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Interesting article from Medline

Ancient humans had healthier teeth than people do today, researchers say.

This decline in oral health over the past 7,500 years is the result of changes in oral bacteria due to human evolution and industrialization, the study authors said. These changes have led to chronic oral and other health problems, according to the report published Feb. 18 in Nature Genetics.

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Similar information from Discover Magazine

…ancient hunter-gatherers actually had pretty good dental health, as evidenced by their healthy teeth and diverse bacterial populations. Things didn't start going downhill until the Neolithic period, about 10,000 years ago.

At this point people transitioned to an agricultural society and ate mostly wheat and barley. These carbohydrates are fermentable, and encourage prolific growth of only a few kinds of bacteria in the mouth. These species overtook the others, creating a relatively homogeneous oral bacterial population.

Tooth decay and gum disease soon followed, which are visible in the skeletons. Both infections can be avoided by having a healthy mix of oral bacteria…

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  1. Newport_Beach26 Reply

    Will Doing Paleo Diet 6 Out Of 7 Days Still Be Effective As Someone Who Does Paleo Diet Fulltime? I’ve been on the paleo diet for about a month now with a combination of high intensity training excersize. I’ve lost 15 lbs so far. However, every 7th day, I go out for dinner and eat whatever I want as a reward for keeping track on diet. Will the 1 day that I leave out affect me in a bad way in the future?

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    • I think taking one day off a week is probably better for your metabolism than if you did the paleo diet every day. I’m impressed you’ve done it for a month. ? If you feel good, though, and you’re losing, then you’re doing it right.

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  2. Fufu Reply

    Are There Any Serious Arguments Against The Paleo Diet? Paleo-fans claim that the lipid-hypothesis is unsubstantiated by research. Societies with a hunter-gatherer lifestyle are free of many modern diseases – what do critics of the paleo diet respond to this?

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    • Every food or beverage item you consume is thought to have a fundamental impact upon your chromosomal make up so we can safely say ,we as human beings have effectively evolved to suit our diet, hence if you were to turn back the clock and try to erase all thoses changes made towards your genetic configuration by your ancestors you could endup with some rare form of incurable disease or disorder, thats why it is adviseable that you adopt the program that has been laid out for you, because after all your no longer living in a cave and stalking your next meal, you are behind a nifty desk facing your computer.

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  3. Shanita Horton Reply

    What Are Some Similariteis Between Cavemen And Modern Humans? I need to know some things that are the same between ancient humans and modern humans for a school project. please help

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    • You’ll have to be a bit more specific about what you mean by “cavemen”…. It’s not a scientific term.

      Lots of our pre-human ancestors lived in caves now and then, going back before Neanderthal to species like Habilus and Erectus.
      Very, very different groups of peoples. Our immediate ancestors, Sapiens and the early “modern” humans, Sapiens Sapiens.. Also lived in caves.
      The people that did the cave paintings at Lascaux and other sites were modern humans… Homo Sapiens Sapiens. They are the same as us in every way, save only technology and civilization.

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  4. Cori Reply

    What Is The Large Bluish Gray Spot On My 8 Yr Old Tabby Cat’s Upper Back Large Tooth? My cat has very healthy teeth and her breath does not smell. She’s had her teeth cleaned by a vet in the last few years and eats hard food only. She does not have any plaque built up. Any ideas would really help since she hates being in a car so we do not want to stress her out with a visit to the vet unless absolutely necessary. Thanks!

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    • Its hard to say go out and get Feline Greenies and let her eat some of those if its still there in a week after giving her them. Then take her to the vet as it could be the tooth it bad due to it cracking on something she ate Good Luck

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  5. Cristina Reply

    Are Straight, White, Healthy Teeth The Most Desirable? And aesthetically attractive? and why?
    Do most people notice teeth?

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    • Healthy teeth (and healthy anything else in your body) is always desirable. Nobody wants a disease process going on.

      And straight, white teeth look the healthiest – so yes, they are more aesthetically attractive.

      Most people DO notice teeth – ask people what they look for in someone, and many will answer, “A nice smile”.

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  6. Naomi Reply

    Would It Be Easy To Write Six Pages On The Paleo Diet? I have to write a 5-7 page research paper for my senior English class and my teacher questions wether or not it is a good topic and if there will be enough information. I think I could explain the pros and cons of the Paleo Diet in five to seven pages. Any advice or thoughts or better suggestions?

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    • The web page (below) provides: Paleo Diet Overview

      Resembles these U.S. News-rated diets:Atkins, Eco-Atkins

      The aim:May include weight loss and maintenance, and prevention or control of many "diseases of civilization," like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

      The claim:You'll lead a healthier, fitter, disease-free life.

      The theory:Our highly processed, carb-obsessed eating pattern is the culprit behind many of our biggest health ills, so why not go back--way back--to the Paleolithic period of more than 10,000 years ago, when our diet wasn't full of junk food and pasta? Paleo advocates say we should eat the way we ate when we were hunting and gathering: animal protein and plants.
      How does the Paleo Diet work?

      Paleo diets are based on a simple premise--if the cavemen didn't eat it, you shouldn't either. So long to refined sugar, dairy, legumes, and grains (this is pre-agricultural revolution); hello to meat, fish, poultry, fruits, and veggies. What you eat and how much depend on your goals or the specific program you're on, if you choose to follow one.

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      You can find most of what you need to know online, but a book makes a handy reference. The Paleo Diet, for example, outlines basic Paleo principles and offers three "levels" that allow for different degrees of cheating--three "open meals" per week on the "entry level" plan, two on "maintenance," and just one on "maximal." Depending on the level, you might also get "transitional" condiments (low-fat dressing and salsa) and drinks (coffee, beer, or wine in moderation) to wash down the meat and plants. You can use the levels as you like. Start with the first and move gradually to the more restrictive--or just stay put. For more dramatic changes, head right to the third.
      Will you lose weight?

      No way to tell. Paleo diets haven't yet drawn the attention of many researchers. One tiny study that looked at weight loss found that 14 participants lost an average of about 5 pounds after three weeks on a Paleo regimen. (But even the researchers called their study "underpowered.") Still, if you build a "calorie deficit" into your Paleo plan--eating fewer calories than your daily recommended max, or burning off extra by exercising--you should shed some pounds. How quickly and whether you keep them off is up to you.

      Does it have cardiovascular benefits?

      Unknown. While some studies have linked Paleo diets with reducing blood pressure, bad "LDL" cholesterol, and triglycerides (a fatty substance that can raise heart disease risk), they have been few, small, and short. And all that fat would worry most experts.

      Can it prevent or control diabetes?


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      Prevention: Being overweight is one of the biggest risk factors for type 2 diabetes. If reverting back to the Paleo era helps you lose weight and keep it off, you'll stand a better chance of staving off the disease.
      Control: One small study comparing a Paleo and a traditional diabetes diet in 13 type 2 diabetics showed the Paleo diet resulted in lower levels of hemoglobin A1C, a measure of blood sugar over time. The approach needs to be studied more before strong conclusions can be drawn, but most diabetes experts recommend a diet that includes whole grains and dairy products.
      Are there health risks?

      Possibly. By shunning dairy and grains, you're at risk of missing out on a lot of nutrients. Also, if you're not careful about making lean meat choices, you'll quickly ratchet up your risk for heart problems.

      While there are no specific dieter restrictions, you'll want to consider talking with your doctor before making changes to your meal plans.

      see web page for How well does it conform to accepted dietary guidelines?
      and much more

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  7. Bob Reply

    Which Is Better For Oral Health Oregano Oil Or Tea Tree Oil?

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    • It depends for what.The term oral health is a bit vague.
      Liek mentioned though,Tea Tree oil is toxic if taken internally.

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  8. Nicole M. Reply

    Crossfit And The Paleo Diet? I went to my first Crossfit class last Saturday. Even though it was one of the most painful workouts I have ever done (took 3 days to recover)… I fell in love with it. I just joined a “box” and the trainers say that most of their athletes are on the Paleo diet or a hybrid mix between Atkins & Paleo. I have a question for the crossfit audience, does anyone have experience eating strictly Paleo and what are the short term affects I will notice. I know my body will have to get used to eating this way, however, I am concerned with not having enough energy without incorporating complex carbohydrates. Any experienced crossfitters who can answer this would be Awesome . :-) Thanks.

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    • Paleo is fine for athletes. Just remember that a paleo diet is higher in fat than the normal western diet so it’s not just about cutting carbs. You have to replace the carbs with fat. Afterall, paleo isn’t a low calorie diet and your calories come from somewhere.

      You can find yourself feeling weak in the first couple of weeks. That passes as your body adapts to burning fat. If you do feel a bit flat try adding more salt in your diet. It helps it to pass.

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  9. Abc123 Reply

    Is Thrush Do Because Of Bad Teeth/oral Health? The reason for my bit tounge and white tounge?

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    • The above answers are incorrect. Oral thrush, also known as candidiasisis, is an infection of the oral cavity with Candida albicans–a fungus not bacteria. In other words it’s an overgrowth of YEAST when normal bacterial flora that usually keep it in check are killed off. Usually it’s limited to infants, people taking antibiotics or steroids, immune dysfunction or certain endocrine disorders.

      It leads to desquamation (peeling off) of epithelial cells and accumulation of bacteria, keratin, and necrotic tissue. This “debris” combines to form a pseudomembrane, which may stick to the mucosa. It’s usually treated by your physician with particular antifungal medication.

      Thrush has been known to be the FIRST SIGN of certain IMMUNE disorders. If you have thrush, and don’t know why, you NEED to see a physician to find out the reason.

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  10. 123456789 Reply

    Causes Of Stress Related Health Problems? Hi , i am a high school student.
    I’ve had many annoying health problems and I wanted to know what causes these

    1. Cold hands and feet. Almost all the the summer as well.
    2. Indigestion and feeling of bloated and gas-y stomach even though i chew around 20 times for each bite
    3. Lately I had this feeling of tightness around my head, as if im wearing a plastic headband, and it just wont go away.
    What is wrong with me? help!

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    • I have same problems…It might be because of less iron and acidic poblems.

      To overcome acidic problems:

      Walk 30 or 45 minutes minutes daily or 5 days in a week…
      Try to do yoga…….it can help a lot……
      Drink 10-12 or more glass of water daily
      Avoid drinks like cola…
      Eat in the right time.
      Eat healthy foods.
      Eat more curd.
      Carrots, bananas, mint leaves can also reduce gas problems.

      Test your iron hemoglobin level in your blood, if it is less ask a doctor to give iron tablets for you.
      Spinach,mint leaves, banana,dates,all green leafy vegetable can help to increase the iron level in our body.

      Mix the butter milk with 10-20 or more leaves of mint in juice mixer, and try to drink daily.

      mint leaves is good for acidic problems and iron defeciency problem.

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  11. Anonymous Reply

    When We Take Oral Antibiotics, What Kind Of Bacteria Survive And Flourish?

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    • Of course this would largely depend upon the antibiotic taken. However, what I think you are asking, is generally when one takes any antibiotic, what proliferates and is therefore problematic. This would be yeasts. At any time, we have a normal background of positive bacteria and yeasts on our skin. When we take antibiotics the possibility exists that the balance of these organisms on our skin, or in vaginas, and anuses etc. will be disrupted, and yeast infections, which are itchy, red and painful can occur. The solution is to ask your physician if he objects if you take an over the counter lactobacillus acidophilus preparation by mouth, anytime you are taking an antibiotic. These are available at any pharmacy, and are also known as PROBIOTICS. Take them one or two hours before or after the antibiotic dose in order to retain more of the positive bacteria and to limit yeast over proliferation. Best wishes.

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  12. Anonymous Reply

    What Are Recipients Of Medi-Cal Over 21 Doing About Dental Health? What are recipients of Medi-Cal over 21 doing about dental health and dental problems other than emergencies and extractions? Just waiting until they hurt enough that they’re willing to just have the teeth extracted? I just got an estimate for over $6,000 worth of work I need done. That’s over half my annual income. I’m 38 years old. They don’t cover bridgework or dentures or the root canal I need right now, which would be about $1500. Everyone I ask simply tells me they cover extractions, but that’s it. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Don’t tell me to get a job. I’ve been through six jobs in the last ten years, and none of them have even had a dental plan. If I could be working right now, I would be.

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    • Erin, as a dentist, you are the kind of person that I truly feel the most sorry for. The working poor. Not enough money to pay for what today has become very expensive dental care, and benefits that are not good enough to cover anything other than extractions. You are in a tough position.
      Everyone needs dental care. But dental care is expensive.
      Is there a dental school close to you that you can get into as a patient. You can get great care for reduced fees. But you do need to give them a whole lot of your time. Short of that…can you get better benefits where you live by being on Welfare?

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  13. Anonymous Reply

    Is Oral Sex Unhygenic And Harmful For Health?

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    • Oral sex is fine with clean and infection free genitals, if in doubt use a condom / dental dam

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  14. Bob P Reply

    What Do Healthy Adult Teeth Look Like?

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    • Not all healthy teeth are white, in fact the natural teeth is slightly yellow. All teeth comes in all shapes and sizes. All healthy teeth should show no signs of decay and gum disease. Healthy gums is also important and should look pink and not red or pulled back.

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