How to Retrieve Data Files From a Microsoft Disk Image

This post is specific to Windows 7. I can’t guarantee it will work in later versions. A couple weeks ago my laptop hard drive decided to take a vacation. I can’t guarantee the hard drive was actually bad, or if it was something else in the operating system. All I know is I couldn’t couldn’t […] Read more

A Cool (and Free!) Way to Scan for Malware

Here’s a really cool way to scan your system for malware using 57 (!!) anti-malware definitions. This is a great way to find something on a PC that is “down”. (Note: It will only scan processes that are currently running, but that’s enough to cover most threats). First, I’ll step you through the process, and […] Read more

Working with Groups in Exchange Server 2016

Similar to previous versions of Exchange server, Exchange server 2016 features 3 types of groups like Distribution group, Security group and Dynamic Distribution Groups. Let us discuss how to create each group, delegate the access and how to set restrictions… Permalink to ‘Working with Groups in Exchange Server 2016’ Read more

Spaceship-like Driving Experience

Augmented reality can truly change our driving experience giving us the feel of driving in a futuristic spaceship.  Jaguar LandRover  recently came up with a concept of augmented reality windshield that can enhance our driving experience. Augmented… Permalink to ‘Spaceship-like Driving Experience’ Read more

Future of Automotive Parts & Customization

Connected car is the topic of discussion these days. We’re just beginning to see the emergence of operating systems like  Apple’s CarPlay  (2014) and  Android Auto  (2015), which is found on newer model cars. Besides these big… Permalink to ‘Future of Automotive Parts & Customization’ Read more

10 Things You Need To Know About Windows 10

The highly anticipated all new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10, has finally been released. For some months now, if not past couple of years, Microsoft has been working hard in making their new OS the best yet. Their last release Windows 8,… Permalink to ’10 Things You Need To Know About Windows 10′ Read more
Social Media Advertising Suggestions

Social Media Advertising Suggestions

by Deja Tweet Utilizing social media is a very helpful way to spread the word about your company or special offers that you are jogging via your company. If done properly, you will see a significant improvement in your traffic. Read the subsequent report to understand the ideal methods of utilizing social networking for your […] Read more

Infographic – #InternetofThings Primer

This infographic covers some of the basic benefits that are expected from the Internet of Things era.   Dr Shawn DuBravac created the infographic for AIG. One interesting note is the cost reduction on devices – the infographic notes how accelerometer… Permalink to ‘Infographic – #InternetofThings Primer’ Read more

Top 10 Best Free Project Management Tools

Handling projects without project management software in the 21st century is often an uphill struggle. Good intentions and a well-planned strategy don’t necessarily guarantee success. Just one mistake can ruin months of hard work. One way to better the… Permalink to ‘Top 10 Best Free Project Management Tools’ Read more
Effective Ways for Designing a Website

Effective Ways for Designing a Website

by Web Designer Whether you are in need of creating your own website for personal use, or in need of an e-commerce site to sell businesses or services, the process is often a daunting task. Luckily, by obtaining the best software, and having a clever idea of how the content will be displayed, you can […] Read more

How To Use Social Networks To Promote Your Business

by Deja Tweet Developing a strong presence on the social networks your customers use is an excellent way to remind them about your brand. If you need help with your social media marketing campaign, take a few minutes to read the following article. Ask your customers which social networks they use. There are many different […] Read more

Coding Spotlight: JSON – Basics, JavaScript Resources

  Jason Statham is a perfect add for an action movie cast. JSON…not as much. ? When movie-philes hear the word "Jason”, the first person that will come to their mind is probably Statham – yes, the actor from action movies like… Permalink to ‘Coding Spotlight: JSON – Basics, JavaScript Resources’ Read more