The Republicans are S.O.L.


With all this talk about the sequester, and with Obama apparently wanting to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of income tax in America by giving us more of it, I’m finding myself pretty close to giving up. It’s just way too hard to make sense of any of this. The inmates are actually running the asylum.

I was listening to a local radio broadcast today. It’s actually the Nate Shelman show – which I usually find at least minimally entertaining – but, today it was being hosted by another guy (didn’t catch his name). He started in on the sequester, and how Republicans can’t get their message across (the same mantra that all the conservative talk shows have been repeating lately), and it got me to thinking and wondering. Why are they quite obviously losing ground?

Well, it seems pretty obvious to me at this point. They have no chance in the current political climate, and may never have a chance again -ever. It’s obvious. The liberals, and the left, have built themselves an impervious voting block of people who want nothing to do with Republican values. It’s as simple as that.

With close to 50% of the country on the public dole, and with them enchanted with the idea of having Big Brother taking care of their every need, what can the Republicans (and conservatives in general) possibly offer them? Opportunity? They don’t want opportunity – it comes with risk. Freedom? Nope, then they have to be responsible. Deregulation and lack of government intrusion? Well, maybe the druggies would like to be left alone, but the rest apparently think the nanny state knows best. Economic freedom? Ha! In their minds that means, “sure, I’ll take free stuff!”.

A drawing of slaves, made by whites, 2 generat...

I recall another talk radio host from a few years who called himself the “Black Avenger”. Ken Hamblin was his name, and exposing liberals was his game. He always said slavery was alive and well in America – slavery to the government’s liberal agendas and the welfare state in general. Unfortunately, back then when he talked about it, the “slaves” (welfare recipients) had no power – simply because they didn’t vote. Who had the time when you were standing in line waiting for your welfare check and food stamps and other government subsidies?

That has all changed now. We weren’t watching closely enough. Under the guise of efficiency and empathy, we let the “slaves” get state issued debit cards and automatic deposit of their welfare checks, and now the left has a grateful voting block that will cater to their every whim – because the “slaves” see great benefit in voting for their slave masters rather than against them.

We then let the state raise the bar to the point where they started assimilating (like the Borg) more and more members into their “club” of government dependence. These new members were previously on “the bubble” – not willing or inclined to accept government help, but not really feeling included the middle class.  Removing the stigma of being on the dole made it much easier to join the “new poor”. Result: the new left-leaning voting block.

It was brilliant, really. While the right was handing out tax cuts, and assuming everyone shared their economic and political philosophies, the left was wooing the disenfranchised individuals who “couldn’t quite make it” in the previously Republican world. Wow.

So, what can be done? At this point, I don’t see a solution.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    How Quickly Will The Fairness Doctrine Be Re-enacted And How Soon Will Conservative Talk Radio Be Off The Air? I believe that the Fairness Doctrine will be re-enacted within a few months of January 20th and, hopefully, take effect immediately.

    How long will it take after it become effective for the conservative talk shows to be canceled for lack of sponsors?

  2. Tompkins_spann Reply

    Why Is No Audio Offered For South Carolina Football Games This Year From Yahoo? Last year nearly all games were broadcast on Yahoo, syndicating the local radio station so that fans not living in Columbia could listen to the games. However this year no audio is available, making it difficult for non-local fans to follow non-televisied games.

    • Not sure why that is but i know when i cant watch the gamecocks play i watch play by play on hope that helped. go cocks!

  3. Ken Reply

    Local Artist Radio Play?

    • Ken Do not really know what your question is. If you are trying to get your song on radio try going this way.
      Start recording some songs and put them on the web for free. Try telling as many people as you can about it and get people to listen. Try submitting to some of the many online radio stations out there and see if someone will start Internet broadcasting your stuff. If you’re lucky, a commercial station might be interested enough to pick it up.

      ~ Don ~

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Why Are Liberals Whining Over Conservative Talk Radio….? Why are liberals whining over conservative talk radio shows ? It is a free market system – everyone can participate. The problem is, liberal talk radio shows do not have an audience…..they fail, go under, and that cannot be blamed on anyone but the talk shows hosts themselves. Why is it lliberals whine rather than take responsibility for their own failures ?? Is it a maturity thing or an ego thing ?

    • When Liberals speak, it is only with themselves. If you watch most shows on MSLSD(I mean MSNBC), you’ll see that they never seem to have any Conservatives or Republicans on to offer a differing opinion. So they are only talking to themselves. This gets old fast. Turn on FOX news(highest rated cable news channel) and you’ll see both sides of the argument.

      Liberal talk radio has NO audience. They try to succeed at what Conservatives do naturally, but offering sound valid interpretation of reality is just too foreign for them to comprehend. The answer to your question about Liberal whining and finger pointing…it as essential to their survival as eating and breathing. People want to hear THE truth, not the LIBERAL truth(Liberal truth=the opposite of truth).

  5. CarroBarrato Reply

    Who Is Smartest Conservative Radio Talk Show Host? 1) Doc Savage
    2) Hush Dumbo
    3) Sean Stupidity
    4)Chalkboard Glenn

    • If I had to chose among these four I guess I’d have to go with Doc Savage. He is actually capable of talking about things beyond the political sphere and is a fairly good story teller. He is wrong on so many things it is ridiculous but he is entertaining. Dumbo is pathetic and boring. I challenge anybody to actually sit through an entire three hour broadcast without falling asleep or scoffing yourself to death and that goes double for Stupidity’s show. Stupidity is the dumbest of the four. Chalkboard is just creepy. His whole shtick is an appeal to people’s emotions. Nationalism, religion, founding fathers, disconnected conspiracy stories. He is the biggest embarrassment of the four.

  6. Will You Take The Red Pill ? Reply

    Any Other Republican Dissapointed In Our Conservative Talk Show Host ? I.e. basically leaving out certain canidates when a caller calls up asking about someone they hang up on him.I had gotten old enough to enjoy talk radio , to find out its as biased as tv.
    there are a couple of canidates not being covered … personally I am a ron paul supporter .. but didnt want to come off biased by mentioning a name ,

    • Which one?
      Which candidates are you referring to?
      Our candidate has been chosen by the media… arguing over this is rather pointless.
      The RNC has, essentially, decided to take a more socialist/leftist approach to elections while most democrats are running more conservative.
      So basically, we have the RNC running moderate and losing and the Democrats running conservative and winning… what better object lesson is needed?

  7. Stark_raving1 Reply

    Why Have So Many Local Radio Stations Gone To Syndication? We used to have such a warm and friendly format to our main local radio station, with all local personalities and snappy informative banter interspersed with middle-of-the-road talk and even some nice adult standard music. Then about ten years ago, the station was sold. Not much changed then, the same local personalities were kept with their own brand of entertainment, but a few syndicated programs were added, mainly to the mid-afternoon and late-night slots. However, about 3 years ago, another broadcast company acquired the station, fired everyone but the morning show host and has a continuous in-your-face syndicated talk format. Even the morning host has changed his persona form a fatherly icon to an abrasive and abusive loudmouth. What’s going on the the radio business?

    • It’s a combination of things. Radio operators begged the FCC to allow them to own more than the old 7-7-7 standard of no more than 7 stations and/or newspapers. The FCC finally gave in and passed the telecommunications act about ten years ago, allowing almost unlimited ownership of radio stations. Be careful what you wish for.

      Anyway, they all “went public” and now have to answer to Wall Street. So they have to constantly show revenue growth to keep the stock price high and the Wall Streeters happy.

      Enter Steve Jobs with iTunes. Enter Sirius & XM with commercial-free music for $13/month, Enter internet radio. Whoops, radio’s in trouble.

      They try everything to keep the revenues: cut down on contests, put one person in charge of 7-8 radio stations and consolodate them under one roof destroying any competitive spirit.

      They spend more on salespeople than talent. Establish a central studio at corporate HQ and syndicate from there to save money on local DJs and announcers.

      They also pay other companies to provide content if they feel it will bring them more money than their own syndicaton.

      They see AM as a complete drag and FM as the solution. They completely screw up the HD potential. So they put talk shows on their AM properties because it requires no local talent. If it works, fine, if not – the younger people (who bring in the ad dollars) will listen to their FM stations.

      Now, fully messed up and Hoist by Their Own Petard, they are desparate – that’s what’s happened to radio… but don’t get me started.
      -a guy named duh

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