Zemanta Browser Widget vs. Zemanta Plugin

Zemanta Firefox plugin

Zemanta Firefox plugin (Photo credit: Tom Raftery)

I like Zemanta. It is a “curation” tool that helps you create “nice” posts. It goes along with the whole idea of magazine-style blogs that have lots of content that interests people. I have tried a couple other curation tools, but Zemanta is the easiest and most available of the current products.

When I first downloaded the browser widget, I was not too impressed. But, they have since improved things so much that I have to admit a true fondness for Zemanta. In fact, I like the online version so much I decided to give the actual plugin a try, just to see if it had any additional features.

So, after I disabled the browser widget, I installed and activated the plugin. I noticed that it basically looked the same. However, the photos it selected were slightly different than the browser widget selection. Not so much that you’d notice – in fact it might just be that the plugin sort them differently.

Web browser

Web browser (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The photo above – or perhaps to your left depending on your browser, is an eample of what Zemanta does. It was selected based on tet I had already typed into the post editor. Here’s another photo, obviously based on the word “browser” in this post. I reduced the size automatically using the Zemanta picture controls.

The plugin looks pretty much the same as the browser widget version, and runs just as quickly (I was concerned about that aspect). Related articles are all there, and tags too.

Here’s a bunch of related articles Zemanta selected for me.

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  • Zemanta supports Chrome(zemanta.com)
    So it would appear the plugin version of Zemanta works essentially the same as the browser widget version. For me it makes much more sense to have the browser version – then it’s automatically there for any blog I tend to. For someone who only has a single blog, or has a computer that lack horsepower (any browser widgets will suck resources), it might be a good strategy to go for the plugin. However, I will recommend the browser widget as by default call.
    By for now…
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  1. Josh Reply

    What Photos Can I Get? I’ve been getting these photos printed and i have 10 photo credits left. I don’t know what to get though. I’ve got lots of pictures of my family and my life and i haven’t got any other decent photos! Any suggestions would be great!

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    • Are these from a digital camera? If so, you can get them printed anywhere for a few pence each. Don’t know what photo credits are…sorry.

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  2. Boner7484 Reply

    Plugin For Firefox That Allows Me To See PR Of A Link By Putting Mouse Over It? Wondering if there is a firefox plugin that will allow me to see the PR of a page just by putting my mouse over a link to it.

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  3. Larry J Reply

    How Do I Play All Different Video File Types With Firefox? I’m a current user of firefox for my browsing, but have noticed that it seems firefox will only play a select few types of video files. Are there any plug-ins that can be recomended to help me out with this?

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  4. Frank C Reply

    How Do You Download A Youtube Video With Downloadhelper? I downloaded the firefox plugin Downloadhelper so I could Download my favorite youtube videos and burn them to a disk but I can’t figure out how to use it. Are there any hotkeys for it, if so what are they. What are all the steps to download a youtube video with downloadhelper.

    I appreciate everyones help
    Thank You

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  5. Rebecca P Reply

    If I Ask A Stranger To Take My Photo With My Camera, Who Owns The Copyright? Many times couples ask for a stranger to take a picture, but since the stranger took the picture, does he or she own the copyright. Who would the photo be credited to if it is obvious that I was in the photo and therefore couldn’t have taken the photo.
    In the case of Ashley Dupree, Spitzer’s call girl, she is claiming claim copyright infringement for her photos being used on commercial websites, but how can she prove she even owns the copyright? Wouldn’t the photographer need to do that?

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    • -Copyright belongs to the author of the work.- In this case, a stranger. Theory has nothing to do with it, this is copyright law. Without a written contract copyright does not change hands. You can own the picture, but you can’t own the copyright. That has been determined in court over and over. Unless you are willing to commit perjury and risk imprisonment, your “claim” means nothing.

      fhotoace, at least you didn’t call yourself an educator this time. This is basic photography copyright 101 – and you let people believe you on here.

      oxymandia, that may be a collective work. The assistant would be under contract.

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  6. City_savvy Reply

    Firefox – Missing Plugins, No Suitable Plugins Found? This happens to me often.
    I try to use a site like this with Mozilla Firefox: http://office.microsoft.com/training/training.aspx?AssetID=RC011313811033
    but it will say “Additional Plugins are required to display all the media on this page”. So I click “Install Missing Plugins”, but then it says “No suitable plugins were found.” So I click “Manual Install” and it takes me to the Windows Media download center. Even though I already have WMP, I try to install it again but it says I already have the most updated version. Help?!

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  7. Little hand Reply

    How Can I Put My Photo On Bank Of America Credit Card? I already applied and got approved and waiting for the card in the mail ?

    Does the cash rewards card gives 1% each time you use it or just once in any new store ?

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    • You can go to your local bank and ask them to resent you a credit card with your photo. They will take a photo of you. Just your face and have it sent to you with in 3-7bussiness days. And yes you get 1% back on anything you buy. But the only problem is, is that this 1% gets build up to how much you spent in a qt ( 3months) then it gets added to your checking or savings. All the cash back with in that 3months will be put on a hold untill release.

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  8. Andrew Reply

    Why Do Photographers Get So Butthurt About Photo Credits? I’ve seen this all over Facebook and elsewhere. Every time somebody posts a picture of themselves that was taken by somebody else, the photographer always posts “Give credit to where credit is due”, or something like that. Is it illegal to post someone else’s picture without crediting the photographer?

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    • I don’t know

      If someone uses something of yours, wouldn’t you want to at least be acknowledges at the artist?

      Under copyright law, no one can use copyrighted material without expressed written permission and usually some payment for using the images. Whether the photographer is given credit or not, without permission, you are violating copyright law

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  9. KC Reply

    Firefox About Plugin? I use firefox and go on youtube video but they said I have to download a plugin. What is it for? And it is safe to download?

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  10. Uppaluri k Reply

    Firefox 3 Plugins? After installing Firefox 3 my real player plug in is not working. How to rectify the problem?

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    • Most of the plugins for FireFox are built for FireFox 2 or earlier. Since Firefox 3 is really just an open source beta testing version of Firefox and is quite unstable I recommend that you uninstall that version and just run firefox 2 until firefox 3 becomes the current version. once firefox3 becomes the current version then they will make sure it is compatible with the current plugins that are in existence. That is pretty much your only way to rectify your problem.

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