’s blog or forum with your link. It must be relevant to the topic at hand.


Attracting visitors to a blog can be tricky and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you stick to the tips that you just read. Start following the advice and soon you will see a big jump in the amount of new visitors to your blog.

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40 Responses to “Media Accounts”

  1. Lucas Reply

    Take A Short Survey For My Communications Class? 1. Your age and gender

    2. Which of the following social media websites do you have a personal account on?

    3. How many hours do you spend on these websites per week?

    4. How do you access these sites? (Computer, tablet, phone, etc.)

    5. If facebook charged $5 per month, would you still use it?

    6. What is the highest monthly fee you would pay for facebook?

    7. How many times per day do you log into a social media website?

    8. How long ago did you join your first social media site?

    9. Do you have social media accounts that you don’t use?

    10. How often do you talk to friends and relatives on social media?

    11. Do you have any embarrassing or inappropriate photos on a social media website?


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  2. Anonymous Reply

    Do You Look For New Social Media Sites When The Others Get Boring? When you have been on mySpace and Facebook for months or even years, do you get tired of them and look for something new? If not to replace the other sites, but to explore new ones?

    What would you like to see in a social media site that facebook, myspace and twitter does not offer?

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  3. Meme Reply

    Reasons As To Why Social Media Sites Should Be Used In The Court Of Law? This is for my research paper and I am kind of stuck. I have sooo much evidence pertaining to different court cases of comments and status and other things off of social media sites being used as evidence. I need some reasons as to WHY it should be used in the court of law and why. this will help a ton thank you :)

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  4. Dan Reply

    What Do You Make Of The Shane Duffy Tweet Supporting The IRA?

    He denys posting it but let’s be honest it is easy to deny something after the event, and you would think a professional footballer would be very careful with his social media accounts to avoid such things happening.
    @ cian who is moaning I simply asked what peoples opinions on it were. I have not said my opinion on it at all apart from to say it is easy to deny after the event, I have no idea if he did say it or not

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    • What an idiot. If you have views like that then keep them to your dam self.

      especially if you’re a footballer.

      Why oh why do they play in England for English clubs if they feel so strongly about it?!

      EDIT: of course he’s going to deny it!.

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  5. Selena Reply

    What Types Of Information Systems Are Involved With Social Media? I am writing a report on social media and come up with answers to the questions
    “What types of information systems are involved?”
    What would be some examples of information systems involved with social media?
    Thank you so much.

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    • A definition might be useful (from Britannica Online):
      Information system, an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, and processing data and for delivering information, knowledge, and digital products. (…) Digital goods, such as electronic books and software, and online services, such as auctions and social networking, are delivered with information systems. Individuals rely on information systems, generally Internet-based, for conducting much of their personal lives: for socializing, study, shopping, banking, and entertainment.

      So… Essentially, anything that gives you the option to log on with your Facebook account, Reddit account, Twitter account or so on, will be “involved with” social media. This will obviously include any portable device that supplies a ccess to one or more of the same services, for instance any tablet, smartphone, and so on.

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  6. Anonymous Reply

    What Is The Social Media Tool Linked In? How do you use the social media tool?

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    • It’s like Facebook for business people. You create an account and add your information, and other people can find you on it. The difference between linkedin and sites like Facebook is that instead of seeing what your favorite bands are, they can see your resum?.

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  7. Jenny Reply

    Can A Background Checker Find Your Social Media Accounts? I applied for this job and i was just wondering if the employer would be able to find my facebook, twitter, etc. I use a seperate email address for my social media accounts than i do for my business ventures. I also have all of my social networking accounts (and the email address i use for them) under a nickname instrad of my real name. Will empolyers still be able to find me?

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    • Unless your entire family does the same, yes. They will be able to find you through relations’ accounts.
      If it’s a really important and sensitive job they might even befriend you on Facebook and check you out before hiring you _Employers are weird that way._ Which is why you should always moderate what you post on your accounts.

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  8. BellaAriela Reply

    What Is Social Medias Role In Delivering The News? Now-a-days every news station has a Twitter and a Facebook. Online newspapers also have Twitter accounts. I’m doing a research paper on the role social media has in delivering news. It’s turning out to be hard to find information on this topic. I guess it’s still a fairly new concept. Does anyone have any helpful information(scholarly articles, books, internet articles) on this subject?

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  9. My Kareer Reply

    How To Measure Performance Of A Site Thru Social Media Sites? Plz help me how to know the performance thru social media sites.

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    • Here you go:

      A dashboard program that monitors Twitter, Twazzup will tell you every time your keywords are mentioned in a tweet. It will also categorize your results by link popularity, contributors, tagging clouds and users. Unique features like avatar mouse-overs that give more details about that user's relevant tweets make Twazzup a surprisingly powerful and valuable social media monitoring tool.

      Here's a nice tool that has a marketing emphasis, showing stats for feedback on your products and reader statistics. Buzzlogic sports tools intended to help you build more powerful and influential relationships and to track competing products. Buzzlogic is a proprietary conversational Advertising utility that all social marketers should try.

      While some social media monitoring tools can get quite complicated to use, Scoutlabs uses a simple, user-friendly interface that delivers very powerful information to social marketers that can help them track the performance of their brands. One unique feature allows users to superposition graphs to help analyze trends in accumulated data. The dashboard is easy to setup and features a composite Buzz rating that helps you check your results at a glance. Special categories for online sentiment, mentions, and quotes help you drill down to give you an in-depth understanding of your data.

      One way to monitor your performance in social media is by using an integrated browser client that will show you every time your target phrases are mentioned. Tweetdeck unifies Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace to give you a convenient way to use and monitor social media. What's nice is that when your keywords are referenced, you have an easy way to quickly respond without having to leave the program.

      Reputation Defender
      Created for the specific purpose of helping you preserve and restore your reputation in social media, Reputation Defender offers a robust monitoring service that will help you keep track of your children, your privacy, and your brand. A feature called MyEdge helps you deal with the results that Google serves up about you.

      This is a tracker that will show user-defined statistics for your keywords over a thirty day period. It is a free program, but it doesn't allow for storing historical data or some other premium features most pay monitoring sites offer. There is a convenient display that shows every relevant hashtag, post ranking, source, user, and keyword.

      This mid-level priced service is a powerful monitoring tool that is known for having top reporting features and an automated sentiment feature. Special tools for marketing, agencies, PR and reputation, and brand management make this an indispensible tool for monitoring your performance in social media.

      radian6 features an incredible Engagement console that lets you listen, engage, and plan in one handy desktop application. Monitor the performance of all your brands, services, and keywords across every social network platform simultaneously. This is the powerful solution that will propel your business to the next level. For example, radian6 does not limit itself to the major social media platforms: it extends performance searching to include blogs, forums, photo and video sites, comments, and millions of other sites on the Web. radian6 aggregates data from all across the Internet, filters and segments it, and reports and charts it for you based on a host of user definable and selectable metrics.

      Alterian SM2
      With marketing agencies in mind when SM2 was designed, you get relevant performance data from social media platforms that helps you make the most out of your marketing time and money. Find out who's happy and who's mad about you, your company, and your products. Gauge the effectiveness of your social media marketing and use the information to design your next campaign. Special features of SM2 include a custom workflow tool, language and geographic filters, as well real time alerts. Try the free version or pay by the volume of results.

      Addict-o-matic gathers information about your keywords or brands from across the Web, including Flickr, YouTube, Digg, Google Blogs, as well as all the traditional social media platforms. When you visit the Addict-o-matic Web page, you get to instantly create a page that shows all the relevant information to your search terms from up to twenty five content providers and aggregators. This one tool gives you comprehensive information that will be invaluable for monitoring your performance in social media.

      Please Google the names to get the link to each resource mentioned here.

      Hope that Helps.

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  10. Angel Reply

    What Is A Social Media Site?

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    • Social media is a consumer generated media (CGM) that includes a blending of techology and social interaction for the co-creation of value. Site is short for Website. The social media site is the website related to web pages containing content such as text, images, video, audio, etc, and is accessible and available via a network such as the Internet or a private local area network through an Internet address known as a uniform resource locator..

      Social media technology comes in many different forms; internet forums, weblogs, social blogs, microblogging (Twitter), wikis (collaborative efforts), podcasts, photos and pitures, magazines, video ratings and social bookmarking.

      There are 6 different types of social media sites:

      collaborative projects; Wikipedia
      blogs and microblogs; Twitter
      content communities; YouTube
      social networking sites; Facebook
      virtual game worlds; World of Warcraft
      virtual social worlds; Second Life

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  11. CookieK Reply

    What Is Social Media Optimization And How Can I Use It???

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    • Social Network Marketing

      My Space, Classmates, Friendster, and Linked In are just a few in a large range of Social Networking Sites. Meeting New Friend, Catching Up with old friends and Networking is the name of the game

      What are Social Networking Websites?

      Social networking is as old as the ages - people have been meeting friends and networking since the dawn of time. The birth of the Internet, has allowed people to meet new friends and old in different places and in larger quantities than ever before. Create an account, add a picture, share likes and dislikes and a little history and away you go. is the most popular example of this type of site. Started in 2002 this site employs a networking technology that creates networking circles of friends. Create a site on the network, and people you know can find you or people who would like to. You can then see their friends, and perhaps make new friends and acquaintances from among this circle.

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  12. Anonymous Reply

    What Are The Advantages Of Social Media Optimization? I have heard about social media optimization (SMO) but I guess I just don’t fully understand the concept. What are the advantages of it for someone like me who makes niche affiliate marketing websites?

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    • Although it sounds confusing, social media optimization is basically generating traffic to your sites through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and submission sites like Digg. This could mean that you sign up for a Twitter account and you add a Twitter feed on your blog or auto-post your new blog posts on your Twitter page.

      It could also mean adding a Digg button on your website to allow your readers to submit the article to the social media community. The way that this works is that if it gets enough digs on the site, it will be featured on the home page or category page and more people will be aware of the article and will come visit your site.

      Other social media optimization features could be YouTube,, any forums, and blogging communities. The advantages of using these are that you draw more traffic to your website. More traffic to your website may lead to more affiliate sales for you.

      Since you are setting up multiple niche websites, you most likely are not using your real name on the sites or not letting people know that you own all these affiliate websites (this is how most people do it). So some of these social media sites may not work for you if you want to maintain your anonymous site. Check out as he has some great advice on social media and affiliate marketing.

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  13. Avraham Reply

    What Makes One Social Media Site Better Then Its Competitor? Are there any real, objective standards in evaluating social media sites?

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    • I think every site has it’s different qualities, but if you want to get down to it, it’s probably many factors.

      1) Traffic – the main thing keeping these sites alive is advertising & the one thing an advertiser wants to see is who has the most traffic.

      2) Registered Users – Also referring to advertising, the amount of registered users a site has says how many people it can influence to buy.

      3) Evolving content – Social Media sites die if their users are not active. If there are no new posts, there are no new reasons to visit it.

      4) Who’s on the site – I think the best thing Twitter has done was got the verified celebrities involved. They made themselves the #1 place to look if you really want to know what your favorite celebs are up to.

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  14. Manoranjan nanda Reply

    What Is Social Media Optimization?How It Is Helpful For A Site?

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  15. Mediapirate Reply

    SEO And Social Media? Just wondering what different ways you use social media to contribute to an SEO/SEM campaign?

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    • You can use social bookmarking sites, social networking sites and media sharing platform. These three can help you in contributing to SEO/SEM campaign. Social bookmarking sites include digg, twitter, stumble upon, mixx, etc. Social networking sites include Facebook, MySpace, etc. Media sharing platform include Youtube, Metacafe, etc.

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  16. Jack Reply

    Can I Put All My Social Media And Accounts Under One Email Address? I have An iTunes account and Facebook etc. but there all under different email addresses. I want to put my Facebook under the same email adress as my iTunes account. So I want to erase an email adress and keep just one. The problem is the one I’m trying to get rid of won’t let me access it because my password is incorrect. I used to use all the same password for everything so I might have changed my email password years ago but either way I want it gone. Is there any way to access it again?

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    • What you should have done was to sign into all these accounts
      with your Yahoo account details and then you would never forget the sign in’s
      But you will have to get into the account settings of these accounts
      to change to the one Size fits all
      Have a good weekend

      J R :)

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  17. Michael Reply

    How To Use Social Media To Promote Roofing Company?

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    • As the other posts suggest, Facebook is the king of social media websites. However, if you wan to be successful in social media, there is more than just creating your Facebook business page. First of all, there are other sites that you should create a business accounts with such as Twitter, StumbleUpon, Foresquares, Delicious, Linkedin, Digg and others. Once you take the time to create the accounts and put some content, you need to be active. Add the social buttons to your website so that visitors can link to their own pages easily. Encourage your customers to post their experience or pictures on your pages. Basically, if you want to be successful in social media marketing, you have to be active. Some companies even give away t-shirts if their customers place their pictures. That is usually effective.

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  18. Anonymous Reply

    List Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having A Social Media Account (Facebook/Twitter). Overall, Is It Good?

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    • Advantages

      It makes it so easy to connect with anyone. Its especially good for staying in contact with your school friends after you have left and being on it at school/college to easily help each other with the work. I’m thinking more Facebook with this one but its effective on Twitter too.

      You can connect with anyone in the world! I’m British but regularly talk to people from Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, the USA, Nigeria, Australia, Italy, Spain just to name a few! This is Twitter in my case.

      You can make new friends for life, and especially with Twitter you tend get followed/follow people with shared interests and this allows bonds to be formed.

      There is easy access to news! I don’t have to watch TV news programmes now to know what is going on in the world. Again Twitter is the main site I use for this but Facebook is becoming similar now.


      There are no age limits/little restriction on age limits on these sites which leads to younger people being exposed to adult content. Especially Twitter and Tumblr, the amount of porn accounts/blogs around these days are unreal! Just leave it to the porn sites please!

      Cyber bullying is a bit problem nowadays. Its so easy to gang up on people and saw nasty things, and when Ask.FM arrived on the scene a few years ago which allowed people to post messages to users without revealing their identity it was asking for trouble! Overall cyber bullying is a serious problem and it leads to a lot of suicides and incidents of self harm among teenagers.

      Its addictive! This depends what you do on these sites and how many people you speak to and things but it can be highly addictive and take over people’s lives. I control my Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, BBM and WhatsApp usage now and have a healthy relationship with them but in the past I have been on an addictive hype with sites, particularly Ask.FM and its not a nice feeling.

      Overall I have to say yes it is good. A lot depends what you do on the sites and many of the disadvantages I listed I have to say are often beyond the control of the sites. Social media is a glorious platform which is so easy to use, but you have it use it right for you to get the best from the experience.

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  19. Brandon Lewin Reply

    Would You Promote A Brand & Service/product, Actively On Your Social Media Accounts For Incentives? This is extremely a hypothetical question. I was just interested if people would actually do this. The incentives could be money, tickets, discounts, anything really. You would have to actively promote a product/service online. Sort of like a spokesperson. Anything that was generated from your activity would allow you to be compensated. Similar to an affiliate program. Would you participate in a program like that?

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    • My first response would be to say no. Social media is about being social with our peers. If we add advertising it could dramatically change how we use social media. However, if I thought it was unobtrusive, if i was promoting something stellar and if the incentive was right, i just might.

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  20. Anonymous Reply

    Should I Delete All Social Media Accounts? So most of you know that I have been getting really bad comments on how I look and to be honest I am 13 and it is causing me anxiety, daddys booked a holiday to get away from it all so that’s good I guess, but the comments will still be there on my iphone when I get back so I dunno weather I should delete all social media sites,

    opinions please

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    • You don’t have to darling. If you’re okay with it and you strong enough to let it go, then just let it be. Haters gotta hate anyway.
      But if you think that these media accounts are annoying you, making you uncomfortable, making feel bad about yourself, and you can’t handle it. You should probably delete just to clear up your mind.
      A vacation is a very good idea to clear up your mind.
      My advice to you, let you be you. Don’t mind what anyone says about your look. You’re 13. You’ll learn so much things in life. And one of them is you don’t wake up to please people on the internet or anywhere.
      Cheers !

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