Long Periods of Time

Long Periods of Time

Are you in the process of launching your own blog? You can improve your chances of creating a successful blog by applying the useful tips presented in the following article.


Start by creating an account on a blogging platform. Do some research on different platforms to find the one that corresponds to your needs. Developing your blog will be easier if you use a quality blogging platform. Make sure the platform you select has a strong reputation so you do not have to worry about your blog being unavailable for long periods of time. If you are not satisfied with the platform you use, it is best to switch to a different one as early as possible so you do not lose a large amount of readers.


The design of your blog is very important. Most blogging platforms will let you choose your design from a collection of templates. Try personalizing your design as much as possible, for instance by changing the colors of the template you want to use. Some platforms will let you create your own design from scratch, which is a great way to create a unique blog if you are skilled enough to create a design yourself.

Good Sense Of Humor

Add more content to your blog on a regular basis. The best way to get more traffic for your blog is to add more content. All your articles should meet high standards of quality and have eye catching titles. If you are not a good writer, get as much practice as possible and your writing will eventually improve. You can still produce quality written content by limiting yourself to short blog entries or to top ten lists. You should also consider launching a Podcast or a video blog.


Share your content to draw more traffic to your blog. Send your articles to different article directories and try getting some links on other popular blogs or site. Do not hesitate to contact webmasters and bloggers who have a very similar audience to see if they would be interested in exchanging links. Producing high quality content will definitely improve your chances of getting your links and your content featured on different sites.


Organize your blog so visitors can easily navigate your content. Your homepage should include your latest articles as well as links readers can follow to find more content they will be interested in. Even though blogging platforms give you the option to organize your articles in a chronological manner, it is often best to organize them by theme. Create an archive so you Bloggingcan organize all your old articles by category. Add links to more similar content within each one of your articles. You should also create a detailed menu so readers can easily find your most important pages, including your archives.

Random Things

You should follow these tips to develop your blog. Keep writing more content for your blog and share this content as much as possible. You will eventually have a popular blog if you are dedicated to this project.

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20 Responses to “Long Periods of Time”

  1. Chelsea Reply

    What Do I Need To Start A Video Blog? I am interested in starting my own vlog (Video Blog).
    What stuff do i need…? I have a Samsung Camera and also my phone can take good videos.
    Should i get a flip Camera…What One?…what prices are they?
    What type of editing software do i use?
    I would be using youtube…even if i didn’t upload my videos i am still interested in making them.
    Do i use my name or should i make up a nickname?
    Any other tips would help.
    Thank You :D

    • You can start with what you got and see how it goes.
      If it seems to be something you want to do in the future, then start to look for new gear.
      There’s no point using money if you abandon the project after couple videos.

  2. AK Reply

    What Is The Best Blogging Platform Site? I’m looking to start an art blog with my work, tutorials and time lapse videos. I made a tumblr, but it looks more like the myspace of blogging rather then something taken seriously (could be wrong :/ ) I heard wordpress is the best. Should I switch from tumblr to word press or somewhere else?

    For which ever site you recommend, what are some tips to drive traffic to said site?

    • You definitely want to go with your own hosted version of WordPress on your own domain name! This will cost you about $50 a year but it well worth it.
      If you are serious about your website then you need to own your own domain name so you own your site.
      If you want good traffic to your site you need to do the things that are going to appeal best to Google. Among these are a domain name based in keywords your audience is already using to search for what you have, as well as a site designed to be search engine friendly. Between the fact that WordPress sites rank very well there are also a number of plugins available to help you with the SEO of the site.
      Lastly in order to succeed at getting traffic to your site if need to be relevant and current. Having a blog on your site to go along with your other social networking is one of the primary keys to getting traffic to your site.

  3. Amber T Reply

    Is It Good To Have More Than 1 Blog With Your Content Or Will Google Punish You For That? I am wondering if putting my blog up in more than one blogging platform is worth it or will Google punish that. it would be relatively easy to do.

    • If you are describing “platform” as another method to display your blog, but on the same website, then yes it’s possible Google could penalize you for duplicate content, although unlikely.

      I assume the blog text will be identical, even with different platforms.

      The best-case scenario would be for Google to ignore the duplicate content. You should try and avoid duplicate content whenever possible.

  4. Belle Reply

    What Is The Best Free Blogging Platform? I really want to start a “serious” blog. I know how to do coding and stuff, so I don’t need a template. Now I wonder if Blogger is a good place to start, because its got tons of users and a lot of freedom to the blogger. I want your input, and I would LOVE to check out your blogs! PLEASE HELP!

    PS: don’t say tumblr cause that’s not a serious blogging service in my eyes (sorry!

    • The best free blogging platform is Blogger for sure ! Blogger does not add forced ads under your posts, and give you the full control over the template- you can modify the template HTML and CSS code freely- no other free service allow you doing that !

      Note: the software wordpress is free, but you have to pay for webhosting to make it installed on. And the free WordPress.com adds forced ads under your posts !

      For more details, you can check my article: Which Is the Best Free Blog/ Blogging Website, Blogger or WordPress- http://www.bloggerjourney.com/2013/01/which-is-best-free-blog-blogging.html

      And my site http://www.bloggerjourney.com is Blogger based. How do you like it?

  5. Cherri Reply

    What Is The Best Blogging Platform For Musicians? I am creating a website for an aspiring rapper. I am trying to decide the best & (hopefully FREE) blogging tool that is sophisticated enough to post music & videos but simple enough for him to update himself when I am not available. It will be used to share info about his upcoming events, projects, merchandise, etc.

    I’ve used cutenews for my graphic design site, but I’m not sure if that will be efficient enough for a musician. Thank you in advance.

    • Here are two big platform “WordPress.com” n “Blogger.com” both are totally free. btw i would recommend you for WordPress. its more easy n having more features then blogger. Btw Blogger powered by Google. so that both have their own worth!

  6. Artist. Reply

    Which Blogging Platform Do You Guys Prefer? Blogger Or WordPress? I would like to start a blog in which I can blog about daily situations, new projects, random moments, and so forth. I am an artist/designer and I really would love to be able to keep my readers updated with matters happening with my art.

    I would like a blogging platform that will allow me easy access when mobile, a blog that I can design myself 100%; easily, a blogging platform that I’ll be able to link to my website and so much more. Which do you guys recommend? I tried WordPress, but it gets a bit confusing after a while. I really do like it’s set up, but what do you guys like about Blogger?

    Blogger is simpler, but I want to make sure that I’m making the right choice when it comes to choosing a blogging platform. I will be blogging in VERY often and if I decided to move to WordPress, would I be able to move successfully and move my old posts?

    Please provide me with full detail pertaining to my choice!

    Thank you so much!

    • For a long time WordPress has been an innovator and leader of blogging platforms. However, in the past few months, Blogger, owned by Google, has been catching up to the point where there is little incentive for people to go to the trouble of installing their own CMS for an activity that seldom covers expenses. It seems that most people who switch to WordPress from Blogger are not aware that they can use a custom domain name with Blogger. It is clear to me that for most people, Blogger represents the better platform, whether we consider WordPress.com or WordPress.org (self-hosted).

  7. Elenita Reply

    Which Blogging Platform Is The Best?

    • Hello friend, There are some excellent blogging platform available for you. They are listed below.

      1. SquareSpace Blogging Platform
      The feature that stands of the most inside of SquareSpace is their LayoutEngine technology. Longtime users of WordPress, or any other blogging platform, will notice this amazing feature right away. Click and drag images, re-size them, and adjust placement faster and smoother than any other blogging platform allows. Everything is laid out inside a perfect grid so everything is always properly aligned. Text, images, or blocks can be dragged to the exact location where you want them.

      2. TypePad.com Blogging Platform
      TypePad is a strong contender a business blogging platform: stable, flexible, and offers strong analytics.The platform offers promotion of your content across its network. This means increased exposure and traffic to your blog.

      3. Tumblr.com Blogging Platform
      Tumblr is a free microblogging platform. You can easily create attractive functional blog in a matter of minutes – and you can forward your own domain to your Tumblr blog.

  8. Jack Francis Reply

    What Blogging Platform Should I Use? I am starting a travel blog and am very confused about what blogging platform to use.

    I want it to be a professional blog and want to have my own domain name. However, I have very limited (almost non existent) skills when it comes to web design.

    I will be reviewing certain things in the blog and want room to expand in the future should the blog take off.

    It needs to be easy for me to add text, photos and embedded video diaries to the blog…

    Any ideas??

    • Jack,

      I’d say WordPress is the best blogging platform you can go for. It has very active development and there are tons of free/paid themes (web design) that you can use. Two paid example are:

      That was just for an idea. You can find equally good looking free themes if you spend some time. Oh, and by the way, you wouldn’t need much (or any) coding/designing skills for using these kind of themes. Just clicking around can do most of the job.

      You can definitely get your own domain name. You have to get a web hosting plan too. Check this out: http://hosting4beginners.webnode.com/how-to-host-a-website/
      It has step by step guides to help you get your domain name, web hosting plan and setting up your website.

      I don’t understand what you meant by ‘room to expand’. If you meant that you’d want to be able to have a large number of visitors or a large website, both should be easy. When you reach that situation you might want to upgrade your web hosting plan to a better one (would obviously cost more than the initial period but not a whole lot more and you’d have those additional features.)

      “It needs to be easy for me to add text, photos and embedded video diaries to the blog…”. All this will be very easy for you to do with WordPress. I use it too.

      “Any ideas??”
      Sure. They are up there :)

      All the best.

  9. Karunish Reply

    Can Any One Suggest Some Blogging Platforms ? I need around 100 its pretty urgent .. My boss is on my head ..

    • As the previous answers have already mentioned the best and most used blogging platforms, I want to suggest you a good way of spreading the word about your new blog. To spread the word fast, among other things like using Social networks etc; try some TEs too, more info about TEs in the source url.

  10. Ashu Reply

    What Are The Best Free Blogging Web Platforms Available In Web?

    • Best Free Blogging Platforms are
      1) Blogspot
      2) WordPress
      3) Tumblr
      4) Weebly
      5) snappages
      6) webs
      7) blog

      From these options my vote goes to wordpress

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